Do we need sunscreen protection in the house?

"Always wear Sunscreen before going outdoors" you must have heard this a lot of times. But what about indoors? Do we also need to slather on sunscreen while at home? There's no need for sunscreen when you are indoors" is a myth or a fact?

“No need for sunscreen when you are indoors” is a Myth!!!!

The radiation emitted from computers, Phones and TVs may have a similar effect on your skin as the UV rays. A light-weight, water-resistant, broad spectrum protection, gel-based sunscreen is the best sunscreen for face and it's the answer to all the worries regarding indoor and outdoor radiation exposure.

Let's explore in little detail why to apply sunscreen indoors and why gel-based sunscreen is best for this:

Reasons to apply sunscreen indoors


You may be thinking that if you are indoors all day then why the need to put on sunscreen? One of the major reasons is that you can also come in contact with harmful sun radiations inside the home through windows or doors. Indoors, your skin might be protected from air pollution, but not from sun rays. Other than this, there are many more reasons to apply sunscreen indoors:

  • Glass although blocks UVB rays that cause Sunburn but they let the UVA rays pass which alters the DNA of our skin, resulting in ageing, wrinkles, sunspots and sun damage.
  • Indoors, your skin also comes in contact with Blue light. The source can be anything from fluorescent lights to computers and smartphones. The blue light emitted from these devices has a biological effect similar to that of UVA.
  • Although the introduction of LCDs, LEDs and flat panel screens have mostly decreased the presence of blue lights, IRA emissions remain a significant concern. It has been proven through research that constant exposure to these lights may increase the chances of skin damage by 3%.

These are the reasons your skin needs protection inside the home. So, what type of protection do you need?

Gel-based Sunscreen for indoor sun protection

A Sunscreen gel is your Answer for indoors sun protection.


The introduction of gel-based sunscreens has eradicated the major sunscreen issues such as stickiness, comedogenicity etc. These sunscreens are light on the skin and are also compatible with makeup. A gel based, broad-spectrum SPF-50 (sun protection factor) sunscreen is the best thing to consider while selecting for a sunscreen to wear indoors.

Also, these sunscreens enriched with potent antioxidant formula help to repair the damage done by the sun. The antioxidant sunscreen neutralizes the free radicals, reduces oxidative stress and helps to tackle the problems associated with photoaging.

Confused about “What are Free Radicals?” - Read here.

Photoaging is a term for skin aging induced due to harmful sun rays. This makes your skin dull, aged and lifeless. You should need to take some information on this topic.

Click here to get a little review about this term “Photoaging”.

These sunscreens are best suited for every skin tone. The vital thing to remember is to choose the sunscreen according to skin type like we all have different types of skin - acne prone, sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin and combination skin.

Go for this 'skin analysis' test to know your skin type.

So selection of sunscreen depends upon your skin type and the type of sunscreen you want to buy (physical sunscreen or chemical sunscreen). Just like toothpaste and soaps, make sunscreen the essential part of your daily routine, whether you are going out or not. So, make sunscreens a part of your indoor life.

As sunscreen is the product that you need to apply everyday and for sun protection; therefore, you should need to avoid the Sunscreen Mistakes while choosing the best sunscreen for your face. Make the sunscreen as your family member and beat the heat of the sun and protect your skin!

Also, get your skin ready for upcoming summers. Explore these easy skincare tips for summers and maintain good skin health.


1. Is it necessary to wear sunscreen indoors?

If the UV rays can pass through your doors or windows, then you should always apply a good sunscreen indoors as well.

2. Does sunscreen last longer indoors?

Basically, a broad-spectrum sunscreen should reapply after two hours. However, if you are not coming in contact with sun rays through indoors, you can spend much more time with one application.

To know more about sunscreens application, learn 'How to Use Sunscreens?'

3. Is SPF 15 enough for indoors?

Wearing SPF 30 provides you much more protection than SPF 15. It will provide you safer longer protection.

4. Is it bad to wear sunscreen everyday?

Sunscreens are not at all bad for your skin. It should be applied everyday to get protection from sun and harmful pollutants. The only thing you need to take care is to choose sunscreen as per your skin type.

5. Do you wear sunscreen before or after moisturizer?

You should apply sunscreen at the end of your skincare routine. This will act as a shield for skin against the sun. So, first apply a good moisturizer and then apply a broad-spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen liberally.

6. Does sunscreen clog pores?

Some sunscreen formulation can clog pores. However, today you can find many sunscreens which are non-comedogenic and very light-weight. Gel-based sunscreens are best as these are light, non-greasy and let your skin breathe.

Along with this, give a look on 'Top 5 means to clean out clog pores' for healthy skin.

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