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11 Best Natural Skin Care Tips for Healthy & Youthful Skin

Soft, supple, radiant and smooth texture with no acne, blackheads, wrinkles are the signs of healthy skin, and it’s merely the best thing ever. Now you must be wondering how you can achieve and maintain healthy skin.

Don’t have time for intensive skincare?

Don’t stress so much! You can still take care of your skin by acing the basics.

Proper skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help you have healthy, radiant, beautiful skin.

Keep reading to unfold some natural skin care tips that you can follow daily to get healthy and glowing skin; you’ve always dreamed of.

Skin Care Tips :

1. Stay Sun & Pollution Protected

2. Eat Healthy & Balanced Diet

3. Stay Hydrated

4. Take Good Sleep

5. Do Regular Exercise

6. Manage Your Stress

7. Don’t Smoke

8. Remove Makeup Before Going To Sleep

9. Moisturize Your Skin

10. Treat Your Skin Gently

11. Keep Smiling

Stay Sun & Pollution Protected

One of the most basic and natural skin care tips to take care of your skin is to protect it from the sun and pollution. The long-term unprotected exposure of skin to harmful sun rays and other pollutants damages your skin and leads to suntan, sunburn, dull skin, premature ageing, age spots, and hyperpigmentation.

For the complete protection, apply a broad-spectrum SPF 50 gel sunscreen that protects you against UVA rays, UVB rays and as well as against urban pollution. Always slather on the sunscreen 20 minutes before going out in the sun and reapply every two hours for better protection. Avoid the sun between 10am- 4pm, that’s when the sun’s rays are strongest. In addition to this, seek shade, wear protective clothing and wide-brimmed hats to protect your skin.

Eat Healthy & Balanced Diet

A balanced and healthy diet not only keeps you fit and active but also gives you healthy and glowing skin. Fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and vitamins are what healthy skin needs. Also, include enough antioxidants in your diet; they fight against free radicals, slows down the ageing process, the formation of fines lines, wrinkles and helps to give you radiant and younger-looking skin.

Cut down on all your spicy, fried, unhealthy fatty and processed food.

Stay Hydrated

For soft, supple and dewy skin, water is a must. Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the easiest natural skincare tips for healthy skin and can alone solve so many skin problems like dry, irritated, flaky and dull skin.

Drink around 8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin hydrated. Eat fruits and vegetables like cucumber, watermelon, tomato, orange, strawberry, apples & pears. They all have a high water content in them.

Take Good Sleep

Insufficient sleep makes your skin looks tired, dull and gets you dark circles & eye bags. So, try to get the beauty sleep of at least 8 hours every night. Also, your skin repairs and rejuvenate itself at a faster rate while you are sleeping.

Do Regular Excercise

Running, jogging, yoga and meditation helps to improve the blood circulation in your body and ensures the optimum oxygen supply to the skin cells. They also accelerate the cleansing process of your entire body and removes all the impurities and toxins out of the body. Thus, it helps you achieve clear and glowing face.

Manage Your Stress

Stress triggers more acne breakouts and other skin problems, as stress causes your body to produce cortisol and other hormones that promote sebum production. To have healthy skin and a healthy state of mind take steps for stress management.

  • Get enough sleep- It helps to reduce the levels of cortisol, thereby your stress level.
  • Do exercise, yoga and meditation- It helps to boost your feel-good endorphins thus impart role in managing your stress and maintaining healthy skin.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking makes your skin dry, dull & even contributes to wrinkles, as it limits the oxygen and nutrients supply to skin cells that are important to skin health. It narrows the tiny blood vessel in the outermost layer of the skin and reduces the blood flow, thus makes skin look paler. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin proteins, that give your skin strength, firmness and elasticity.

Remove Makeup Before Going To Sleep

Always remove your makeup before going for sleep and cleanse your face with a mild foaming cleanser to get rid of dirt and impurities. The skin needs to breathe overnight. And makeup prevents that, as leaving it on overnight clogs the skin pores which may cause blemishes, blackheads and acne breakouts.

Moisturize Your Skin

Forgoing moisturizer could lead to dry, dull, flaky skin and premature ageing. So, make it a routine to moisturize your skin daily, whether you have dry or oily skin. Moisturizer helps to replenish moisture, hydrate the skin, prevent dry patches, wrinkles and acne popouts. It gives you soft, smooth, dewy skin and radiant texture.

Moreover, choose a moisturizer that fits your skin type. For oily skin, you must look for a water-based, non-comedogenic, oil-free moisturizer. For dry skin, look for an ultra hydrating ceramide moisturizer with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, dexpanthenol that gives you ultra hydration and locks in moisture in your skin for a longer time.

Treat Your Skin Gently

  • Avoid harsh cleansers. Harsh astringents or cleansers remove natural oil from your skin, disrupts skin’s pH balance and cause dryness. Instead, choose mild and gentle cleansers.
  • Limit bath time. Hot water and long showers strip away your skin barrier, natural oil and leave you with dry and irritated skin. Limit your bath time and use warm water rather than hot water.
  • Gently exfoliate your skin, at least twice a week, to remove all the dead skin cells that could clog your skin pores leading to blackheads, whiteheads and acne breakouts.
  • Use skin care products in the right order and try to follow a skin care routine according to your skin type. You can also take recommendation from a skin specialist.

Keep Smiling

Last, but not the least- Smile! While you spend so much time, energy and effort on improving your health and looks, you tend to forget to express your inner joy and happiness. Keeping a smile on your face helps you to maintain the tone of your facial muscles and skin, that in return maintains your youthful appearance. It also makes you feel happier, more relaxed and confident.
Keep Smiling and adore your healthy, glowing and youthful skin.

Healthy skin is happy, beautiful skin!

Follow these natural skincare tips to keep your skin healthy, radiant and younger for years to come.

Stay Beautiful!

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I love how you focus on affordable skincare tips. It’s refreshing to see a skincare blog that caters to all skin

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