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Top 10 Essential Tips for taking Care Of Your Skin

No doubt, every person dreams to have a picture-perfect blooming skin and this dream only comes true when you start cognizance about your skin.

Getting flawless skin is not like a fairy-tale story, it really requires lots of effort. However, these efforts are neither too harsh nor too costly to adopt. 

You just need a little spare time for these efforts and in response, you will get a healthy rejuvenated skin.  


1. Know your skin type

2. Keep a distance from your phone

3. Good sleep is a key to good skin

4. Don't forget to do exercise

5. All-time makeup can make your skin sick

6. What you eat really matter

7. Regular masking is important

8. Night care is must

9. Wear sunscreen all 365 days 

10. Know the right way of exfoliation

    #1. Know your skin type

    Shopping a skincare product without knowing your skin type is the major mistake a person does. Not every product suits every skin type. 

    The ingredients present in a product are audience-based. For instance, a moisturizer for dry skin cannot stand for oily skin and vice versa.

    So, buying a skincare essential without thinking of your skin type is absolutely a wastage of money and time.

    If you are always being confused in figuring out your skin type, then check out Derma Essentia Skin Analysis tool tp know your skin type.

    Also, this table surely helps you out. 

    Wash Your Face and Cleanse Every Bit of Dirt, Grime, and Oil. 

    Pat Dry and Don't Apply Any Toner, Sunscreen or Moisturizer. 

    Afterwards, Wait for an Hour and Start Your Skin Type Exploring Test.

    #2. Keep a distance from your phone

    You are wondering, what is the role of a phone in skincare? Phone and other electronic devices play an interesting character when it comes to caring for the skin. 

    Do you know?

    Long-term exposure of blue light that emits from these devices may cause severe damage. It can destroy healthy skin cells, collagen and also leads to inflammation.

    Therefore, protection from this blue light is very important. 

    Now, the question is, what should be done to avoid being in touch with this harmful light.

    Stay away from Blue Light

    Let's take a deep look on its preventives:

    1. The very first thing that should be done is to cover the phones with a blue light screen guard that can be easily available online. It is cheap and easy to use.

    2. Besides, some phones also have a special setting that turns off the blue light on behalf of yellow light. This is famous with the name of night mode or night shift. It is not only good for your skin but also for your eyes.

    3. Another safe option that surely will adapt is to wear an antioxidant-rich broad-spectrum sunscreen that not only protects you from harmful UVA and UVB rays but also from blue light. 

    #3. Good sleep is a key to good skin

    Good overall well-being is the symbol of good sleep. If your sleep is sound and splendid, your health and skin would also be fabulous and fantastic.

    Sleep is must for skincare

    However, if you are deprived of sleep constantly, your skin will no longer be charming, radiant, and healthy. Sleep deprivation leads to fatigue and tired skin.

    Not only this, but poor sleep also leads to abrupt skin barrier function and integrity. This lower barrier function might lead to skin aging symptoms like reduced elasticity, fine lines and uneven skin tone. 

    Also, good sleep aids in improving blood flow in the skin and if sleep is not proper, your skin will look paler and dull.

    Therefore sleep is really important for healthy skin.

    #4. Don't forget to do exercise

    Being fit always aids in improving skin texture and appearance. Exercises do many modulations that make skin perfect.

    For instance, it removes toxins in the form of perspiration, relaxes hormones, improves blood flow and aids in cell rejuvenation and skin elasticity.

    Regular Exercise - must for skincare

    Aerobic exercises, breathing exercises and various yoga pose like fish pose, shoulder stand pose and child pose are best for radiant skin.

    Even simple walking or running can help a lot in improving skin texture and appearance. Therefore, everyone must do exercise.

    #5. All-time makeup can make your skin sick

    Everyone loves to do makeup. But wearing it for the whole day and its improper removal can really harm your skin.

    Sleeping with makeup can clog your pores, moreover, chemicals present in it also weaken the skin barrier function and cells.

    Also, the skin becomes more prone to acne. Therefore, take certain precautions while using makeup. 

    1. Must remove makeup properly after coming home.

    2. Don't forget to clean your brushes as well.

    3. Never forget to apply a coat of serum and moisturizer under your makeup

    4. Lastly, never share your makeup products. 

      #6. What you eat really matter

      Inner wellness is very important.

      If your body is not healthy enough from the inside, then products applied externally are of no use. Your nutrition also decides how your skin looks. 

      The things you eat reflect directly via your skin. If you eat unhealthy on a regular basis, the fried, sugary, oily, junk and fast food, your skin will become acne-prone, uneven and aged.

      As such type of food leads to the formation of free radicals, which are the root of the majority of skin problems.

      On the other hand, if you have a healthy diet like fruits, green and crucified vegetables along with with other coloured vegetables, omega-3 enriched food and vitamin C enriched foods your skin definitely feels healthy.

      So, enrich your body with healthy food.

      #7. Regular masking is important

      Why is a face mask very important? A perfect face mask is really helpful to keep skin clean, impurity-free and for deep cleansing.

      There are a variety of masks present in the market as per the skin issues and skin types. You can choose the best which suits your skin and associated problems. 

      For instance, a hydrating mask aids in moisturizing your skin, whereas a mask rich in vitamin C aids in eradicating uneven skin tone and makes it youthful. 

      So, for good looking skin, masking is an essential skincare step.

      #8. Night care is must

      In order to get a crease-free, supple skin texture, the night skincare routine is very important.

      As in night, the power of skin rejuvenation doubles, therefore skin treatment during the night helps to repair the skin on double rates.

      But what to do?

      1. Clear your face with a gentle cleanser, cleansing oil or a good foaming face wash, remove all make-up, impurities and afterwards wash your face properly.

      2. After cleansing the face, you must apply moisturizer or serum, preferably vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum.

      Vitamin C serum is a miracle skincare product for the skin. It contains vitamin C that helps to make skin even-toned, improves collagen and also aids in alleviating aging symptoms. So, for a night skincare routine, this product is fit from all the scenarios.  

      3. In the end, you must apply a potent anti-aging night cream to repair your damaged cells from harmful UV rays and intrinsic aging. It will help to improve elastin production, rejuvenate skin matrix and enhance firmness.

      #9. Wear sunscreen all 365 days 

      Whenever we talk about skincare, sunscreen is always being there in a skincare routine. These days broad-spectrum sunscreen is an essential skincare product that should be present in everybody's pouch as it protects our skin from harmful sun exposure. 

      A broad-spectrum gel-based sunscreen prevents our skin from being damaged from these rays up to a great extent.

      Furthermore, Applying sunscreen is a sure-shot solution not only for harmful UV rays but also for blue light, pollution, and dark spots. In this way, our skin left untouched, young and glowing. 

      Sunscreen Protection

      So, whenever you are going out, no matter what time, day or evening, just make sure to wear a good light broad-spectrum sunscreen. 

      #10. Know the right way of exfoliation

      We all do exfoliation to keep our skin intact from blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores.

      But here is a trick. Everybody has a different skin type and chemical exfoliation is done as per your skin texture and type. 

      If you really have an oily skin texture, do exfoliation every day with a mild exfoliator. However, if your skin is dry, then exfoliate two to three times a weak.

      Moreover, try to use a subtle exfoliator always as it protects the skin from excess exfoliation and inflammation. 

      These 10 steps are the way to get a healthy, pigment-free skin tone. Try to include these steps and make it a routine of your life. You will surely see a difference and that difference will be good-looking, gorgeous and alluring. 

      Take a step ahead to protect and admire your skin!  


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