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Rosacea Skin

Rosacea Skin? Here are the Top 7 natural remedies to manage it

Well, we have all seen people who have those dark red cheeks also called Rosacea. But most people out of the medical field don't know about it and they think as if the person is blushing. It's more than being shy or blushing and it makes them feel insecure.

Especially in cases of fair people, it is very noticeable and over 0.5 to 10 percent population are affected by this skin problem. There is no such proper treatment for Rosacea in the field of modern medicine but can be managed through natural ways. So, not to worry am going to present you with easy ways to manage your Rosacea.

What type of Skin disorder is Rosacea?

Rosacea is basically an inflammatory disorder that causes your skin to flush and people are able to see your blood vessels present on the face. It might also lead to sometimes production of small bumps filled with pus.

They are mostly present on the nose as well as cheeks and can spread to the chest, ears, or back as well. There are so many symptoms presented in Rosacea that doctors have divided it into four categories including:-

Papulopustular rosacea:- It is mostly recognized by breakouts that look like acne and are mostly seen in middle-aged people.

Erythematotelangiectactic rosacea:- This shows signs like redness on the face along with clearly visible blood vessels and it's one of the most common to occur.

Ocular rosacea:- This is simply seen around the areas of the eyes.

Phymatous rosacea:- This is commonly recognized with thick skin along with swelling as well as redness.

Try identifying your Triggers

Well, I have seen cases, where people suffered from recurring Rosacea because they have never paid attention to their triggering factors. Along with treatment, it's also very important to know your triggers.

Not only rosacea, but any kind of inflammatory can flare up depending on the external factor. If you are able to manage this, then you can easily reduce the recurrence of rosacea. Here are some common triggers that you should look out for including:-

Sun Exposure

  • Any kind of heat source like a hot tub, hot showers, etc.
  • Stressed emotionally
  • Exposure to Sun
  • Eating spicy food
  • Consuming certain medicine
  • Excessive exercise

The list will go on depending on what can affect you as some people might react to specific types of skin products. But for other individuals it might not be the same, so always look out for the cause that has triggered your rosacea.

Who is most prone to having Rosacea?

Rosacea is most commonly seen in people who have fair skin especially people who are Northern European. But it still happens to any skin tone and in these cases, people are misdiagnosed as do not present the classic symptom.

Other clinical features that you can look for are feeling warm around the skin with swelling and there are breakouts that look like acne.

Here are 7 Natural Remedies that can help you:-

However, there is no proper treatment for Rosacea but fortunately, there are ways to manage it naturally. If you are suffering from Rosacea then every one of you must try these natural remedies.



It is one of the most famous herbs found in every Indian house packed with anti-inflammatory properties. It is mostly suggested in people with rosacea which are painful and you can directly eat this herb.

Just take a pinch of turmeric and dilute it with water or use lotion or creams that have turmeric in them. Apply it and remove it gently after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.

Tea Tree oil

This essential oil is very beneficial in any kind of skin condition as it is filled with anti-inflammatory diseases. It is also very helpful in soothing the skin and reducing itching of any kind.

Their studies have shown that the tea tree is very effective for rosacea and even evidence shows that it is really great for the skin. You can simply mix it in some carrier oil and then directly apply it to the skin.


Oatmeal has been used for a very long time, especially in the cases of people who suffer from rosacea. This can really help in reducing itching and there are products like face masks that consist of oatmeal in it.

You can simply mix oatmeal as well as water together and directly apply them to your affected part.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is packed with anti-oxidant which makes it very useful in managing the symptoms of rosacea. It is effective in treating inflammation and if applied directly can help in compressing the red bumps.

Along with that, you can also enjoy drinking green tea which will help you not only externally but also internally as well.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is one of the best-known plants for skin as well as hair and if you don’t you can read the benefits and how effective is Aloe Vera. It is easily available and you dont need to do anything just simply apply it to your skin. Note that always remember to cut out the thorns otherwise it might cause some harm.


Chamomile is one of the greatest plants as you might have seen in many skin care products. Well, it is because it contains a carminative effect which gives a soothing effect to the skin.

You take chamomile essential oil and make it diluted mixing it with the other oil but be careful with it. Or else you can simply make tea and apply it after cooling it or else you can wash your skin with it.



Licorice is one of the most effective herbs in any kind of inflammation on the face as it's packed with anti-inflammatory properties. This is also proven by the University of Science and Technology in China in the year 2008.

If you want to learn more about Licorice and its wonderful effect on the skin then you can also check the benefits of Licorice. As we were talking licorice is packed with flavonoids which are very effective in reducing redness.

Some Skin Care Routine Tips that can help you in stopping the flaring-up

If you have rosacea then it becomes very important to follow a daily good skin routine in order to stop your inflammation from triggering again. Here are the tips your must follow.

Skin Care Products

  • Every time waking up and go before remember that you have to cleanse your skin gently not just rub it. Just take some sulfate-free gentle cleanser which will help you to remove dead skin building up on your skin.
  • The second step is very important never ever skip your sunscreen as UV rays can easily trigger them to flare up. Always apply sunscreen once every two hours but before that try applying both chemicals as well as physical sunscreen if it suits your skin or not.
  • The other thing is to exfoliate the skin in order to remove the dead cells which will help you get back that natural moisture. But people with rosacea must be careful with it or else you can try some natural exfoliation method.
  • It is very important to hydrate your skin and I can't say it enough. You must provide your skin that extra love and maintain that moisture barrier which is the key to your happy skin. This can be gained through products that have phospholipids in them.

Here are some of the Products that you must avoid

As earlier, we have talked about the triggering factor along with the skincare routine. You must know which products to be avoided while following a routine.

  • Essential oils high in fragrance should be avoided
  • Then your drying alcohol, a big No! No!
  • Products that consist of paraben.
  • L-ascorbic acid products.

A lifestyle that people with Rosacea should Follow

As we have discussed that each person has unique triggering factors but they must be identified and it can be done with the help of a doctor. Things to follow in the daily routine of your life in order to avoid flaring up.

  • Avoid getting exposed to sun rays for a longer period of time
  • Try not to exercise for a longer period of time
  • You must avoid eating food that is spicy as it can aggravate the symptoms in 90% of the cases.
  • Choose cosmetic products that are natural but be careful while choosing it
  • Try to meditate daily in order to calm your mind


Rosacea is an infectious skin condition and can flare up very easily if not paid attention to the factors that are causing it. If you suffer from flaring up symptoms then you can use these simple natural remedies in order to manage it.

Most importantly always remember to do a patch test that whether the product suits your skin type or not. If you are facing too many problems and it is getting painful then you must visit your physician. But always remember to follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid any bad habits that can harm you.


Q. Is Rosacea curable?

Ans. No, there are only management factors that your can follow in order to avoid any flare-up.

Q. Is Rosacea and Lupus the same?

Ans. No, Rosacea is an infection of the skin while lupus is an autoimmune condition that can affect any part of the body.

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