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Itchy face: Reasons, treatments, and preventive methods

Itchiness on the face can be very uncomfortable and can occur because of many reasons. But, having itchy skin is not usual and proper methods of treatments are required.

An itchy face may occur because of a variety of reasons like allergic reactions to things we ate or came in contact with, sunburns, or dry skin. But, there is no need to worry as there are lots of remedies available apart from medications to treat face swelling and itching.

We will tell you about the conditions that cause itching and how to treat them.

Let's find out the reason, treatment, and preventive ways for Itchy Face:

1. What are the reasons for face itching?

2. Treatment for itchy face

3. Home remedies for itching on face

4. How to prevent itching on the face?

5. FAQ's

What are the reasons for face itching?

The most common reasons behind itching on the face are sunburns, allergic reactions, dry skin, and contact with any irritants.


Apart from other face itching reasons it is also seen that sometimes, drug allergies and antibiotics, anti-fungal, or pain-relieving medicines might cause allergic reactions in the body leading to facial swellings or itchy skin.

Nutritional deficiencies like an iron deficiency can also cause itchiness on the face and even conditions like liver disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, or thyroid problems can also cause allergic reactions.

Itchy face with pimples

Acne may sometimes cause itching and itching your pimples can lead to the spread of bacterial infection and furthermore acne breakouts. Itchiness due to pimples occur because of sweating, clogged pores, or an increase in hormones level. In such cases, seeking advice from a medical expert is a must and proper treatment is required.

Itchy face with rash

home-remedies-for rashes-dermaessentia

Having rashes on the face and the urge to scratch it lasts, because of a reaction to an irritant or a thing you are allergic to. Skin conditions like psoriasis, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and rosacea can cause itching and red bumps on the face.

Itchy face without rashes


If you have itchy skin without any rashes, then it must be because of an allergic reaction to a thing you ate or touched, or due to iron deficiencies in our blood. Even using hard water for washing our face can lead to extreme itchiness on the skin.

Itchy face during pregnancy

Itchiness on the face during pregnancy is rare but can occur sometimes. It may occur because of obstetric cholestasis and it also leads to dark urine pale bowel movements.

Treatment for itchy face

The treatment for your itchy skin depends on the reason behind it. The first immediate step to treat it is to avoid scratching your face as it will irritate the epidermis more and the condition might worsen.

Sometimes, excessive itching on the face can damage the skin and lead to infections.

Home remedies for itching on face:

  • When you feel like scratching your face, then immediately wash your face with cold water or apply a cool wash cloth on the face, to give relief from the itching.
  • Grind oatmeal and make a colloidal oatmeal mixture dissolved in water and apply it on the skin. It will soothe the skin and control the urge to itch.
  • Make a paste with baking soda and water and apply to the part of the face that is suffering itching or you can add it to half a bucket of warm or hot water and bath with it.
  • Applying coconut oil on the affected area can reduce the infection because lauric acid present in it prevents the spreading of bacterial infection due to itchy skin.
  • Using apple cider vinegar is effective because it is highly acidic and has antiinflammatory properties. It restores the skin pH and even gives a boost to our immune system.

Your doctor may also prescribe you anti-histamine creams and some lifestyle changes to get rid of your itchy skin. Treatments like phototherapy, use of antidepressants and antihistamine creams are used nowadays to treat this condition.

How to prevent itching on the face?

There are various ways by which we can prevent and relieve itching on the face:

  • Keep your face moisturized and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  • Always wash your face with lukewarm water and use products that are gentle to your skin and do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Avoid washing clothes with strong and harsh chemical detergents.
  • Apply topical medications, before applying a moisturizer because this increases the medicated efficacy and also it gets absorbed completely in the skin.
  • If you are living a stressful life, then find ways of busting this stress as it might increase the urge to scratch one's skin.
  • Avoid excessive temperature changes like one should prevent going from an air-conditioned room to out in the heat immediately.
  • Avoid or limit the use of substances that can cause allergic reactions in your body, leading to itchiness on the face.

So, the best solution to itchy skin is to leave it alone for as long as we can and resist the urge to scratch it. Most of the cases of itchy faces can be tackled just by washing your face with cold water or with a cool washcloth. Thus a healthy, clean, and moisturizing routine can easily help us tackle this problem.


1. How to stop itching after shaving face?

We can stop the itching that occurs on our face after shaving, by simply washing our face with cold water or with a cool washcloth. Coldwater soothes the skin and reduces the urge of scratching the skin.

2. Why does itching occur on the face?

There are many reasons that lead to itchiness on the face like sunburn, allergic reactions because of the thing we touched or ate, dry skin, nutritional deficiencies, and many more. So, we need to take proper preventive measures to prevent itching and rashes.

3. How to get rid of redness and itching from the face?

We can get rid of this by simply following some lifestyle changes and taking proper care of our skin and health. Using various home remedies and medical ointments as prescribed by the doctor can help us treat this condition.

4. Why is my face itchy with no rash?

Dry skin is the main reason behind itchy skin without any rash, especially when we grow older. The cause of dry skin can be sunburn or underlying medical conditions like liver disease, cancer, or thyroid-related problems.

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