Learn- How to use sunscreen?

There are numerous ways to protect the skin from the sun, but sunscreen is considered the topmost way. The right application and usage of sunscreen have become a very important topic of discussion because it is associated with skin protection from the harmful rays of the sun. How you apply sunscreen, when you apply, and even which sunscreen you are applying, all matters. 

For today, the top-recommended sunscreen for use is SPF 50 broad-spectrum sunscreen as it provides significant required protection from the UV rays. 

Impact of UV exposure onto the skin

UV (ultraviolet) - uva and uvb rays are basically associated with both positive and negative concerns. However, its regular and prolonged attraction with the skin can cause various detrimental effects. These involve sunburns, tanning, photoaging, premature aging and might be skin cancer. 

The UV rays which reach earth contain almost 5% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays. These both are the culprit of side effects your skin got after being in the sun for long hours. So, the sunscreens also must be that efficient which can protect skin from both the culprits. Read here more to know about sun damage and its impact upon skin. 

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen 

The only solution to the above-mentioned problem is to use a skin-friendly broad-spectrum sunscreen. An SPF based sunscreen only shields your skin from UVB rays. However, protection from UVA rays is also important. 

Another factor present in broad-spectrum sunscreens called the PA factor. This factor in a sunscreen reflects a sufficient impact on UVA rays. So, take care of these things and choose your sunscreen accordingly.

SPF Factor

Why is the SPF (sun protection factor) 30-50 considered the most effective and safe number to use? Why choose SPF 30/50 broad-spectrum sunscreen? Why is the higher SPF number not recommended?

Do you know what the purpose of sun protection is? It is to minimize the unwanted impact of UV rays without altering its beneficial effects. That is the reason you don't need sunscreen with SPF 70 or 100. 

SPF 50 is the perfect number to go with. One side, where SPF 10 let 10 out of 100 photons reach the skin, another side, SPF 50 number let only 2 out of 100 photons.

It is the perfect number that can balance out to keep deteriorating UV rays intensity away and filter the only amounts which are necessary for the skin to be healthy.

"Go for SPF 50 broad-spectrum sunscreen"

Application thickness

One of the major things that needed to be considered is how thick the sunscreen should be applied or used to get protected from the sun? 

"According to the done analysis of sunscreen application under practical conditions, it was found that 0.39–1.3 mg ⁄ cm2 thickness provides less protection as compared to the 2.0 mg/cm2. With 1 mg/cm2 on the face or arms, you only get 50% of the thickness needed to achieve the expected efficacy.

Therefore, it is recommended to apply sunscreen around 2 mg/cm2 of the skin. Roughly, you need around two tablespoons or a shot glass of sunscreen for the exposed face and body skin area. 

Also, for the face alone, you need only about a nickel-sized dollop of sunscreen. 

In case, you're using a spray, you need to apply it until your skin gets an even sheen of sunscreen.

When to apply sunscreen?

The correct application is the key to the efficacy of sunscreen use. It also involves at what time you are applying the sunscreen. Every sunscreen needs some time to settle down and to show its effect. Therefore, it is always advisable to apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. 

Where to apply? 

The best use of sunscreen is only possible if you're applying to the all required skin areas. 

Apply to all the uncovered skin areas, especially your neck, nose, ear, feet, hands, and lips (don't apply inside your mouth and eyes) 

Do you need to reapply your sunscreen? 

One of the other essential steps in the use of sunscreen is to reapply it a certain time. 

Sunscreen needs to be applied every two hours. This will helps to maintain the efficacy of sunscreen. 

"According to the reports of theoretical models, sunscreen reapplication can lead to 15-40% more UV protection."

As per the outcomes of one analysis, it is found that while reapplication the amount of present sunscreen was only the one half the suggested amount, validating that the real level of protection is lower than indicated SPF. Therefore the reapplication of sunscreen definitely benefits in better UV protection. 

Also remember to reapply sunscreen following the vigorous physical activity that leads to sweating or after toweling, swimming, or rubbing the skin. 

These are some of the important points which by taken care of you can easily use sunscreen every day to get protection from the sun effectively.

Along with these things, also don't forget to consider the following facts:

# Your skin type plays an essential role in choosing a skin or hair care product. Also, apply these criteria while choosing a sunscreen. Go for the broad-spectrum sunscreen which can suit your skin. 

# Especially carefully and must use sunscreen if you have pale skin tone or a history of skin cancer.

# Also, apply sunscreen on hair too. See if your sunscreen can be applicable to hair and if not, you can easily find one in the market. 

Keep these things in mind, use sunscreen properly, and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. 


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