How to remove sun tan from face overnight?

Out of many serious skincare concerns, sun tanning is also the one. Some people have belief that suntan is good to protect us from the harmful sun rays. However, this is entirely a myth. 

The endless exposure by tanning can result in excessive melanogenesis (the process of melanin synthesis which imparts specific color to the skin) and stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin) thickening. 

Many scientific researches have also found a significant association between excessive long term tanning and increased risk of various cancers (squamous cell carcinoma or malignant melanoma). That is the reason dermatologists always recommend to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen while sun exposure.

Sunscreen is must

Regular use of broad-spectrum sunscreen is the first step to protect your skin from this detrimental skin plight. This innovative product blocks the UV radiations from being penetrating into the skin. 

"FDA recommends that broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF-15 or higher up to SPF-80 can be labeled as lowering the risk of sun associated skin concerns"

However, during peak hours of sun or the times in the sun, when you're not wearing sunscreen, and the times you did not cover your open skin areas with clothes, the skin can get damaged up to some extent and you might get tanned skin (suntan). This suntan needs to be corrected on time. Also, the previously damaged skin also demands proper skincare handling.

The glad tidings in this scenario is that you can treat this even at your home with easily available home ingredients if your problem is not extremely severe. It just demands time and patience. To know how to remove sun tan, you can click here!

Tips to remove suntan from face overnight:

1) Rice Flour + Tomato Juice + Turmeric

Rice: Rice is enriched with sun protective agents like allantoin, and ferulic acid. Rice also possesses anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. All these together make rice a potent remedy for treating suntan. 

Tomato: The carotenoids present in tomatoes are potent photo protectants and help to reduce the UV induced inflammation and oxidative stress. 

Turmeric: The high-intensity antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric significantly help to reduce the suntan. 

Method of preparation:

Rice flour - 2 tablespoons

Tomato juice - 1 tablespoon

Pinch of turmeric 

Mix all the ingredients and prepare the paste. Add water to give the mixture a good consistency. Apply this face pack over all affected areas and keep for 15-20 minutes. Afterward, wash with cold water. 

Tip: To prepare rice flour at home, take required rice quantity, wash 2-3 times with water, and soak in water for about 3 hours. Afterward, strain the water, and shade-dry the rice for about 1 hour. Remember to keep rice faint-moisten. Now put all in the mixer grinder and make a paste of it. 

2) Potato + Lemon

Potato: Potato glycoalkaloids contain considerable anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the impact of suntan. 

Lemon: Lemon is enriched with vitamin C. This vitamin is an antioxidant, de-pigmenting, and anti-inflammatory agent, which surely will help in removing tan from face. 

Method of preparation:

Potato - 1 medium-sized

Lemon juice - 1 tablespoon

Grate the potato and extract its juice. Add and mix one tablespoon lemon juice in it, and apply on affected areas. Massage a little and keep for 15 minutes. Afterward, wash with lukewarm water.

Other than these, you can also explore some more homemade recipes to treat suntan from the roots. To know about those anti-tan home remedies, click here

The right time to do home treatment for suntan:

It is preferable to do these remedies in the night time. First of all, cleanse your face with a gentle cleansing agent to remove all the dirt and grime from the skin. Then choose any of these home remedies according to your ease and end the routine by fortifying skin with vitamin C serum or aloe vera gel.

Meta title: how to treat sun tan effectively? 

Meta description: By applying masks made from kitchen ingredients like turmeric, potato, tomato, or rice flour, you can treat suntan in significant means.

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