How to control hair fall in Men & Women?

Are you waking up with the pillowcase full of hair? This might be troubling you all day long as well. But, if you are not confronting hair fall associated with any serious health problem, then you can prevent your hair from falling. 

Hair fall is a serious issue and you seriously need to address this, even also when it is not that noticeable. It is the correct time that you need to see your hair care products and routine you are following these days. 

Anti-hair fall shampoo is the very first thing that you are required to prevent hair fall. It must be revitalizing mild and scalp friendly shampoo. There are also many other factors to control hair fall like: 


Let’s explore the role of all these tips in preventing hair fall comprehensively:


#Anti-hair fall shampoo

Anti-hair fall shampoo to prevent extensive hair fall.

The very first step that you need to move is changing your shampoo as we debated in the former lines. The strong shampoos formulated with harsh chemicals can undoubtedly cleanse your hair, but are unable to protect them. The strong cleansing chemicals can weaken your hair from the roots and become one of the prominent reasons for hair fall. 

Choose to revitalize mild shampoo to prevent hair loss. Such shampoos can promote hair growth in many ways:

  • Deeply cleanse the hair without causing any irritation or harm to the scalp and hair follicles.
  • Make hair luscious by taming the frizzy hair.
  • Hydrate the hair follicles, thereby don't lead to dry hair.
  • Don't strip the healthy oils from the scalp.

This way these aid in precluding hair fall.

#Detangler hair growth serum

Detangler hair growth serum to improve hair manageability and stop hair from falling.

As the name suggests, hair growth serum is a saviour for thin and brittle hair. Hair growth serum is renowned to provide frizzy hair with a smooth silky texture, after which it is easy to manage that unruly hair. 

Also, hair serums help to untangle the hair and improve the tensile strength and bolster the hair from the roots. Everything together, this serum strengthens your hair, makes your hair firm, healthy and can prevent hair from falling out unduly.

Therefore, must include hair growth serum in your hair care routine. You can use this serum:

  • On rinsed damp hair.
  • Before styling hair with any heating tools.
  • As a night hair care routine.
  • Remember not to use the serum on dirty, oily hair.

To know more why you need hair growth serum, click this site.

#Eat hair vitamins

Vitamins like biotin are the lifeline of healthy hair.


Vitamins (biotin, vitamin C, vitamin B3) and other nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, some amino acids (cysteine, lysine) and minerals (iron, zinc) are really necessary to maintain the health of the hair. Their deficiency can significantly shake the strength of the hair.

It affects the tensile strength of the hair as well and makes hair brittle. As these vitamins and other nutrients help to maintain the normal levels of essential hair proteins, without which hair loses their sturdiness.

Therefore, include the foods for hair growth that are enriched or fortified with these nutrients, such as, eggs, sweet potatoes, walnuts, soy, beans, pumpkin seeds, nuts, fish, poultry, plant oils, legumes and whole grains. Else, you can opt for the more pronounced way to consume these nutrients i.e. via hair support supplements. Read here more to know about hair support supplements.

#Right time of combing

Combing is an essential ritual of healthy hair but should be done cautiously.

Combing is a technique that can either make or demolish the hair. Vigorously combing, many times a day and with a narrow comb can become another major reason for hair fall. Always keep a keen eye on your combing action.

  • Divide your hair into sections before combing.
  • Detangle hair in the top to the bottom manner and softly resolve knots from every strand.
  • Always use the wide-tooth comb.
  • Always comb before washing hair.
  • Never comb on wet hair.

Take care of these few things before combing your hair.

#Anti hair fall hairstyles

Do you know tight ponytails, up-dos, and buns can damage your hair?


Always tie up your hair in hairstyles which doesn't harm their tensile strength and natural texture. Messy or tight buns and ponytails can make them frizzy and stretched. Instead, adopt the following hairstyles to keep your hair silky, smooth and relaxed.

Loose and non-messy ponytail, bun or braid, twisted bun, smooth chignon, half braids or half tie or half-crown.

#Yes/No to styling tools

How much should you use styling tools in order to protect hair from heat?

Styling tools like curler, blow dryer or straightener are some of the renowned hair styling tools, which every other girl loves to use. But, we all are using these at the expense damaged and brittle hair. The extensive usage of such tools can damage your hair, make them brittle, frizzy and cause flyaways. This further can weaken hair roots and become a reason behind extensive hair fall.

Therefore, limit their use and always apply hair protectant or hair serum before using these tools.

#Towel or Air dry

How you dry your wet hair after rinsing also matters.


Air drying is the best way to dry wet rinsed hair as it doesn't cause any friction between the hair. Also, don't let hair frizzy and dry. However, you can also towel dry your hair if you are in a hurry. Must take care to use a soft towel and don't rub it too hard against the hair, just soak the moisture softly.

#Silk pillowcase

Pillowcases made of cotton might make your hair drier due to being more porous.

Pillowcase also affects the texture of your hair. Always choose a pillowcase made of silk as these don't cause any friction with hair and also don't soak moisture from the hair, that is why silk is considered the best cloth in this scenario.

#Hair care routine

A weak or day-to-day hair care routine is very essential to prevent or reduce hair fall.

Daily hair care routine involving combing, detangling hair, and applying hair serum or massaging hair and scalp with natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil or essential oils on alternative days must be done to prevent hair fall. Also, you can try home remedies to reduce hair fall like onion juice, green tee, fenugreek seed and so on.

Similarly you can apply hair masks like an egg-curd mask or banana-curd mask weekly to keep hair nourished. This all will help to prevent hair fall.

These are some of the tips and tricks, by following which you can prevent the extensive hair fall you are going through and make your hair robust, smooth and strong.

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