Top 5 Green Tea Benefits For Skin and effective ways to use it

Top 5 Green Tea Benefits For Skin and effective ways to use it

Do you enjoy a green tea cup first thing in the day? Whether you believe or not, we are living in the era of the super food. Green tea is so well regarded everywhere, from small cafes to the local Starbucks. We have partnered with green tea for many years because it is a powerful ingredient with several health and beauty benefits. Despite being the most widely consumed beverages on earth for a long time, it is still quite new in regards of skin beauty and skincare. Its abundance in antioxidant properties is now common knowledge. But did you know how green tea actually benefits skin. Let's shed light on the numerous skin advantages of green tea and discuss the best ways to use it for optimum radiance.

Where did green tea come from?

Green Tea Leaves

Japanese monks who had travelled to China to learn Zen Buddhism in the seventh century brought back knowledge of the amazing therapeutic benefits of green tea and green tea extracts. Japanese monks adopted the habit of drinking green tea during the ensuing decades as it gave them the energy and mental clarity that improved their meditation.

Green tea currently enjoys a stellar reputation because of its remarkable antioxidant content. Green tea benefits aren’t the only one, though; it also detoxifies the body, calms inflammation, and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and other health benefits.

Green tea benefits for face/skin

Green Tea Benefits For Face

Relieves skin irritation & redness

Green tea is endowed with anti-inflammatory properties due to its high polyphenol content. It can calm irritating skin, lessen redness, and relieves swelling and also damage done by external environmental stressors. In fact, studies have shown that using green tea topically can treat variety of dermatological issues. Itchy and irritating skin diseases including Acne vulgaris, psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis.

Reduces puffiness and sun damage

Due to its caffeine concentration, topical application can lessen puffiness around the eyes, much a good cup of tea can help you wake up. Since EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), can lessen UV ray damage after it has already reached the skin, it not only acts in conjunction with sunscreen but also protects the skin against sun damage.

Fights signs of premature aging

Green tea’s active components are excellent warriors against premature ageing. One of the main reasons for occurrence of signs of ageing is free radical damage, and excellent free radical-scavenging compounds are found in green tea. Additionally, it restores ageing skin cells and keeps the skin's flexibility and provides anti ageing benefits. So, a natural agent that tightens skin prevents wrinkles, and offers significant hydration and nourishment is green tea.

Controls oil and acne breakouts

People with oily skin often produce too much sebum, which causes pimples. Bimolecules from green tea combine with amino acids in the body and control the production of sebum, which helps to prevent acne by removing excess oil from the skin's surface and reducing production of oil in skin cells. Green tea for acne works like wonders. It now only reduces intensity but also reduces its reoccurrence.

To learn more about acne click here

Exfoliates /moisturizes/hydrates skin

Exfoliation can eliminate dead skin cells, which can cause the skin to appear dull an lifeless. By damaging bacterial membranes, preventing and treating bacterial infections, and clearing pores, green tea polyphenols promote a healthy skin. It also has vitamin E that is well renowned for its ability to nourish and moisturize skin. This all-encompassing substance promotes the development of new cells for a youthful appearance. By ridding the skin of excess oil and filth, skin problems are prevented.

Green tea regimen that works

Green Tea Benefits

Sipping green tea

Consuming green tea could be good for your overall health as well as your acne and skin problems. Try consuming at least two cups of green tea every day, it not only keeps the skin healthy but also maintains overall body health and prevents heart diseases and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Make your own green tea at home, and unless the label specifies the amount of tea it contains, stay away from ready-made tea beverages. Some of these items have more sugar in them than in green tea.

A green tea scrub

In a teaspoon of soft leaves of green tea add the equivalent quantity of your go-to face wash for a fantastic face scrub. Stir thoroughly, and damp face and neck area, gently use the face scrub all around the skin until cleansed thoroughly. Rinse off well, and then dab dry. Your skin will be physically exfoliated in this way, and it will also help to get rid of debris, dead skin cells, and extra oil.

A green tea Toner

Set aside about 100 ml of the fresh and chilled green tea, and then cover your face with it by dipping some cotton balls in it. You may use this toner simultaneously in the morning and at night, making it one of the best toners you can find.

Green Tea bags on under eyes

For 30 minutes, throw some green tea bags into boiling water. Remove the tea bags and drain any remaining liquid from them. For a while, keep it on your eyes. Green tea here reactivates cells near your under eye area and treats puffy eyes, dark circles, and other skin issues.

Green Tea bags on chapped lips

Place green tea bags which has been soaked in hot water on the lip for a couple minutes to reduce the irritation of cracked and chapped lips. Your lips will feel hydrated like never before.

Green tea cleansing masks

Green tea masks are nowadays really popular. Powdered green tea can be mixed with yogurt, milk, honey, and other ingredients to create beneficial face packs. Prepare 50ml of green tea and then keep it for an hour. The cooled tea should be combined thoroughly with four teaspoons of palm sugar until the mixture is slightly thickened. For dry skin, you can mix in a tablespoon of olive oil. With this Green tea cleansing mask, exfoliate your face in broad upward strokes. Use twice weekly for excellent outcomes.

What skin types are best suited for green tea?

Green Tea Cleansing Mask

Oily Skin - Green tea is an excellent alternative if you've got oily skin but are hesitant to use exfoliating scrubs. Green tea has an ingredient called EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), which is known to help regulate oil. Sebum, particularly in cases of oily skin, can block pores while also aiding in keeping the skin moisturized. Green tea can support the natural oil balance of the skin.

Dry Skin - Vitamin E that is well known for its capacity to moisturise the skin is abundant in green tea, as we already discussed. L-Theanine present in green tea also aids in hydrating the skin.

Combination Skin - Green tea is ideal to those who have combination skin because it is effective on both dry and oily skin. It will neutralize excess oils and replenish moisture to any dry areas.

Aging Skin - Green tea not only refreshes aged skin, but it also aids in minimizing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines by reducing free radical damage.

Sensitive Skin - Anybody with sensitive skin should use green tea, which is renowned for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects that aid to reduce irritation and swelling and soothe the skin.

Take away

From breakouts to premature ageing, green tea for skin holds the full potential to treat practically all skin conditions. For many reasons, organic green tea is the most consumed beverage and highly regarded skincare component in the world. Despite the ease with which green tea products can be found in any pharmacy, homemade toners and masks can also be helpful. Please seek a thorough explanation from your doctor if you take green tea supplements to avoid any side effects.


Q. Can green tea be used directly on the face?

Ans. Yes! Green tea can be applied directly to the skin. It is a tea full of antioxidants that relieves the face and senses. But we advise you to take into account your skin allergies.

Q. What is the difference between green and black tea?

Ans. Camellia sinensis plant leaves are used to make both green and black tea. The main distinction between them is that black tea has undergoes oxidation whereas green tea does not.

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