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Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Top 7 natural ways to brighten your skin with face masks

Organic and homemade face masks for glowing skin are the best options when all tactics and regular skincare products fail. For a lifetime solution, only the right ingredient and a lot of patience is needed.

In the middle of our hectic schedules, applying a face mask may seem like a laborious task, but what if we assure you the results would be plump, moisturised, and glowing skin? Face masks are possibly the finest skincare treatment for rapidly altering the texture of your skin.

The nutrients and vitamins permeate your skin by deeply cleansing your pores and eliminating the top layer of dead skin. By using facial masks, you may get clean, tighter, exfoliated, softer, and brightened skin.

In this read, let's explore a couple of face masks for skin brightening. Any of these gems will give your skin the best glow-up treatment.

Face Masks For bright Skin

1. Aloe vera face mask

Aloe Vera For Face Mask

Known for its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties, aloe vera has long been used in cosmetics and beauty products.


  • Lemon
  • Aloe vera gel
How to use?
  • In a dish, squeeze the aloe vera gel off the leaves
  • To the gel, add lemon juice
  • Apply the mixture on your face
  • Wait about 20 minutes and rinse with cold water

2. Papaya face mask

Papaya For Face Mask

Papaya contains the enzyme "Papain," which aids in achieving a bright complexion.


How to use?
  • Mash the papaya
  • Add honey to mashed papaya
  • Leave it on for 10-15 minutes after applying it on your face
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water

3. Multani mitti face mask

Multani Mitti Face Mask

Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) is well renowned for its ability to treat acne and other skin imperfections. It keeps skin clean and reduces acne scarring because of its high magnesium chloride content.


  • 1 tbsp tomato juice
  • Water
  • A pinch of sandalwood powder
  • 2 tbsp multani mitti
  • A pinch of turmeric powder
How to use?
  • Combine all the ingredients by adding water to create a smooth paste
  • Spread the paste over your neck and face
  • Use lukewarm water to rinse after 10 to 15 minutes

4. Curd face mask

Curd For Face Mask

There's good news for everyone who enjoys eating curd because of its probiotic qualities. It is useful to more than just your stomach. Lactic acid is present in curd which helps in skin brightening too.


  • 1 tbsp lemon or orange juice
  • ½ cup sour yoghurt
How to use?
  • Mix the yoghurt with lemon or orange juice. Mix thoroughly
  • Apply it on your face evenly
  • Wash your face after 15 minutes
  • Quickly spray some cold water to close the pores

5. Chickpea flour face mask

Besan For Face Mask

As a great exfoliator, chickpea flour—also called "besan" in Hindi—removes old, dead skin cells.


  • 2 tbsp chickpea flour
  • 1 tbsp milk cream
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
How to use?
  • Make a paste by combining the ingredients
  • Spread this paste over your neck and face, then let it on for 10 minutes
  • Use cold water to rinse

6. Saffron face mask

Saffron For Face Mask

Saffron has several medicinal qualities. It is a good source of vitamins including folic acid, niacin, vitamin C, and vitamin A as well as minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, zinc, and copper. Saffron brightens dull skin and helps in enhancing skin tone.

It aids in fine lines and dark circles removal. The saffron-infused skin face mask below will promote blood circulation, giving skin a radiant shine.


  • Saffron
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Coconut oil
  • Bread
How to use?
  • Soak two or three strands of saffron in water overnight
  • To the saffron-infused water, add a few drops of coconut oil, a dash of sugar, and 1 tbsp of milk
  • Put a slice of bread in the mixture, then use the bread to apply the mixture to your face
  • After around fifteen minutes, remove this pack with cold water

7. Oatmeal face mask

Oatmeal For Face Mask

Oatmeal is good for your health. However, oatmeal also works well as a scrub and exfoliator. It helps in reducing dryness and retaining moisture.

Additionally, it possesses anti-inflammatory qualities that have been demonstrated to relieve irritated or itchy skin.


  • 2 teaspoons oatmeal
  • 2-3 teaspoons of milk
How to use?
  • In a bowl, combine a handful of oats and some cold milk
  • After combining the ingredients, apply the mixture to your face
  • Scrub your face gently with the thick paste
  • Scrub for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off

Do's and Don'ts while Using Face Masks

Following are some dos and don'ts for using a face mask efficiently:

Face Mask


  • Using water and a mild cleanser, wash your skin before applying the mask. This enhances the mask's ability to enter the skin
  • To close your pores after removing the mask, splash cold water on your face
  • Apply the mask for 10 to 30 minutes. This enables ingredients to penetrate in the skin
  • After removing the mask with water, moisturize your skin


  • If you have skin rashes or an allergic response (redness, itching, or rash), avoid using a mask
  • Don't use a mask every day. Apply once or twice every week
  • Avoid leaving the mask on for extended periods
  • When removing the mask, avoid rubbing your skin. Redness may result from this

When to use a face mask?

Although you may use a face mask at any time, there are a few circumstances where they can be particularly useful.

  • Following a workout
  • On a sunday evening to cap off the weekend and present your finest self for the hectic week ahead
  • Prior to a special occasion
  • Following a flight
  • After beach or sun exposure

Take Away

Regular skin care may enhance your complexion, reduce acne, and lessen oiliness. But don't assume an expensive spa is necessary to achieve amazing outcomes. You may prepare a DIY facial mask using kitchen ingredients like avocado, honey, yoghurt, lemon, oats, egg whites etc and provide your skin with the nourishment it requires.

Regardless of the contents in your DIY face mask, you should always perform a patch test first because each person's skin type is different and may respond differently to various ingredients.


Q. Can I apply a face mask daily?

Ans. No, daily usage of a face mask is not recommended. You can make use of it once or twice per week.

Q. Can face masks harm skin?

Ans. If you use it once or twice every week, the answer is usually no. However, if you apply a face mask every day, it could deplete the skin's hydration and natural oils, causing acne and dryness.

Q. How to Make a Homemade Face Mask?

Ans. Face masks created at home are often quite easy. All you have to do is make a fine paste out of common kitchen goods and apply it to the skin. After letting it air dry, clean it with water. Avocado, honey, yoghurt, lemon, oats, natural oils, egg whites, and other ingredients are frequently used.

Q. Do Face Masks Actually Work?

Ans. They do, and they work to improve your skin much like a spa treatment. Face masks support the cleanliness and wellness of your skin.

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