What is Double Cleansing? Its Top 5 Benefits and How to Do it

What is Double Cleansing? Its Top 5 Benefits and How to Do it

Double cleaning is one of the most important ways to cleanse the skin and one of the essential parts of our basic skincare routine. Most people still have the habit to use those hard soaps on their face but it is important to understand that it has sulfur in them. If that was not enough then we have our loving environment filled with pollution and dirt affecting the skin. Using a simple soap can strip the oil away from your skin making it sensitive and acne prone as well.

While this is what makes double cleansing important but not many people are aware of using them. So, continue reading the article and learn what benefits you can gain by double cleansing every day.

What is Double Cleansing?

Oil And Water Based Cleanser

Double cleansing is one of the oldest methods which helps in cleansing the skin and removing impurities from the skin. This cleansing method helps eliminate that grim sitting on the skin.

It is the method of involving two skincare products together and this includes:-

Oil-based cleanser:- This is one of the first steps that help remove that extra oil from the face as well as makeup, sunscreen, etc.

Water-based cleanser:- It is the second step that is important for washing away sweat, grime, and dirt.

How to Double Cleanse the Face?

1. First wash your face with water and cleanse it with an oil-based cleanser. Make sure to apply it in a moderate amount and not in excessive form.

2. Massage it softly with your fingertips and gently remove the makeup, sunscreen, or sebum on your face.

3. Then rinse your face with water and continue massaging it on your face for a few minutes until the whole collected product is removed from your face.

4. Here comes the second step, where you need to take a water-based cleanser that will help in cleaning the face properly and has a soap consistency.

5. At last rinse your face with water and dab it with a soft towel. Then you are ready for your daily skincare routine.

How to choose a suitable cleanser according to your skin type?

Double cleansing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cleanse the skin. Along with that, it helps in cleansing the face properly here are the best cleanser suitable for your skin.

Dry Skin Type:- People with dry skin are suitable for natural-based oil and water cleansers. This might contain ingredients like berries, black currant extracts, Vitamin E, and B5 in it which will help you to remove those dead skin cells while leaving the skin with a glow.

Oily Skin Type:- It is better to use cleansers that are light in weight like gel-based cleansers. Along with that cleansers packed with olive oil, mint, aloe vera, tulsi and Vitamin C are a great choice.

Combination Skin Type:- Generally people with combination skin types avoid using cleansers that are oil-based. But instead, they should use an oil-based cleanser that is packed with rosehip oil and Vitamin A helping the skin to get hydrated and smoothens the wrinkle.

Acne Prone Skin:- It is important for them to use a light cleanser that can help them in regulation the production of oil. While using the cleanser always look out for a cleanser that has Vitamin E or Glycolic acid in it because they have anti-inflammatory properties.

What are the benefits of Double Cleansing the Face?

Importance Of Double Cleansing

By double cleansing the skin you can easily remove all the makeup on your skin. Along with that, you can easily remove the traces around the skin and also tough products like foundation or mascara which are a little hard to remove.

If there is excessive production of sebum on your skin then it is prone to attracting dirt on the skin. Double cleansing the skin is effective in balancing the production of sebum and removing any kind of impurities from the skin that naturally unclogs the pore reducing the chances of acne.

When you cleanse the skin all the impurities are deeply cleansed and this helps in increasing the absorption of other skin care products effectively. This is one of the amazing ways to let the skin caring products penetrate easily into your skin.

Double cleansing does not cause any kind of stripping away of your natural sebum production. But it can effectively help you in cleaning as well as nourishing the skin. This also reduces the chances of having any bacterial infection.

It is one of the great options to make the appearance, as well as the texture of your skin, appear better. The massage helps in increasing the circulation around the skin which helps in making the skin radiant.

Take Aways

Benefits Of Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is one of the ways to achieve that shine on your face and the perfect time to do it is during the night. Because the whole day your skin is being exposed to that dirt so it's important to cleanse the skin at the end of the day. It might take a little extra time but adding this to your skincare routine could be a game changer.

It can help you to unclog the pores and in turn, reduce the chances of getting any acne. Always remember to use a cleanser according to your skin type and one that is targeting your skin problem.


Q. Is it good to cleanse the face every day?

Ans. Double cleansing becomes important when you apply makeup on the daily basis and if not you can use it on an alternate basis.

Q. What type of skin can double cleanse the skin?

Ans. Double cleansing is generally great for people with oily skin type as it is effective in removing the extra sebum from the skin and helping the skin to glow. But can be used by any skin type, always remember to use one that is suitable for your skin.

Q. Does a Double cleanser helps in reducing blackheads?

Ans. As mentioned above it helps in unclogging the pores and also reducing the excess sebum collected on the face. This is why double cleansing is so effective in treating blackheads.

Q. Does Double cleansing causes the skin barrier to get damaged?

Ans. Anything used excessively can cause some harm to your skin, so, the same goes for cleansing. Excessively double cleansing the skin can strip away the oil from skin and hence causing them to become dry.

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