Blind Pimple

What are Blind Pimples: Top 7 solutions to get rid of them

As the name implies, blind pimples are acne that develops beneath the skin surface. These do not have a head and are not visible from a distance, however, be painful to touch and may fade on their own.

Skin problems such as blind pimples (acne beneath the skin) not only cause physical discomfort but also emotional distress. While writing this, I can feel the pounding mass beneath my cheekbone. Although it’s not visible, I know it’s there and it’s a blind pimple.

In this article, we will go over what a blind pimple is, its causes, and what effective treatments you can use to get rid of them


What are Blind Pimples?

Blind pimples are cysts that are deep within the skin and do not have any connection to it. Oil glands get clogged as a result of acne, trapping oil within the follicles causes inflammation. A blind pimple appears when the inflammation is severe and deep. Dead skin cells, oil, and dirt from the environment can trigger clogs that lead to pimples.

Blind pimples can disappear in a few days in some situations, but they might remain for weeks in others. You can reduce the healing time of blind pimples by treating them effectively.

What Cause Blind pimples

  • Blind pimples, like regular pimples, are caused by debris, germs, and oil. Sebaceous glands exist beneath the surface of your skin, which is made up of microscopic pores.
  • These glands secrete sebum, oil that is necessary for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Oil, debris, and bacteria can clog these pores at any time.
  • Propionibacterium acnes are gram-positive bacteria that live on the skin's surface. When these bacteria concentrate inside a blocked hole they produce chemicals and enzymes that attract white blood cells. Inflammation results from this.

Top 7 Best solutions for Blind pimples

1. Apply warm compressor

Warm compresses have been proven to help relieve discomfort while releasing pus from pimples. It also aids in the opening of pores, allowing your pimple to eventually reach the surface of your skin.

How to use:

  • Take hot water and a clean cloth.
  • Soak the towel in water and put it on your face.
  • For some time, keep it on your face.
  • The pore opening will soften as a result of the heated compress.

2. Tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains antibacterial characteristics, which may help to eliminate the microorganisms that cause blind pimples. According to studies 5% tea tree oil has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for mild to moderate acne.

According to studies published in The Medical Journal of Australia, tea tree oil's antibacterial properties aid in the reduction and healing of inflamed and non-inflamed lesions in acne sufferers. Tea tree oil includes the phytochemical terpene, which destroys the bacteria that cause skin infections.

How to use:

  • Using a cotton ball, apply diluted tea tree oil to the afflicted skin region.

3. Use green tea bags

Green Tea Bags

Green tea bags, which are high in antioxidants, are not only excellent for the body but can also help to calm a nasty outbreak. Green tea's relaxing and calming effects will help to treat the pimple and reduce inflammation. Green tea is infused with the goodness of polyphones and according to a research study, green tea polyphones are helpful in the treatment and prevention of acne vulgaris. Polyphenols' antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities aid to relieve pain and swelling while also expediting wound healing.

How to use:

  • Put green tea bags in the refrigerator because a cold compress is a good treatment.
  • Gently put these bags on inflamed pimples after a few hours.

4. Don’t squeeze or pop your pimple


Even if pimples are aggravating, you must avoid touching or picking them. When you puncture a pimple, the pus that escapes might spread acne-causing germs to other parts of your body. Not only that, but the pressure used to squeeze the pimple may exacerbate redness and inflammation, delaying the wound's healing.

5. Try natural home remedies

Honey is the best home remedy for blind pimples because it contains natural antimicrobial properties that aid in the removal of bacteria. Apply a small amount to the affected area and bandage it overnight. As a cleanser, raw honey can be mixed with water. Use raw honey that hasn't been treated (instead of store-bought honey).

6. Pimple stickers (patches)

These patches include salicylic acid, which is the best acne-fighting chemical that clears pores and limits bacterial development. By removing debris and bacteria, they unclog pores. They also function by removing excess sebum, which is one of the main causes of acne breakouts. These stickers are small and designed to be applied over pimples.

7. Topical treatments

The term "topical" refers to therapies that are applied to the skin. Different forms of pimples can be treated with topical creams, gels, and lotions available at drugstores.

  • 1. Benzoyl peroxide: inhibits the activity of P. acnes bacteria.
  • 2. AHA’s: are best for skin exfoliation. Glycolic acid is the best example.
  • 3. Retinols: minimize oil production and clear the pores.
  • 4. Salicylic acid: It is effective for exfoliating the surface of the skin, reducing inflammation, and unblocking pores. 


Better skincare and cleanliness habits are the greatest ways to avoid blind pimples. Though poor hygiene does not cause cystic acne but staying in sweaty clothing or forgetting to wash your face can aggravate your blind pimples.

Keep the following in mind:

  • After a workout or a hot day, wash your face.
  • Be kind to yourself. Look for non-comedogenic and alcohol-free products.
  • Wear sunscreen, caps, and clothing that protect you from the sun.
  • Avoid touching, scratching, picking, or squeezing pimples.

Key Take-Away

Blind pimples, are unpleasant to touch and originate deep into the skin. They are a difficult type of acne to treat; however, they can occasionally be treated at home. In chronic cases, however, a dermatologist can assist you in developing a personalized treatment plan to eliminate your blind pimples.

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