Balanced Diet : 5 Secrets to Boost your energy & Key to health

A balanced diet includes food from the five food groups, that is vegetables, fruits, grains, protein and dairy and fulfils the needs of the individual. It helps in maintaining good health and prevents any disease.

Nowadays, we all are so busy in our work that we barely have time to have a properly balanced meal and that is the reason why we remain unfit most of the time. So, it is necessary to have a balanced and nutritious meal to stay fit and healthy.

Let's find out interesting things related to "Balanced diet" like:

1. What is Balanced Diet?

2. Right food for health

3. How it is important?

4. Its Food Pyramid

5. Importance for Healthy Hair

6. Importance for Glowing Skin

7. How it is helpful in removing pigments from face?

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is the one which gives you all the nutrients required for the proper functioning of your body. To keep your body fit and healthy you should have a meal which consists of green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts, legumes and proteins.

By eating a balanced diet a person can get the desired amount of nutrients and calories that are required for the proper functioning.

Balanced diet food

The best way to eat for health is to choose the right amount of food from the five food groups. Vegetables, legumes, fruits, grains, cereals, meat, poultry, nuts, seeds, milk, cheese and fish are the constituents of the five groups that keep us fit and healthy. 

These are the sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals which are essential for our body. The amount of food you require depends on your lifestyle and it changes accordingly, like, how active you are or whether you are growing or not etc. 

What is the importance of a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is important because our cells, tissues and organs require proper nutrition to work efficiently. Without proper nutrition your body’s immune system becomes weak and your body is not able to fight with diseases and infections. 

Children consuming poor diets can often have growth and developmental problems. There is a higher risk of obesity and diabetes in individuals who constantly consume junk food or food which lacks the desired nutrients.

The balanced diet food pyramid

According to a balanced diet pyramid, it is recommended that a person should consume grains the most. After grains, fruits and vegetables should be your second priority. Meat, fish dairy products should be consumed in lesser amounts and fats and oils must be prevented in our diet. One should drink an adequate amount of water or any other fluid every day.

A balanced diet for healthy hair

Eating a balanced diet with the right nutrients can be quite beneficial for hair growth, especially if you are suffering from hair loss due to lack of proper nutrition. So your meal should contain eggs, fatty fish, spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds, beans and soybeans.

A meal containing these food items promotes hair growth because they are rich in vitamins and proteins required for strengthening the hair, promoting its growth and protects hair follicles from the damaging free radicals. 

These help in restoring the protein biotin which plays an important role in maintaining hair health and formation of the layers of the hair.

Balanced diet for glowing skin

Nutrition is very important for our skin and is essential for keeping our skin healthy and glowing. If proper nutrients are not provided to our skin cells then a lot of problems can occur.

So, to maintain our skin health we should always have a balanced diet consisting of fatty fish, avocados, walnuts, sunflower seeds, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, green tea, red grapes and many more. These food items contain all the essential nutrients like vitamin c, omega-3 fatty acids which are required for healthy skin. 

They keep the skin moist and prevent it from drying and ageing. These nutrients even protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and even reduces inflammation by boosting our immune system. Thus, overall it helps in keeping your skin healthy.

Balanced diet for pigmentation on face

Nowadays, taking care of your skin is no less than a problem. This is because suntan and pigmentation occur due to overexposure to sun and pollution. So, having a diet consisting of the right ingredients can be highly beneficial for your face. Potatoes, yoghurt, papaya and many more food items should be in your everyday meal to get rid of pigmentation on the face.

We can say that in our hectic schedule, the primary thing that is actually required to keep our body fit and healthy is a properly balanced diet. So, keep eating good food because it is rightly said,  healthy eating is the key to healthy living.

Since now you know how important a balanced diet is for us, so you should definitely keep a check on what kind of food you are eating or does the food you are eating contains the right nutrition.

Stay fit and stay healthy...


1. How to make a balanced diet chart?

For making a correct balanced diet chart we should do the following things

1. Make half your plate with vegetables and fruits

2. Include whole grains

3. Add dairy products

4. Don't forget about legumes

5. Avoid extra fat

6. Take control of food

7. Try new healthy foods

2. Why do we need a balanced diet?

We need a balanced diet because for our organs and tissues to work efficiently, a certain amount of nutrients are required which can only be reached to our body, through a balanced diet.

3. How to balance diet and exercise?

Eating a well-balanced diet is highly necessary for getting the energy for your daily activities, even for your regular workouts or exercises. You need to eat the right food at the right time of the day, depending upon your routine. You must be aware of healthy breakfasts, workout snacks and suitable meal plans. 

4. What are the components of a balanced diet?

The seven components of a balanced diet are fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, fibres and water. These components are highly important and are required in equal amounts by our body. They are responsible for keeping us fit and healthy.

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