Does your sunscreen provide Antioxidant protection?


Sunscreens are providing ‘passive’ protection by absorbing or reflecting harmful UV rays from the skin. But by adding antioxidants to sunscreens, they could offer a second, ‘active’ level of protection. Broad spectrum sunscreens with antioxidant protection could boost the body’s natural defense against the formation of UV induced free radicals.


The unstable molecule in the skin produce oxidants, known as free radicals. When UV rays come in contact with your skin they can create free radicals. Free radicals are highly active molecules that can create a chain reaction of skin inflammation and damage, leading to premature skin aging and even serious skin health issues like skin cancer.


An effective way is here to defend your skin from free radicals. You’ve probably seen or purchased products claiming to reduce damage from free radicals, but what does this mean?
It’s an antioxidant-rich sunscreen.

The body is able to heal some of the wounded cells, but for the most part, a free radical attack is permanently damaging. So, antioxidants are important because they stop these radical reactions as soon as possible and limit the amount of cellular injury.


Antioxidant-rich sunscreen is the best sunscreen for face, Make it a part of your daily morning routine, even if you are just driving to work or the sky is overcast. You will still absorb plenty of UV light.

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