Sunburn Causes And Its Effects On The Skin!


Minor sunburns which are caused by UVB rays cause nothing but slight redness and tenderness to the affected areas, in some serious cases blistering may occur however extreme sunburns can be really painful.

Most of the times sunburn is not even visible, under the skin surface UV rays can alter your DNA and can cause premature aging with time DNA damage can contribute to skin cancer such as melanoma In severe cases symptoms include fever, chills, nausea, vomiting. Different people burn differently as the time taken to develop a sunburn also depends on several other factors such as UV index which is most of the times influenced by clouds cover or altitude. People at higher altitude are closer to the sun and thus at higher risk of getting a sunburn. Sunburn can occur in less than 15 minutes thus you need to protect your skin round the clock.

Skin type is also a very important factor which is needed to be considered when we talk about sunburns. According to a skin classification system called Fitzpatrick skin type generally used by the dermatologists to determine who is at higher risk of getting a sunburn or skin cancer. There are 6 types, ranging from fair to dark –people with Type1 skin are extremely fair and burn easily.

People with type 6, on the other hand, are extremely dark and do not get burn easily but still are at risk for

skin cancer due to the sun exposure.

Our bodies do have natural defense mechanisms against the sun such as our skin, skin’s thickness and then the pigment in our skin. In fact, when we get tan it is also a partial self-protective mechanism. But again these are partial protections for complete protection apply broad-spectrum sunscreens.

Apply sunscreen and say no to sunburns.

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