Skincare Tips for Winters!!


Bright sunlight, cold and dry conditions- all adds up to the harsh winter season. What we usually use to tackle this rough season is not enough. Be it outside or inside- the frigid and cold outdoors can leave your skin feeling raw, extra sensitive and peeling off, while the heat indoors strips off the moisture from the air leaving your skin moisture-starved and dry.

Here are some useful winter care tips to keep your skin more healthy, fresh and comfortable this season:
Use lukewarm water:
Lukewarm water is ideal for washing your hands and face as it helps keeps the skin’s nourishing oil intact.
Hot showers and baths seem tempting in the winters. But, it makes the skin dry and so, moisturising right after you wash on the damp skin helps seal that dampness into the skin. Invest in a good emollient based moisturiser with natural oils & nourishing ingredients to help your skin retain moisture and avoid itching. Use it liberally every time you wash or bath. As the sun is closer to the earth in the winter months and the clouds do little to filter out its rays, using a gel based sunscreen is essential to keep the Sun Harmful UV Rays
at bay.
Hot drinks like coffee or hot chocolate are our favourites in winters, and so we tend to drink less water. Sip your H2O to keep your body hydrated and fresh. A little warm water with lemon or even green tea are refreshing and also has excellent anti-oxidant effects.
Exfoliate gently:
Cold air in winters promotes dry skin, thereby disrupting the skin barrier and so, one should exfoliate less they usually do. Using an exfoliating mask on the lips, face and hands can help the skin slough off dead cells in winters making a smoother difference in the skin. A simple mix of honey and sugar can serve as a rich and hydrating scrub for the skin.
Eat your Greenies:
Cucumbers, celery, orange and yellow veggies, like sweet potatoes, carrots, red peppers and pumpkin- boosts the skin health, hydration and great for your skin due to the antioxidant, beta-carotene. One can add some spinach, and other dark leafy greens help detox the skin, cleaning it inside out!

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