Do’s and Don’t of Skin Care in Teenage


Treating acne now can also prevent acne from worsening. Without treatment, acne sometimes becomes severe. When severe acne clears, it can leave permanent acne scars. Having acne can affect how teens — and even adults — feel about themselves.

1. Wash your face frequently.
2. Take healthy diet with plenty of Vitamin A like carrots, Papaya, leafy vegetables & avoid chocolates, bakery stuff & oily foods.
3. If the scalp is oily, take regular shampoos.


1. Don’t use self-medication.
2. Don’t use the products that irritate your skin like scrubs & exfoliants.
3. Don’t squeeze your acne, the risk of scar formation will be increased.
4. Don’t feel depressed, consult your dermatologist if your acne is worsening.
5. Don’t use skin creams that may have been prescribed to your family members or your friends especially fairness creams which might contain steroids that can damage your face.

Care of genital area in adolescents :
1. Wash with mild soap and don’t use irritants for cleaning.
2. Don’t use home remedies or steroid ointments as they can damage your skin or even cause stretch marks.
3. Changes in the normal vaginal discharge, itching in the genital area can be due to infections. Consult your dermatologist.
4. Don’t wear tight undergarments as it can cause Fungal Infections.

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