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The Miracle Niacinamide & It’s Skincare Benefits

The Miracle Niacinamide & It’s Skincare Benefits

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a buzz beauty ingredient of modern day skincare. Among a handful of other amazing skincare ingredients, Niacinamide standouts because of its versatility. But it is not synthesized in our body, and its deficiency can lead to more prominent skin aging signs, sunspots, skin dullness, dryness, skin sallowness, and acne breakouts. But take a sigh of relief as its topical application can solve all your skin problems.

Here are some of the extraordinary skincare benefits of niacinamide:

Anti-inflammatory properties :

Niacinamide has potent anti-inflammatory actions, which makes it useful to manage and reduce acne, redness, dermatitis, and blotchiness in the skin. It helps to soothe and calm your damaged skin.

Improves skin’s barrier function:

Niacinamide is very useful in improving and repairing the skin’s barrier function and increase skin’s ability to protect itself from external aggressors. It boosts the synthesis of ceramides (an essential component of your skin barrier) and fatty acid levels in skin and makes your skin more strong and tighten.

Hydrates your skin:

Niacinamide keeps your skin hydrated for the more extended period and helps in treating excessive dryness of the skin by preventing trans-epidermal water loss. More moisture means more fresh, supple, and soft your skin will be!

Anti-bacterial properties:

This fantastic ingredient even has anti-bacterial effects. It regulates sebum levels in the skin and prevents bacterial growth in the clogged skin pores.

Sun Protection:

It helps to protect the skin from the UV and IR radiations of the sun, preventing suntan and premature ageing of the skin.

Reduces the hyperpigmentation of the skin:

It helps to lighten the areas of pigmentation and age spots by interfering with the excess production of melanin and preventing it from reaching the surface of the skin. It also evens out the skin tone while improving skin texture and smoothness and gives you a radiant, smooth, even and younger looking complexion.

Anti-oxidant Properties:

Niacinamide is an effective anti-oxidant which help in reducing the negative impact of oxidative stress. It also boosts collagen and elastin production and helps to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin elasticity.

Now you know how much beneficial niacinamide is for your skin. So, next time you venture out for something to improve the health of your skin, look for it and adore your beauty with its benefits.
Topical serum formulations are beneficial as serums have superior skin penetration, so they take skincare ingredients to the deeper skin layers and rejuvenates your skin. Derma Essentia Vitamin C Serum for a face is one such product, enriched with Niacinamide, Ceramides & Sodium Hyaluronate to enhances your beauty.

Make It A Routine! Stay Beautiful!

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