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Important Things to Consider while Buying Sunscreen?


unscreen or the new gel sunscreen is the necessary product to wear before you head out every day both in summer and winter to protect your skin. The sun not only burns your skin but the UVA/UVB rays cause premature aging and variety of other skin problems.

Important Things to Consider while Buying Sunscreen?

Always go for broad-spectrum sunscreens that protect you from UVA, UVB & IR rays as many of the existing products will only protect the skin from sunburn but not other types of skin damage.

Check for Antioxidant properties in your sunscreen for the face because when UV rays come into contact with your skin, they can create what is known as ‘free radicals.’ Free radicals are highly active molecules that can generate a chain reaction of skin inflammation and damage, leading to premature skin aging and even severe skin health issues.

Don’t fall for too high SPF, i.e., 

Sun Protection Factor. 

Products having SPF 50 is good to go, but higher than that can tempt you to stay in the sun too long. Even if you, your skin does burn but staying up too long can harm your skin or damage it.

Pick your sunscreen according to skin coloration you have, the shade and the time you stay outside in the sun. Also, check your skin type (sunscreen for oily skin or dry skin) oil-based sunscreen are based suitable for dry skin as they hydrate our skin.

The date mentioned as expiry and manufacturing date of the product should be kept in mind, as the product with this expiry would be now harmful to use.

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