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Fix cracked heels with richness of oil & butter

Fix cracked heels with richness of oil & butter
Our feet are one of the beautiful part of our body. Its maintenance is as important as of face or any other body part.
Various oils & butter are present in nature with mesmerizing properties. Essential oils can help energize and protect our depleted feet. The result is healthier and beautiful looking feet with a more youthful appearance that are shielded against infectious invaders. Oils and butter can be massaged into your feet to reap the benefits of the specific oil. To exfoliate your feet, may use a foot scrub using essential oils and other ingredients. Foot creams, masks and lotions are also popular ways to use essential oils for your feet.
Here are some of the best types of essential oils for foot health:
Shea butter – A fat that conditions the skin and acts as a rich topical moisturizer and emollient. When applied to the feet, shea butter produces an immediate skin-softening effect.

Kokum butter – Relaxes tired feet, rejuvenates and gives a refreshing feeling, promotes healing of cracks and fissures on the soles, enriched with olive oil emulsifier to moisturize and pamper your feet, removes odour from feet leaving you with soft, smooth pampered feet.

Canola oil – Heals cracks with soothing & restorative properties.

Lavander oil – Eliminates feet dryness and emits scent. Lavender oil also promotes relaxation and may help you get to sleep if used in a diffuser or scented bath before bedtime.

Mineral oil – Enrich with excellent skin compatibility & moisturising properties.

Olus oil – Holds moisture of the skin.

Camelina sativa seed oil – Packed with balanced omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids, it acts as a skin-conditioning agents. Very emollient, and improves skin elasticity and hydration.

A mixture of these all butter & oils can heal

cracked heels

dramatically. Apply a moisturising foot cream that have any all these ingredients for beautiful feet.

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