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Why is collagen the important key to good skin and hair health?


Ever wondered why collagen is the most talked about topic in the beauty industry? Well, collagen is the key to good skin and hair health as is the most abundant protein that our body needs. Also, it is crucial for the health of your body's joints and bones. Wrinkles and fine lines appear as collagen begins to break down with age. But you may wonder why collagen is such a hot topic and how it affects the signs of aging.

How you can protect them to make your skin healthy? No worries, Find out the answers to all your questions and more guide to know about its importance towards skin and hair.

In this Article:-

What is Collagen?

How is collagen important for skin and hair?

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves the skin tone
  • Minimizing Scars
  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Plump Skin
  • Hair loss
  • Split Ends
  • Gray Hair

How to protect the collagen from reduction?

Take Away


What is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that occurs naturally in the dermis of your skin. It is a rope-like structure or glue for your body that makes your skin tight and firm making the skin feel bouncy and youthful. Although collagen comes in 28 different varieties, the following are the most popular ones:

Type 1: Connective tissue exhibits one of the most prevalent forms.

Type 2:- It is commonly found in joints as well as intervertebral discs.

Type 3:- This is found in your skin and blood vessels as well.

Type 4:- This component is found in your kidney, ears, and eye.

How is collagen important for skin and hair?

Collagen Benefits

Here is collagen is considered the key to healthy skin and hair:-

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Too much exposure to the sun, pollution, and poor health can lead to a decrease in the levels of collagen which results in aging signs. The first sign of less collagen is the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes as well as the mouth.

While taking collagen supplements can help in reducing the signs of aging and regulates the collagen production. Thus, you will benefit from smoother, younger-looking skin for a longer time.

Improves the skin tone

Collagen is rich in amino acids that effectively keep the skin looking smooth and healthy. If you are suffering from uneven skin tone or rough texture then collagen is the solution to it.

Minimizing Scars

Amino acids present in collagen help in reducing the visibility of dark spots and acne scars or other scars due to some skin problems. Here Collagen supplements can be a great solution as it helps in promoting the growth of healthy tissue, which then helps in speeding up the repairing process of the skin. Hence, this is why collagen is considered so much important for the skin.

Moisturizing the skin

If your skin feels dry and flaky then it's an indication of having less collagen caused due to environmental factors. By adding collagen food items or supplements one can easily maintain the collagen in the skin and hence hydrate the skin as well. This helps in maintaining the radiant and smooth appearance of the skin.

Plump Skin

Collagen is responsible for your tight and firm skin and it's important that your dermis is supplied with it. There are creams and many other skin products that are available in the market that are helpful but it only works on the outer layer of the skin.

While consuming collagen supplements works on a deeper level and works in the dermis. Stimulating collagen formation improves the appearance and health of the skin.

Hair loss

Collagen is responsible for making our hair strong and reducing the chances of hair loss. While if you suffer from hair fall then collagen supplements will help in building up the proteins hence resulting in strong as well as thick hair.

Split Ends

Having split ends and brittle hair is one of the signs that your scalps lack collagen levels. But the topical application of collagen or collagen supplements can help you repair your split ends and also maintain the levels of scalp hydration.

Gray Hair

Collagen is one of the important components behind your naturally black hair but if you start to have gray hair then it's a sign of having less collagen. Nevertheless, collagen supplements work to prevent grey hair by assisting hair follicles.

The direct application of collagen gels or creams helps in making your hair look darker and shinier as well.

How to protect the collagen from reduction?

Here are some ways you can protect your collagen from reduction:-

  • Drinking enough water throughout the day can help in making the absorption of collagen supplements or vitamin absorption better. This naturally makes your skin hydrated and moisturized as well.
  • Avoiding long exposure to UV Rays can help in reducing sun damage and this can be done by applying sunscreen and reapplying it every 4 to 5 hours.
  • Reduce smoking as cigarettes are packed with toxins that cause damage to collagen and hence impair elastin circulation.
  • Protect skin from pollution by applying good moisturizer or exfoliating the skin once a week.
  • Eating foods rich in antioxidants will help in supporting the skin and the best option is to include berries, cherries, green vegetables, and Vitamin C-rich food items in your diet.

Take Away

As you are not aware that the importance of collagen for skin and hair can not be emphasized enough. It is one of the important components of the skin and hair which helps in supporting the structural function. Not only that it helps you to shine from the inside out and you can easily maintain the collagen.

It can be done by including skincare products, supplements, and creams into your skincare regime. But it's also very necessary to protect your collagen production and that can be done by drinking enough water, applying sunscreen, and many more.


Q. Why collagen is important for skin health?

Ans. Collagen plays an important role in the skin as it helps in providing strength, support, and structure to the skin.

Q. Is collagen necessary for our hair?

Ans. Yes, as collagen helps in promoting healthy hair by building up the protein in hair and making the hair roots strong.

Q. Can collagen help in making the skin glow?

Ans. Yes, as collagen helps in increasing the skin elasticity and hence it naturally makes the skin and also youthful looking as well.

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