Top 5 Important things to consider while choosing the moisturizer for dry skin

In the time of winter months, when the days are misty and frigid, your skin needs more care and cure. The icy winds and minus degree temperature perturb the skin from the inside, leading to scaly, parched and scurf skin. The only one-stop solution is the right moisturizer, which absorbs quickly into your skin layers and soothe it. Moisturizers are the skin care products which are always in heavy demand during the winter season.

But, have you given any thought about which type of moisturizer is the best moisturizer for dry skin in winters?

5 things that you can consider while selecting the moisturizer for dry skin

1 : Moisturizer Should Be Dermatologically Tested
2 : Choose A Non-Tacky And Lightweight Product
3 : Look For Hydrating Skincare Ingredients
4 : Should Contain Gentle And Non-Irritant Ingredients
5 : Rule Of Thumb, Patch Test 

In winters, our skin feels quite contrary to other days of the year, cold weather leads to skin tightness, scaling, altered skin barrier and water-holding functions, and reduced lipids level.

As per scientific data, the adequate lipids levels are incredibly important to protect skin from being desiccative

These skin lipids are:

Derma Essentia ceramides for dry skin

Ceramides: Well known component of skin which play an important role in framing and retaining water permeability barrier function of the skin.

Cholesterol: Major sterol found in the skin, essential for maintaining skin homeostasis and barrier function.

Free Fatty Acids: Crucial for preserving skin barrier function and pH levels.

A skin with the scarcity of these lipids become dry.

Here comes the role of moisturizers

Moisturizing face cream or lotion for dry skin must possess the characteristics like prolonged moisturizing properties and antipruritic actions which can deal with the issues of dry skin.

So, let’s talk about the criteria of the best moisturizing cream for dry skin.

What are the 5 things to look before buying the best moisturizer for dry skin in India?

1: Moisturizer Should Be Dermatologically Tested

The very first thing that is crucial to look before buying a skin care product is to look for whether the product is “dermatologically tested” or not.

Derma Essentia dermatologically tested

‘Dermatologically Tested’ is a badge of assurance that the product won’t irritate or damage the skin. These tests are conducted to check products’ risk to cause any discomfort by conducting various testing on human volunteers.

Therefore, never buy a product that does not give any surety that the product is safe. Always look for this logo or writings on the label and only then buy a skin essential product.

2: Choose A Non-Tacky And Lightweight Product

The purpose of buying a moisturizer is just moisturization and hydration of skin cells, and it is the only important factor to consider. But many moisturizers render oily feel and tacky feel. Ideally, you should always choose a skincare product as per your skin type.

buying Derma Essentia moisturizer in india

A lightweight moisturizer will not only help to heal dry patches and minute scales but also gives you a non-oily feel which means your skin is hydrated without pore-clogging.

3: Look For Hydrating Skincare Ingredients

Once you decide to buy a hydrating moisturizer, the next thing to consider is the ingredients of a moisturizer. The ingredients that dispense ultra-hydration deep to the skin layers are best suited for dry skin.

hydrating moisturizer

Here are some of the best moisturizing ingredients for dry skin

Aquaxyl Being enriched with polysaccharides, this component is known as one of the most promising hydrating agent. It has the following benefits to the dry skin,

  • improves barrier function
  • enhances dermal water reservoirs and epidermal water content
  • helps to reduce transepidermal water loss


As described before how prominent are ceramides for skin hydration. So, external application of ceramides is beneficial to counter the dry skin issues. It also locks in the skin moisture by forming a protective barrier. After the topical application of moisturizer rich in ceramides the skin retains moisture and becomes more supple.

Provitamin B5

This vitamin keeps skin moist by absorbing moisture from the surroundings and makes skin soft and smooth. It also helps to improve barrier function and reduces irritation and inflammation. So, go for the ultra-hydrating moisturizer which contains these ingredients that together dispense immediate long-lasting moisturization and a healthy glow.

4: Should Contain Gentle And Non-Irritant Ingredients

paraben and sulphate free derma essentia products

The next most essential point to take care of is that the moisturizer should be non-toxic and non-irritant. It must be free from paraben and sulphates which can irritate your skin and cause more dryness and inflammation if used in the long run. So, it is better to buy a product that doesn’t contain these ingredients.

5: Rule Of Thumb, Patch Test!

skin patch test Derma Essentia products

Yes, last but not least, don’t forget to test the product. Because everyone’s skin behaves in a different way. So, what is better than to be sure by yourself.

Do a patch test: Try the moisturizer on the side of your neck, if you are using the product for face or at your upper arms or behind your knees. Apply the adequate amount and wait for some time, if no reaction occurs then your moisturizer is ready to use.

Keep in mind these five things before buying a face moisturizer for dry skin.

Derma Essentia infographic on best dry skin moisturiser

People also ask,

Which is the best face moisturizer for dry skin?

The answer to this question is Derma Essentia Hydrating Moisturizer.

Best moisturiser for dry skin in india

This moisturizer is the unique combination of ceramide III, Provitamin B5, and Aquaxyl deeply hydrates the skin, reinforce the functionality of skin barrier and lowers transepidermal water loss. Moreover, it is very light and non-greasy formulation. It makes skin satin-soft, smear-proof and resilient.

Add this ultra hydrating best moisturizer for dry skin to your skincare routine, feel a refreshing change and be a part of the best face moisturizer for dry skin reviewers.

“Few wise words of advice”

 Stop taking hot-water bath, instead, go for lukewarm water

 Use a soft towel and pat dry your skin

 Apply moisturizer immediately

 Stop using harsh chemical-laden soaps, face wash or body wash

 Also, give a touch of moisturizer before sleeping

 You can also opt for a humidifier

Keep In Mind These Five Things Before Buying A Face Moisturizer For Dry Skin.

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