What is a Chemical Peel?  Top 5 chemical peel benefits

What is a Chemical Peel? Top 5 chemical peel benefits

We all need to get over those scrubs as chemical peels are the easy way to have that clear skin. Everybody wants to have that younger, glowing, and clear skin which present just beneath the surface of our skin. We all take those 100 different pathways to achieve beautiful skin but what if I say that it could be simple?

There is an easy way to have that flawless skin that is present just below our dead skin cells. I know you still do not believe me but I can understand it. So, continue reading this as you will learn about how chemical peels can improve your skin and how to use it.

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are simply an easy treatment that consists of a chemical solution and is used for exfoliating the skin. After the application of this chemical peel, the topmost layer of the skin starts to peel off because it causes the tissue to die in a controlled way. They are really helpful in eliminating a lot of skin problems and improving the appearance of the skin.

chemical peel for acne

These chemical peels are made out of different acids which when applied to the skin start to peel off after some days. Depending on the patient's skin condition, the chemical peel's intensity varies from one person to another. They are effective in treating skin conditions like wrinkles, melasma, sun spots, acne scars, dull skin, freckles, or tough skin.

What are the types of Chemical Peels?

These chemical peels are divided into 3 different groups depending on the intensity and skin condition of the patient.This includes:-

  • Light Chemical peel:- Which is only helpful in affecting the outermost layer of our skin resulting in a light flaky peel. It is suitable for people who have minor as well as superficially present problems and is effective in improving the complexion.
  • Medium Chemical peel:- It is a little stronger and is helpful in affecting the layer of the epidermis. This is used in treating much deeper skin problems.
  • Deep Chemical peel:- It is one of the most intensive forms and one of the most serious treatments. It is done only under the guidance of a dermatologist and helps in removing the most deep-rooted skin problems.

One of the most popular ones is the lactic acid acids which are suitable for people who have sensitive skin and there is also glycolic acid which is effective on people who have a lot of skin problems etc.

What are the benefits of Chemical Peel?

We all get exposed to environmental pollution, UV radiation, and many more things which cause different skin problems. So here are some of the beneficial effects of Chemical Peel on the skin.


In the treatment you will be applied with a chemical solution consisting of glycolic acid. This layer then starts to make the wound in a controlled way. You might feel a little burning sensation and after 10 minutes they will remove it.

After removing the new skin starts to appear in place of the old skin and it helps in reaching the deep layer. This will help in improving the texture of skin and also removing the dead cells present on the skin. This is exfoliation and this will help you in boosting you skin.

Minimizing the Damage from Sun

Chemical peels are really beneficial in people with hyper-pigmentation and it is the condition causes dark patches on skin. Application of the mild chemical peel will help as it will help in healing sun damage like fine lines, pigmentation and many more.

This is one of the easy way to achieve that younger looking skin.

Controlling Melasma

chemical peel for acne scars

Melasma is the type of hyperpigmentation resulting in brown patches on the skin. These cases are commonly seen in patients who suffer from hormonal imablance and also after pregnancy. In these cases chemical peels are really beneficial and many patients have found changes in the melasma.

Reducing Acne Marks

There are some chemical peels that have helped in easing out the breakouts of acne. They are also very effecting in reducing the scar caused by the blemishes. Along with that it helps in unclogging the pores and also removing blackheads.

They consist of such chemicals that go inside the pores helping the pimples to fade away. The best chemical peel for these skin problems are Salicylic or lactic acid based chemical peel.

Reducing Fine Lines

As discussed there are three types of chemical peels and it depends on what type of skin problem you have. So, the one that helps in reducing the fine lines or wrinkles from forehead or eyes are medium or deep type chemical peel.


Always make sure to wear sunscreen before going as it might cause damage to the skin like changing the skin color.

What skin care routine should be followed after getting a chemical peel?

After getting a chemical peel the skin might be left with a red or irritated skin. At this point the skin is really sensitive and might get damaged easily. Here are the things that you can do after getting a chemical peel:-

  • Do not apply any kind of harsh skin products and do not rub the skin with your fingers. As the skin peels the flakes starts to appear and this will continue until all the skin falls off.
  • Always takecare of the skin when it is wet as it will soften the shedding dead skin cells. So, akwyas be careful while wiping the skin. Never rub the skin aggressively in this case as it might cause harmful effect.
Sunscreen for face
  • Remember to apply sunscreen as the skin is regeneration after the peeling so remember to save the new skin from UV rays.
  • Use as gentle cleanser which is free from sulfate and is also soap free. The cleanser should never leave your skin dehydrated or dry.
  • Always use skin care products that are alcohol free as it will help in soothing the skin and follow up with good moisturizer.

Take Aways

Chemical peels are really beneficial and effective on the skin as it is one of the easy as well as fastest way to achieve that glowing skin. It helps the skin feel all refreshed and the treatment differs from patient to patient. It is important to discuss with the expert that which one is the good choice for your skin problem. Yes, it might cause a little redness or irritation on th skin but its only for sometime and not to worry about it.


Q. Is it safe to use chemical peel on acne-prone skin?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe to use chemical peel on the skin as it especially effective in treating scars as well as any other skin problem.

Q. Can make-up be applied after getting a chemical peel?

Ans. No, make-up should be avoided as it might cause irritation but can be applied after 10 days.

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