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What is Blemished Skin, its different types and effective treatment

You all must have heard of acne, pimples, blackheads, dark spots & pigmentation. But where does the word blemished skin fit in? Exactly, 

What are blemishes?

Blemished skin or the word blemish meaning represents a kind of mark, dark spots, discolouration of the skin, or flaws left behind over the surface of the skin due to acne, pimple, scar, age spots, blackheads, and whiteheads.

These are not as much dangerous as other diseases, but their presence on the facial region demotivate people and leads to lowering in self-confidence.

Citrus fruits such as lemon are a rich source of Vitamin C, and it proves beneficial for the removal of pigmentation and blemished skin on the face. Other natural agents like honey, egg white, aloe vera, and tomato juice impart an equal role in the removal of them.

Some people still must be confused about what is blemished skin, what are their causes, and how to remove, prevent or treat them. Let’s understand these...

What is Blemished skin, its types and causes

1. Types of skin blemishes

2. Causes of Blemished skin

3. Blemished skin characteristics

4. Home remedies for Blemished skin

5. Tips on How to Prevent Blemishes?

Types of skin blemishes

It is a broad term and has many types

  • Acne blemished skin
  • Blackheads and white head blemished skin

These are mildest forms of non- inflammatory acne that occurs on the skin.

  • Inflammatory or acneiform papules

It is a skin condition in which there are small and raised bumps on the skin surface which are formed when excess sebum, bacteria or dirt gets trapped.

  • Pustules

These are another type of inflammatory acne which have a yellowish fluid or pus in it.

  • Cystic nodules

Cystic nodules are red pimples that do not contain any pus and are deeply rooted in the skin.

  • Cysts

These are severe forms of acne which occur in areas surrounded by a large number of sebaceous glands.

There are various other kinds of blemishes too like hyperpigmentation, melasma spots, cold sores, age spots, scars and birthmarks that falls under blemished skin category

Causes Of Blemishes:

  • Genetics

    Sometimes, due to hormonal disbalance during puberty, menstruation and pregnancy, excessive secretion of pigment melanin ( that imparts colour to the skin) occurs on certain parts of the body, leading to it. Also, excessive production of androgen hormone increases the sebum secretion, which causes pimples to pop out and leads to it.
  • Environmental

    Climatic changes, dirt, dust, and pollution are one of the primary causes of its generation.
  • Other

    Unhealthy diet, insufficient intake of water and improper skincare are equally responsible.

Blemished skin characteristics:

1. Flaws left behind after blackheads or whiteheads.

2. Birthmarks.

3. White patches occurred due to the discolouration of the skin.

4. Scars or Acne Spots.

5. Dry, scaly or flaky skin.

    Home Remedies for Blemished skin 

    The best-suited solutions for the removal of them are honey, lemon juice, papaya, tomato juice, egg white, and aloe vera.

    1. Honey for face blemishes 

    Has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help in the removal of scars.

    2.Tomato juice

    It is a rich source of Vitamin C, antioxidants and lycopene. Vitamin C has anti-ageing & astringent properties that help in shrinkage of open pores occurred by acne. Whereas, lycopene in tomato juice is responsible for lightening of age spots on the face.

    3. Aloe vera for skin blemishes

    Enriched with polysaccharides that serve a vital role in the regeneration of new cells, thus helps in removing its and scars.

    4. Egg white for blemishes

    The white portion of the egg has natural enzymes that help in the removal. 

    5. Lemon juice for blemishes

    Rich source of vitamin C with bleaching property that helps reduce scars and age spots.

    6. Cocoa butter

    It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory action which help in fighting dark spots.

      Other than home remedies, vitamin c serum for face also helps in the reduction of age spots, acne scars, pigmentation and discolouration present around the face and neck region.

      Tips on How to prevent from blemished skin?

      Preventing them from occurring on your skin is always a better option than trying to fight with it. Below are some tips to have blemish-free skin.

      1. Cleanse your face daily with a mild foaming face wash to remove dirt, dust, excess oil, dead skin cells, pollutants and other impurities that lead to it.

      2. Use a non-comedogenic oil-free moisturizer to hydrate your skin and to prevent dry, dull and patchy skin.

      3. You must wear a broad-spectrum SPF 50 gel sunscreen every day, 20 minutes before going out in the sun, to protect your skin from harmful sun rays (UVA, UVB & IR rays).

      4. Avoid using excessive makeup on a breakout skin and do not forget to remove your makeup before going to bed and sleep with a clean, hydrated face.

      5. Do not prick on pimples and use ice or aloe vera on the area to soothe it down.

        Blemishes on Face FAQ’s 

        1. How to remove blemishes fast?

        We can get rid of blemishes fast by exercising, a long hot shower, don't pop your pimples, eat a healthy diet, drink huge amounts of water, sleep with a humidifier. So, a blemish treatment is a must because if not treated then it may damage your skin.

        2. Which vitamin is good for blemished skin?

        Topical Vitamin A is best for anti blemish treatment, as it is a powerful antioxidant and it reduces the amount of sebaceous gland and the oil released by them. It also reduces the number of free radicals released that can damage our skin and gives a boost to our immune system. Even Vitamin C can play a vital role in lightening the darkened skin and is quite beneficial for acne prone skin.

        3. Does tea tree oil helps to remove blemished skin?

        Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which reduces the inflammation and redness occurred because of acne and prevents acne lesions. Thus it can be said that tea tree oil for acne can be very beneficial.

        4. Difference between blemishes and pigmentation?

        Hyperpigmentation is a type of blemish which appears to be darker than other parts of the skin. It is harmless and common and occurs because of genetics or damage from sun or acne lesions.

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