How to remove tan from the face for men's?

It doesn't matter you are a woman or man, skin problems can trouble anyone. Earlier, most of the advertisements and areas of marketing are somewhat restricted towards one gender. However, today the scenario is different. 

The skincare market in today's world is more attentive and formulates products by taking care of both men and women in consideration. You can find a range of products to solve many skin associated concerns. 

One of these major skin concerns that affect the number of people is a suntan

Tanning and sunburn are the two majorly known acute impacts of excessive exposure of UV rays. Skin Tan is an outcome from your body that defends itself from the further damage of UV radiation. 

Some people think tan is good for skin as it keeps skin protected from sun rays, but the scenario is the opposite. Suntan is the aftereffect of sun damage and its long-term persistence can cause severe effects. 

That is the reason, dermatologists always stress applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen while going out in the sun. But, how to protect skin from further damage? and how to remove the tan

As men also suffer from this issue and they sometimes hardly know what to do with this problem. 

So, let's explore the ways to remove tan from the face for men in today's article.

  • Sunscreen is a necessity  

No matter, you're a woman or man, sunscreen is a must for men and women. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is a necessity of today's time. It protects our skin from overall UV rays and their associated side effects. Without sunscreen application, sun rays deeply damage the skin, leading to suntan,  sunburn and photoaging. Overall skin will get damaged to its extreme. Therefore, don't ever leave the home without applying sunscreen. For more to know about sunscreens, browse this site

  • Never forget to follow a night skincare routine

Treatment of suntan is incomplete without a proper night skincare regimen. Do it regularly. First of all, cleanse your face with a gentle cleansing lotion or hydrating foaming face wash. This will cleanse your face from the deep and left a soothing effect. Next, go for an effective home remedy for sun tan and afterwards apply aloe vera gel or ultra-hydrating moisturizer. To know more about night care routine, click here!

  • Efficacious home remedies to remove sun tan from face

Here are some of the effective home remedies to remove sun tan from face upon regular application. 

1) Red lentil, tomato juice, and aloe vera pack

Aloe vera exhibits anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, tomato helps to renew the skin by lowering UV induced effects and red lentil (masoor daal) exhibits potent de-tanning and antioxidant actions. Overall, the combination of these three ingredients works well to get rid of tan.

How to use:

First, soak the lentil in water for about 25 minutes, make its paste and mix it with the pulp of one tomato. Now add aloe vera gel and mix the ingredients well. Apply the mixture on the affected area, leave for about 20 minutes, and wash with lukewarm water afterwards. Do this remedy every alternate day for the best results.

2) Milk, gram flour and turmeric 

Gram flour (besan) acts as a tonic for the skin. It controls excessive sebum production, lighten skin tone and reduces tanning, milk bleaches the skin, removes dark spots, and soothes the skin and turmeric possesses potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions.

How to use:

Take 2 tablespoons of gram flour, add a pinch of turmeric, and then milk. Mix all the ingredients to get a smooth paste. Apply on the affected area, let it dry and remove it by scrubbing clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Afterwards, wash the face with water. Do this remedy regularly.

3) Rice flour, tomato, and turmeric pack

Rice flour is known as a good depigmenting agent, tomato also reduces the UV induced skin damage and turmeric is already a well known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. This pack will surely help you to get good results. 

How to use:

Take 2 tablespoons of rice flour, add a pinch of turmeric and then add water to make a paste. Now add 1/4th part of fresh tomato juice in the paste. Apply the face pack over the affected area, let it dry and wash afterwards.

These are some of the great home remedies which can provide you significant outcomes in removing suntan.

Follow these three formulas on the tanned areas for tan removal and see the change. Regular application of sunscreen, following a night skincare routine with effective home remedies, keeps your skin away from the harmful effects of sun rays and gets glowing skin. 

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