7 Best Home Remedies for dark circles under eyes that works

Learn 7 Best Home Remedies for dark circles under eyes that works

Dark circles can be a result of heredity, stress, sleep deprivation, diet, or a combination of the above. In this blog, we will talk about the reasons behind dark circles in detail. If you suffer from dark circles, then we have some tips and tricks for you to try that are natural and will help you reduce the appearance of dark circles.

But dark eye circles can be removed by using eye cream. It is highly effective to remove dark circles under eyes and it also helps with anti-ageing around the eyes. The most effective eye cream to remove dark circles is under eye cream gel. This under eye cream is really helpful to reduce dark circles and it also helps to minimize eye puffiness. This cream prevents wrinkles and fine lines. It protects the skin around the eyes and also provides hydration to the eyes. 

But dark circles can be treated or can be removed naturally.

Following are the ways to remove dark circles naturally:


1. Exercise: Exercise is very important for the body. It improves the circulation of blood and removes toxins from the body. Exercise is helpful to make your skin look glowing and healthy. Even yoga is also very effective, some yoga forms like Trataka Yoga, Rolling eyes is helpful to get rid of dark circles.

2. Sleep: Proper sleep is necessary for every individual. Stress and improper sleep is the main reason for dark circles. For every individual at least 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep is necessary for a fresh eye and it helps to remove dark circles. 

3. Aloe Vera: It is very effective and it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps to hydrate skin. Use: Apply Aloe Vera gel under your eye and leave it overnight and rinse with cold water in the morning. It really helps to remove dark circles. But always use fresh aloe vera gel for your skin. 

4. Green tea: It has anti-oxidants. It not only helps to reduce weight but also to remove dark circles. Tea has tannins, which constrict dilated blood vessels and reduces under eye circles and puffiness of eyes. Use: Soak two tea bags in refrigerated water and put them over eyes for 20-30 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

5. Rosewater: It has skin rejuvenating properties. Use: Take a cotton pad and dip them in rose water and then apply this cotton pad on your eyelids. Leave them for about 15 minutes and then wash it. It is helpful to remove dark circles.

6. Natural Oils: 

  • Virgin Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, which lightens skin. Use: Take coconut oil and massage under your eyes and leave it overnight and wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning.
  • Almond oil is also very beneficial. It has vitamin E. It lightens the black circles and makes skin soft. Use: Dip a cotton pad in almond oil and apply on your dark circles under eyes before going to bed and massage gently for a few minutes and leave it overnight and rinse with cold water in the morning.

Continue this twice a day for at least two weeks to get results. It is so effective to remove dark circles.

7. Cucumber : 

Cucumber Has Mild Astringent As Well As Skin Lightening Properties. Cut thick slices of fresh cucumber and refrigerate them for 10-15 mins. Then, put the chilled slices over your eyes and relax for 30 mins.


These are the natural ways to remove dark circles around the eyes. Learn more about the tips to remove dark circles.

As you can see, dark circles can be caused by a variety of different factors. If you suffer from dark circles, then try to avoid the reasons that we have outlined above to limit their appearance. If you are looking for a under eye cream that will help with your dark circles, then we have found a few natural and effective remedies you can try.

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