How & Best ways to Get rid of dark circles Under Eyes Fast

Let’s face it, everybody wants to get rid of those pesky dark circles. Dark circles are something that can affect your day to day quality of life. It can lead to the feelings of undermining oneself, decreases confidence, and also has psychological effects on some individuals. 

Dark circles can arise due to a lot of reasons ranging from as simple as lack of sleep and as serious as genetics. Some of the very simplest reasons include lack of sleep, excessive fatigue, lack of water intake, excessive dryness of skin, high intake of junk food, improper diet, and much more. But what if I told you that these dark circles can be controlled very easily. Yes, you heard that right. Here in this article, we are providing you with some simple remedies to get rid of these dark circles.

Here are some of the very simple methods that you can try at home:-

Proper sleep schedule

Always make sure that you have a good six to eight hours of sleep every night. This will help in relaxing your brain and will definitely improve dark circles.

Under eye cream gel 

Under eye cream gel moisturises protects and brightens the skin around the eyes. It helps in getting rid of dark circles, under-eye bags and puffiness. Applying it religiously repairs the skin damage under the eye for the firm, hydrated eyes that look well-rested.

Eye Massage 

Massage the area surrounding your eyes with almond oil in a brisk circular motion. You need to do this daily and then leave it for some time. Doing this regularly will lighten the skin tone eliminating the dark circles.

Cucumber for dark circles

Cut a chilled cucumber into slices and then place it over your eyes for at least 10 min. Rinse with water afterwards for a cool and refreshing feeling. Repeat the procedure twice daily for optimum results.

Using a Cold Compress 

Dip a smooth cotton cloth in cold water and keep it under over your eyes for some time. This is will work by shrinking the blood vessels and reducing swelling in the affected area.

Aloe Vera gel for under eyes

Apply some Aloe Vera gel over the affected area and leave it for at least 15 min. for optimum effect. It will help in providing nourishment to the dry skin by hydrating it. 

We recommend at least twice daily application for desired results.

Tea Bags for dark circles

Small tea bags containing caffeinated tea can be placed over the eyes for five minutes. It contains a lot of natural constituents such as tannins which will help in reducing oedema and swelling under the eyes. It will also provide you with a cool and refreshed feeling. 


Having a proper exercise schedule will help in relieving the stress and tension in your body. Moreover, exercise is beneficial for improving the overall health and also builds better neuromuscular coordination.

For a more effective and permanent solution, some medical treatments are available to get rid of the dark circles. However, before going for that one should consider other options and then decide. To know more click here and follow tips beyond putting cucumber on your eyes. 

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