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What is DHT

What is DHT? How it can lead to baldness and its top 6 ways to treat it

Male-type baldness caused due to DHT is not accepted by anyone be its young or old. No one wants to go through it because it is quite distressing. It just makes us lose confidence and for many years people are trying to solve this problem.

Around 50 million men and 30 million women are suffering from Androgenic alopecia or male-type baldness all around the world. Before getting any treatment we must know about the DHT and its effect on hair follicles. Dont worry through this article you are going to learn about DHT and the ways you can treat it.

What is DHT?

DHT which is better known as Dihydrotestosterone is basically the male sex hormone converted from testosterone with the help of certain hormones. It is found in both males as well females and DHT is much more powerful than other hormones like testosterone in the case of hair growth.

DHT Full Form

As told by the American Hair Loss Association DHT hormones are responsible for triggering the receptors that result in miniaturizing the hair follicles. Also, Sanusi Umar who is a Dermatologist at Dr.U Hair and Skin Clinic said that “ the baldness depends on how much your receptors are sensitive and DHT is quite normal but all depends on its receptors”

In the case of males, the miniaturization of follicles results in the shorter phase of hair growth and then causes soft as well as light hair to fall. While in women the production of DHT can lead to extreme hair loss.

What are the other roles of DHT?

As discussed DHT being the derivative of testosterone is present in both men as well as women. DHT are hormones that help in contributing to getting the male characteristics while going through puberty. This helps in giving traits like increasing the growth of the scrotum, testicles, and penis.

Along with that, it is also responsible for getting that deep male voice, achieving that increased muscle mass, increased body hair, and even distributing the storage of fat in the body. DHT also has other benefits while you are getting older it makes sure to maintain that muscle mass and also promotes fertility in men.

Men have more testosterone flowing in their bodies and almost 10% of them is then converted into DHT. This is done with the help of an enzyme known as the 5-alpha reductase.

But it is found by some researchers that if the levels of DHT are too high then it might lead to prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, or even coronary heart disease.

How DHT is connected to Balding?

Hair is grown everywhere on the body and underneath that skin is a structure known as follicles. These follicles are the tiny capsules that help these hairs to stand on their own.

The typical life of a hair within the follicle during a there growing cycle is for about four to six years. Hair grows on its own even after cutting them multiple times, it will grow on its own. It is because the hair that has been cut is attached to the root of the follicle and then the new cycle will begin resulting in hair growth.

When the levels of this hormone are increased this in turn causes the follicles of our hair to shrink. This makes the hair look much thinner as well as brittle and that is why the hair fall is increased.

Testosterone V/S DHT

Testosterone is the active androgens present in the body of males and it is responsible for the different physiological as well as sexual activity in the body including regulating the production of sperm, regulating emotions, etc.

While DHT is derived from testosterone and its function is the same as that of testosterone but is much stronger.

How you can Reduce your DHT?

There are many ways you can treat DHT to prevent hair loss and can be prevented by targeting the specific receptor responsible for it.

There are two types of receptors including one is the blockers that prevent DHT from binding with 5-AR receptors present in your hair follicle and another one is an Inhibitor that is responsible for reducing the production of DHT. Here are the ways to treat it including:-

Minoxidil:- It is also known as the peripheral vasodilator meaning it helps in widening and loosening the blood vessels so that the blood can flow easily.

It is mainly used in the cases of people who have blood pressure but this medication can help in promoting the growth of hair when applied topically.

Biotin:- It is also called Vitamin H and is helpful for the body to use energy from the food or liquid that we have consumed.

DHT Blocker Food

Biotin is also very effective in maintaining and boosting the levels of keratin which is a type of protein responsible for our hair growth. Not only that it is also present in our skin as well as nails.

As was published in the studies 2015 showed biotin can help in the regrowth of hair and reduce hair fall. Biotin is present in nuts, whole grains, and also in egg yolks.

Pygeum bark:- It is a type of herb which is extracted from the bark present in the African cherry tree and is commonly used as a herbal supplement.

It is well known for treating male sexual health problems including enlarged prostate which is caused due to DHT. So, it is possible to treat hair loss through this herb as this will reduce the high levels of DHT.

Folic Acid:- It is packed with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, which are responsible for making the hair thick and reducing hair loss.

It is noted that people who are deficient in these Vitamins suffer from male pattern balding so start including it in your diet. You can take them as a supplement and definitely you will find a difference not only in your hair but also in your skin.

Pumpkin Seed Oil:- This oil is one of the ways to block the extreme growth of DHT and it is also proven in the 2014 studies. As it was seen that 76 men who had male pattern baldness were able to grow scalp hair within 24 weeks.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Other Options that are available include:-

Laser treatment:- This treatment is helpful in reducing hair fall and stimulating the growth of hair. It is one of the painless ways to rejuvenate your hair follicles and enhance the flow of blood on your scalp.

what is DHT

In this method, the photons go inside the tissue of the scalp and stimulate the circulation of blood on the scalp.

PRP Treatment:- Also known as the Platelet-Rich Plasma which is the regenerative method for people who suffer from hair loss. In this method, the Platelet of the same patient is taken out who wants to have the treatment.

It is directed injected into the scalp which helps in increasing the growth of hair but it also comes with some side effects.


Thinning of the hair can be the result of imbalanced hormone or high levels of DHT which is a strong hormone. The high levels of dihydrotestosterone can result in female type baldness or facial hair growth.

So, before getting any type of hair treatment you must know the root cause of your hair loss. While you can easily treat DHT levels by taking medication and changing your lifestyle. If you are suffering from this problem always look out for help from a doctor and follow a good health routine.


Q. At what age one can see the increase in DHT?

Ans. It is mostly seen in people around the age of 35 years as the levels of DHT are at their peak.

Q. Which food is responsible for increasing DHT in the body?

Ans. The main food item that can increase your DHT levels is red meats which are packed with unsaturated fats.

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