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What Causes Milia and Preventive Ways

What causes Milia and the top 5 ways to prevent it

“Not all bumps are acne” have you ever seen those white bumps under the eyes called Milia. Sometimes they are confused with blackheads due to their appearance but they both are different. These milia are just small bumpy that are pesky and difficult to remove. Many people try to squeeze it out but this might lead to an ultimate failure.

The cyst that is present here and there on the face could be very annoying. However, there are simple ways to avoid them and stop them from appearing. So, first, learn how milia are caused and some easy ways to prevent them from coming.

What is Milia?

Medically Milia is better known as the small, keratin-filled cysts and could be seen at any age including children and old people. These cysts are common in two types and they could be milium (solitary) or cluster (milia). This cyst can vary from 1 mm to 3 mm but can also be larger than this.

In infants, it is commonly seen around the cheeks, nose, and eyes while in adults it can be seen anywhere on the face. Milia can even be seen around the arms as well as hands, especially in people who are old due to damage caused by excessive exposure to UV Rays.

What are other types of Milia?

Here are a few causes of milia depending on the type of milia including:-

Primary Milia:- It is commonly seen in Adults as well as Children. It might disappear without getting treated but could last for several months. It mainly appears on the nasal crease, eyelids, cheeks, or forehead. Its cause is not perfectly known.

Traumatic milia:- This is the type of milia that is seen when the skin is damaged due to rashes, sunburn, etc.

Neonatal milia:- It is found in 50% of newborn babies and is seen around the nose, face, or trunk.

Milia en plaque:- It is most commonly seen in women, especially who are older than 50 years, and are formed around the ears, eyelids, jaw, and cheek.

What are the causes for Milia?

Our body commonly sheds off the old and forms new cells. But when these old cells are shredded properly then they become hard because of the collection of new cells on them. Here are some of the common causes that might to milia:-

  • Skin damage caused due to Injuries or sunburn.
  • Genetic disorder.
  • Using some kind of steroids.
  • Newborn babies are more prone as they constantly regenerate new cel

How to prevent Milia?

Milia Treatment

  • Exfoliate with AHAs and BHAs

Exfoliating the skin regularly packed with ingredients like AHAs likglycolic acid e can help in removing dead skin cells. Or the application of skin ingredients like salicylic acid which is a BHAs can help in balancing the production of sebum.

The key here to prevent the skin from developing milia is to start using AHAs or BHAs with the lower potency. You can also add exfoliating cleansers that are packed with ingredients like glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or citric acid.

Exfoliation will gently prevent the skin from trapping the keratin and reduce the chances of keratin.

  • Azelaic acid

Azelaic acid performs as a treatment for milia and works wonderfully on it. It hydrates the skin as well as exfoliates it, preventing the development of new milia. It helps in treating open pores and also removes all other skin impurities.

Along with that, it helps in shedding off all the dead cells so that no more new cells are collected over them.

  • Cleansing the face

It's crucial to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. As this not helps in removing the makeup but also removes the dirt trapped in your pores. Always go for a good cleanser as this will help you to unclog the pores and hence reduce the risk of milia.

  • Retinol

As many researchers have found that topical application of retinol can help in getting milia. Vitamin A, one of the nutrients necessary for healthy skin, is a component of retinol. The application of retinol every day will help in cleaning away the pores and reducing the chances of milia as well.

  • Sunscreen

It is important to wear sunscreen every day as it helps in protecting the skin from UV Rays which is one of the major causes of Milia. It will help in reducing any skin discomfort brought on by milia.

Always make sure to apply sunscreen that has SPF higher than 30 and if your skin is too much sensitive to the sunscreen then apply SPF 100. It's better to use sunscreen that has mineral oil in it as it won't clog the pores.

Tips to follow while having Milia:-

  • Never poke or try to remove milia by yourself as you might end u bleeding or forming a scar.
  • Steam your face for 5 to 7 minutes every day as they will open your pores and release any dead skin cells.
  • Avoid too much sun exposure.

Take Aways

Milia are small white cyst that appears as hard small cluster on the face. It might be at any age and is most commonly found in young people. It is hard to remove it from the skin and this might also lead to scarring or infection. But there are a few easy ways to prevent the milia to grow on the skin including applying sunscreen or retinol, cleansing every day, and many more. But it is always to visit your dermatologist if they are increasing and causing further problems.


Q. Can Niacinamide help in reducing Milia?

Ans. Niacinamide can help in reducing inflammation and also improve the skin barrier. This in turn can help in treating Milia.

Q. What ingredients are the best for treating Milia?

Ans. Exfoliating ingredients like Lactic acid, Glycolic acid, or Salicylic acid can help in reducing Milia as it helps in removing the dead skin cells in turn reducing the chances of Milia.

Q. How to naturally prevent Milia?

Ans. Some of the easy steps to naturally prevent the milia from coming are cleansing the face, steam, and avoiding too much exposure to the sun or applying sunscreen.

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