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How to get glowing skin in summer 2022 with 9 Important Steps

Summer 2021 has started knocking at our doors. A little warm breeze under the full sunny day will definitely give you a hint for the upcoming warmer season. You definitely prepare yourself with airy tops, singlets, T-shirts, Hawaiian shirts and many other summery clothes.

But, are you also preparing your skin for this season? Are you starting to keep broad-spectrum sunscreen and wet wipes in your daily summer skincare wardrobe?

If you don't yet, then you should start taking care of your skin as per your summer skincare routine. A pre-summer skincare routine involves protecting your skin from dehydration, excessive sebum production, sunburn, and keeping it calm and subtle. For this you must need a proper skincare routine.

The following skincare routine will definitely helps you to getting ready your skin for summers:

Step 1. Drink Water Empty Stomach


Drinking water on an empty stomach should be your priority. You can also go for lukewarm lemon water instead of normal hot water as it will help you to detox your body and skin. Your skin will feel more energetic, fresh and rejuvenated.

Detoxification helps to get rid of skin from sun rays induced free radicals, fluid retention and improves your skin moisture, radiance and evenness. Pre-summer time is the best period of preparing your skin for upcoming troubles.

After a glass of detox water, you can spend your day while drinking water infused with Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets.

Vitamin C is a must vitamin for summers. It helps to protect the skin and body from the harmful effects of UV rays, strengthens the body immune system and prevents the body from heat stroke and heat rash. You can also include vitamin C rich foods in your regular diet.

Next you need to pamper your skin with some good skincare essentials. Let's explore what are those:

Step 2. Cleanse face using hydrating foaming face wash


The next step is to cleanse and rinse the face to get ready for whole day chores. This step is very essential to feel fresh and awake all day long. But, it is very important to decide how to wash your face and with what kind of face wash.

For this, a hydrating foaming face wash embedded with hyaluronic Acid, natural extracts and hydroxy acids. is the perfect choice. Such face washes cleanse your skin deeply but doesn't extract the natural required oils of the skin. Further, the foam wash is light and doesn't make your skin itchy.

Overall, your skin is left with a refreshing feel after using this face wash.

If you are confused about buying a good face wash, then this article can definitely help you out 'Tips to choose best face wash for girls'. Give a look and find the best cleanser for your skin type.

Step 3. Must apply face toner


Now balance your skin with the application of a good face toner. There are immense benefits of face toner like it helps to balance your skin pH, holds skin moisture and reduces excessive sebum production. All this keeps your skin hydrated and fresh in the high heat of the upcoming warmer season.

Only make sure to apply toner properly to get all its benefits.

Step 4. Apply moisturizer as per your skin-type


Now it is time to apply moisturizer. Many of us think that moisturizer is not necessary in summers as our skin already produces loads of sebum. But, to control this excessive sebum and keeping the natural moisture intact, a moisturizer is very important to apply in summers.

However, it is a must to choose moisturizer as per your skin type. Do your 'skin analysis' first and then choose your skin care essentials. For people with oily skin type, a mattifying moisturizer would be the best choice; However, for people with dry skin type, ultra hydrating moisturizer is the best option.

You can explore this blog on 'Different skin types and required skincare routine' to know more about particle skin care routine as per skin type.

Also, avoid choosing creams or moisturizers with heavy creamy base as this only leads to excessive oil on your face which leaves your skin suffocated and tacky.

Step 5. Choose a gel-based sunscreen

Must apply sunscreen everyday. It is one of the main skin care products to keep skin protected. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a good SPF number and PA factor shields your skin from harmful sun radiations and air pollution, including urban pollutants, heavy metal pollution and smog.

Go for gel-based sunscreens in summers. Such sunscreens are light-weight, non-tacky, non-comedogenic, don't lead to excessive sebum production and are easy to wear. Especially gel-based sunscreen for people with oily skin enriched with chrono beauty is a longer and safer option. 

Thinking about - "What is chrono beauty?"

Step 6. Keep wet-wipes in your bag


Wet-wipes are another essential thing which you should always keep to yourself always. It will help to cleanse the excess oil and dirt from your face in times when you are unable to rinse it.

Just remember the wipes should be perfume free and contain skin-friendly active ingredients.

Step 7. Must follow a night skincare routine

A night skincare routine is a must to take care of your skin in summers. Set your routine as per weather. Start the night routine by cleansing your face with a mild cleanser. Afterwards, apply vitamin C serum onto the face. This serum helps to revive your damaged skin. Vitamin C serum has lots of benefits for skin, including neutralizing free radicals, improving skin complexion and many more. You can explore more by clicking here.

After applying vitamin C serum, you should end your routine with good night cream, aloe vera gel or hydrating moisturizer.You can also apply eye creams to rejuvenate the under eye skin area. For more to know, you can read this article on 'proper night skincare routine'.

Step 8. End your day with having water


As you start the day, end your day also in the same manner. Drink a glass of hot water or hot lemon water before going to bed. It will help to remove toxins, revive the skin from inside and beat off dehydration, promote sound sleep and make skin dewy for the next morning.

Also, make sure you are having a balanced diet throughout the day to provide each and every required nutrient for skin.

Step 9. Go for DIY summer face packs

Don't forget to give a touch of homemade summer face packs to your skin. It will help to balance the skin, revive the skin hydration and make it fresh, cool and supple.

Skin care tips in summer at home:


One of the very simple face packs that you can try once or twice in a week is curd and cucumber. Take crushed cucumber and mix it with an adequate amount of curd. Apply onto face and let it dry. Afterwards, wash off with normal water and apply hydrating moisturizer afterwards. Other than this, you can also use chamomile extract or coffee to make face packs for skin during summers.

These are the nine summer skin care tips that you must include into your skincare routine to pamper your skin before summer. It will help your skin to fight against hot summer days. Keep following these steps and bring a phenomenal change into your skin.

You can explore some other summer skin care tips to prepare your skin for the next hot season. 


1. What should apply on the face in summer?

You should go for a hydrating moisturizer which keeps your skin hydrated along with managing the excessive sebum production. Choose cleanser that up with salicylic acid, especially if your skin is oily. and Also, always apply gel-based sunscreen in summers as it is light, non-tacky, non-comedogenic and easy to apply in summers.

2. How to take care of skin in summer?

Drink an adequate amount of water, strats your day with a glass of warm water, keep your diet light and healthy and choose summer skin care products which are light, non-comedogenic and don't lead to tackiness.

3. Which moisturizer is best for summer?

Ultra Hydrating moisturizer is best moisturizer in summers for people with normal to dry skin. On the other hand, mattifying moisturizer is the best moisturizer in summers for people with oily or oily acne prone skin.

4. Should I use moisturizer in summer?

Extreme heat in the summers can extract water from your skin and leave it dehydrated. A moisturizer can help to maintain the adequate levels of moisture in skin, even in people with oily skin type.

You can explore some other summer skin care tips to prepare your skin for the next hot season. 

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