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Premature Grey hair! Top 5 natural remedies to get rid of those grey hair

Premature Grey hair! Top 5 natural remedies to get rid of those grey hair

It could be a nightmare to have prematurely grey hair and especially when you are young. Nowadays it has become really normal to have those grey hair and everyone is finding ways to reverse it.

Well, we all know the greying of hair is just the part of our life that is seen during the process of aging. We all have millions and millions of hair follicles and each of them has a pigment known as melanin. Gradually during the aging process, our hair follicle starts to lose pigment which causes them to turn grey.

While having premature grey can put a bad impact on the life of young people because it is seen as a sign of aging. Premature grey hair is seen in people in whites it occurs before 20 years, in Africans, it is seen before 30 and in Asian it is seen before the age of 25 years.

What causes the hair to turn Grey?

As each follicle has cells called melanocytes which are packed with either of the two basic pigments called eumelanin or pheomelanin. Pheomelanin is responsible for giving that blond pigmented hair whereas Eumelanin is found in black or brown hair. It is important to note the melanin that gives skin its color degrades more slowly than the pigments produced in scalp hair.

When the number of melanocytes starts to decrease the color of hair starts to become grey. However, the rate of greying can differ from person to person. Here are the common causes that can lead to premature grey hair:-


Sometimes it runs in the family and there are specific genes that are found in the hair leading to grey hair. One study found that a gene is in charge of regulating, producing, and storing melanin.

It was found in the studies that people with prematurely grey hair had a family history of premature greying. It is also related to people who have asthma or eczema as they have a genetic tendency.



It is also found that people who are smokers are at greater risk of developing premature grey hair as compared to non-smokers. But the mechanism behind it is not found yet but it is said that smoking has the tendency to increase oxidative stress levels.

Reduced melanin pigment synthesis may result from elevated stress levels.


People who weigh more than normal are more likely to have grey hair as they dont have a good lifestyle or they have a slow metabolism.


Well, we all know that mental health is so important and how it could affect our normal life. Stress has the tendency to increase the power of turning white hair into grey hair. The fight-to-fight response to stress can affect the stem cells which are found in hair follicles. This then can result to produce pigmented hair that is grey hair.

Having Disease


As per the studies it is seen that people with alopecia or vitiligo have a great tendency to suffer from premature grey hair. Vitiligo occurs when the cells which are responsible for producing melanin start to function less resulting in white patchy spots on the skin. These patches might grow over time and cover the whole body part.

While in alopecia there is a sudden loss of hair resulting in gery hair in some cases.

Others:- Neurofibromatosis which is having tumors seen on the nerves, Tuberous sclerosis which is having benign tumors on the site of the brain, skin, lungs, eyes, or kidneys and thyroid disease.

How can you naturally treat Premature Grey Hair?

You can treat them in certain ways to prevent grey hair. Here are some of the best methods for getting your hair back to its original colour.

Indian Gooseberry

Amla Benefits

Amla which is one of the most well-known as well as trustworthy ingredients can easily help in treating grey hair. As it is one of the rich sources of Vitamin C and can help in tackling premature grey hair. You can simply mix them with the paste of fenugreek seeds better known as methi in Hindi. These seeds are filled with antioxidants and can easily promote the growth of black hair.

How to use:- Take three tablespoons of Amla oil and add one tablespoon of fenugreek paste to it. The mixture should then be heated for five to ten minutes before cooling.

Then strain it so that the seeds are left behind then let it cool down. Apply the mixture to your hair after that, and leave it in place all night. Then use a gentle shampoo to remove it in the morning.

Coconut Oil and Curry leaves

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have been used for ages to prevent any kind of hair problems like hair fall or grey hair. As curry leaves are filled with vitamins, and minerals and are packed with antioxidants helping them to prevent greying. Along with that, it provides strength to the hair as it helps in boosting the health of the scalp.

One of the well-known oils that prevent pigmentation in the hair is coconut oil. When these two are mixed together they help in stopping the hair from greying.

How to use:- Just take three tablespoons of coconut oil and add 5 to 6 curry leaves to it. Then heat it until the mixture is turned into black color.

Apply the mixture to the scalp and the roots of the hair. Massage the mixture gently and then let it stay on the hair overnight. Then wash it in the morning. Try this twice a week.

Almond Oil Hair Mask

Almond oil

Almond oil is packed with Vitamin E and they are helpful in protecting the hair from premature greying. Then add lemon to it which is rich in Vitamin C and it will help to add volume as well as shine to the hair.

How to Use:- Making this hair mask is quite simple. Just take 2 teaspoons of almond oil and 3 teaspoons of lemon oil. Mix these two together and massage them on your scalp.

They will help you to increase the length and keep this mixture on your hair for 30 minutes. Wash this off with a gentle shampoo.

Henna Paste

Henna has been used in many homes and helps in making the hair dark. It is one of the greatest ways to naturally condition and color your hair. While you can add coffee to it which is packed with antioxidants. They help in making the hair stronger as well as shinier.

How to use:- Boil the coffee in water and then add this water to the henna powder. Then make a fine paste out of it and apply it to your hair. Let it sit on your hair for an hour and then wash it properly.

A mixture of Curd and Black Pepper

Curd Benefits

Black pepper is well known to darken hair that is greying while yogurt helps in making them naturally soft.

How to use:- Take one cup of yogurt and add black pepper to it. Generously apply it to the hair and especially to the hair ends. After applying it to your hair for 30 minutes, wash it out. For best results, use it three times each week.

Some Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Along with home remedies, it is important to balance a good lifestyle in order to treat great hair. As one of the greatest reasons to have grey hair is a sedentary lifestyle and here are some of the things you should apply in your life in order to reduce grey hair.

  • Start eating healthy like adding veggies, fruits, greens, and yogurt into your diet which will help you to achieve those smooth hair.
  • Eat black sesame seeds which will naturally promote the production of melanin and neutralize grey hair.
  • We all know how much Vitamin C is important for both hair as well as skin, so drink half a cup of Amla juice every day. Considering that they are one of the best sources of vitamin C. As it is important to include Vitamin-rich foods as vitamin deficiency could also cause grey hair.
  • Stop smoking as discussed which could increase the toxic free radicals and lead to grey hair.
  • Avoid using too many chemicals on your hair like using a hot straightener, washing every day, or combing while they are wet.
  • Try protecting them from the UV Rays and cover them with a scarf.

Take Aways

Premature grey hair could put a bad impact on anyone's life especially if you are quite young. They can be seen very easily and it takes quite a lot of time to treat them. As you have learned earlier how you can naturally treat grey hair at home you can easily apply it at home.

But one of the most important things is that is there any underlying cause resulting in grey hair like vitiligo or alopecia. If any then you must get the right treatment and maintain a proper healthy lifestyle. As the methods alone can not treat the greying of hair, so, always maintain your diet as well as your mental and physical health.


Q. Can plucking of grey hair causes them to grow more?

Ans. No, it's totally a myth as it does not cause any aggravation but yes too much plucking can cause the hair follicle to become weak.

Q. Is smoking responsible for making the hair grey?

Ans. Yes, lifestyle puts a lot of impact on your hair so smoking is one of them that can lead to premature grey hair.

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