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Night cream for glowing skin

How to choose the best Night Cream with top 5 effective ways

Just like nighttime is the best time to restart our body just like that it's the right time to rejuvenate the skin with night creams. Providing our skin with proper care and nourishment can help the skin cells to regenerate. At night our skin cells can repair really fast but it is important to make the right choice. During the day it's better to apply protective creams and also the creams that have active absorbing ingredients in them.

At night your skin needs that extra love, so, it is better to make a good choice for your night skincare routine. Here are the facts that you must know about night creams and how you can obtain the best from them.

Context of the Article:-

What is Night Cream?

Night Cream

Night creams are products that are applied at night and little heavier on the skin as compared to day creams. As they do not consist of sunscreen but have creams that are higher in concentration and help in healing. These creams go underneath your skin and effectively repair the damaged skin.

These creams consist of ingredients like retinol, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and many more. So, nighttime works wonder for them to put their activities properly. These night creams might also have Hyaluronic acid which helps in reducing the aging signs.

Day Cream V/S Night Cream

Day creams are lighter on the skin and they consist of sunscreen with at least spf30 protection. They are meant to protect your skin from harmful UV Rays. They also consist of Vitamin C which helps the skin to become brighter and works on hyperpigmentation.

While night creams consist of different ingredients as compared to day creams. They have a much thicker consistency and are meant to repair your skin.

What ingredients should you look for?


While choosing night creams you must consider using the right ingredients of the right brand. Here are the products that you must consider applying.


It is basically derived from Vitamin A and is filled with anti-ageing properties. Its major goal is to lessen wrinkles, dark spots, and other ageing symptoms like fine lines. They also help in improving skin texture as well as complexio n.

You can apply this effective retinol serum.

Alpha-Hydroxy acids or Beta-Hydroxy acids

They are obtained from fruits and are effective for people suffering from dull skin. AHA and BHA are natural as well as gentle exfoliators helping the other skin creams to reach deeper into your skin.

Learn more about AHA and BHA.

Vitamin E

It is one of the greatest antioxidants which gently and effectively improves the complexion and locks the needed moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid

They are well known for keeping the skin moisturized and reducing wrinkles.


They are proteins that help in covering the outer layer of skin and protect it from any kind of toxins from the environment.

Lactic acid

It is an exfoliator that helps in removing the dead skin cells present on the outer layer of the skin.


It is one of the greatest moisturizers to repair damaged skin.

What are the benefits of Night Creams?

Night Face Cream

Of course, there are many benefits of applying night cream but one of the greatest benefits one can obtain from it includes.

Soothing the skin

All day your skin has to work really hard and has to go through environmental toxins as well. So, it's obvious that your skin becomes irritated by those challenges.

Night creams help in calming down the skin and reducing any kind of inflammation or redness. They are even helpful in treating acne as well as breakouts.

Providing Moisture

Due to environmental pollution and those harmful Sun Rays, your skin might become dry. A night cream will moisturise the skin and give it a youthful appearance. This also helps your skin to become smooth.

Boosting the Collagen

Collagen Production

Fine lines are one of the signs that there is less production of collagen in your skin. Using night creams can help in boosting the production of collagen as they increase blood circulation in the skin.

Additionally, it is effective at eliminating toxins and naturally treating skin problems. Night cream is one of the great weapons to make your skin radiant enough.

Know the foods that can help you to increase the collagen production.

Fading Dark Circles

Dark circles

Well, it is important to include under-eye cream in your night care routine. As dehydration can cause you to suffer from those dark circles. Your night cream can easily tackle them and make them fade away.

Getting you ready for the next day

All day your skin is going through war and it is covered with those pollutants. The night cream helps you to prepare for the next day and makes it more healthy.

How to make the right choice for your skin type?

Here is how you can choose the type of night cream you should apply depending on your skin type.

Dry skin type:- You should always look for night creams that have extra moisture in it and is effective on redness as well as inflammation.

Oily skin type:- Skin creams that are not greasy on the skin like gel-based creams. They will help in controlling the production of oil and unclogging the pores as well.

Sensitive skin type:- Always look for the ones that are light on the skin and free of fragrance, parabens, mineral oil, sulphate, urea, and many more.

Acne-prone skin:- They need to use the ones that are purifying and made for pimples or zits.

Aging skin:- They should look out for ones that have Vitamin E, Glycerine and Pro- Vitamin B5 in them. This will reduce the fine lines and along with that ingredients like retinol, ceramides, lipids etc will be more effective.

Take Away

Night creams are the ones that help you to rejuvenate the skin and keep your skin hydrated through out the night. Pamper your skin at night with the right skin care products and before applying your night creams always make sure to cleanse your face properly.

Gently massage your skin with the face cream before bedtime and prepare your skin for the next day. However, always do a patch test before applying it to your skin, and make a skin choice as given above according to your skin type.


Q. When to start applying Night cream?

Ans. It is suggested to start applying night creams in your 20s which would act on your damaged skin and as soon as you hit your 30s then you should start applying night creams with anti-aging properties.

Q. How to use night creams?

Ans. Your first step should be cleansing the skin, then gently applying the chosen night creams, and ending with under-eye cream. Remember to always do the night skincare routine 30 minutes before your bedtime.

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