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4D+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum For Your Skin: What Are Its Important Benefits?

Whatever is the season, your skin always needs a touch of hydration. To have smooth, soft and resilient skin, hydration is an essential factor. However, the main part of the discussion here is how to provide the necessary moisturization and hydration to the skin. Which skin care essential can do the wonder of nurturing the skin from the foremost layer to the deepest layer? Do you have any ideas?

The 4D+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum can do this marvel. Many of you definitely heard of hyaluronic acid (HA). But what is this 4D+ technology? It is an innovative skin care formula that works deep and benefits the every layer of skin to make it healthy. Hyaluronic acid serum with 4D+ technology makes skin super soft, moisturized, firm and younger-looking. Let's know a little deep about this new technology:

What is 4D+ Hyaluronic Acid Technology?

4D+ Hyaluronic Technology is a novel formula that comes with the combination of Hymagic-4D and Syn-Hycan. These are formulations made of different variants of hyaluronic acids. Let's read about these in little deep:


Hymagic-4D is a fusion of four types of hyaluronic acid with different structural and functional properties. The formula is designed to dispense the hyaluronic acid to the different parts of the skin. This is due to the restriction of one type of hyaluronic acid to reach specific skin layers.

Do You Know?

  • The normal hyaluronic acid, which we all know about is of high molecular weight, hence its reach is only up to the external skin layer. Here, it acts as a protective sheath, providing a dense film to lower the transepidermal water loss and long-lasting moisturization.

  • However, high molecular hyaluronic acid is unable to reach deep into the skin, hence the other layers of skin remain void of this ingredient. This way you can get hyaluronic benefits but only from outside, your inner skin layer remains dry and dehydrated.

To solve this problem, HYMAGIC-4D is designed.

This formulation contains 4 forms of HA that can act differently upon the skin to provide skin with the needed hydration and to repair damaged skin integrity, skin structure and related function. Let's read about these:

 To solve this problem HYMAGIC 4D is designed

1. Hyacross (Hyaluronic Acid Elastomer)

It is a cross-linked polymer of hyaluronic acid with potent protective and moisturizing properties. It has an elastic gel-like consistency, which is able to form a protective and nourishing biological layer on the top of the layer. This reduces the transepidermal water loss, improves the water binding capacity and skin barrier function.

2. HA (Sodium Hyaluronate)

Sodium hyaluronate is a sodium salt of hyaluronic acid that has a low molecular weight as compared to the parent hyaluronic acid. It is known to be a main component of the extracellular matrix, hence is very essential to keep skin healthy. In the skin, it helps to attract and hold the water, thus significantly reducing the skin dryness and roughness.

3. Hymagic ACHA (Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate)

Hymagic ACHA is produced via natural sodium hyaluronate via acetylation reaction. This ingredient acts as both hydrophilic and lipophilic. Its smaller molecular weight allows it to penetrate the stratum corneum immediately. It has high affinity, thus providing long-lasting moisturization. It aids in improving the moisture from the inside, maintains skin integrity and improves skin elasticity.

4. miniHA (Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate)

The molecular size of this hyaluronic acid is so low as compared to other types of HA, which makes it reach deep into the dermis layer. This HA has good transdermal absorption. Along with moisturizing properties, this HA is also known to repair the damaged skin cells, neutralizing the free radicals and improving the ageing signs.

4 miniHA Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate

These four hyaluronic acids together in a composition known as HYMAGIC-4D or 4D hyaluronic acid. This innovative formula along with Syn-Hycan is known as the 4D+ formula.


The + in the 4D+ formula, without which this hyaluronic acid serum is incomplete. It is a skin firming and remodelling agent.

SYN-HYCAN is a low molecular weight cosmetic peptide ingredient that boosts the skin's natural hyaluronic acid. It also enhances the collagen fiber of the skin via improving the lumican and decorin levels (Proteins known to firm the skin).

The presence of this ingredient in the formula is known to improve the skin moisture, suppleness and smoothness on multiple skin parts, including upper, mid cheeks, under-eye, neck and jawline.

This all complete your 4D+ HA formula. Now you can estimate yourself, how efficient a face serum is that is enriched with this innovation. Hyaluronic acid has a great role in winters. Still, if you are unaware of HA serum benefits, let's take a look:

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Serum

1. The very first benefit of hyaluronic acid serum with 4D+ technology is to replenish the skin's natural levels of HA.

2. Prevents transepidermal water loss and gives skin the needed moisturization.

3. Improves skin elasticity, integrity and firmness.

4. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Repairs the damaged skin barrier function.

6. Presents face contour remodelling effect.

7. Makes skin plumpy, dewy and young.

How to Use Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

Like any other face serum, hyaluronic acid can also be applied two times a day with the help of a cotton pad or hands.

How to Use Hyaluronic Acid Serum

1. First cleanse your face using a gentle face wash or a cleansing lotion.

2. Then take hyaluronic acid serum in adequate amounts and apply to the skin. You can also try hyaluronic acid serum to do the '7 skin method'.

3. Afterwards, apply a lightweight moisturizer and end your skincare with applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

4. Other than this normal how to use instructions, you should also be aware of products that we can use or should avoid along with this serum.

Skincare Products can be used with Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Do you know, hyaluronic acid can act as a base for other serums or moisturizers, especially water-based serums? You can use vitamin C serum or other vitamin C embedded creams or lotions with HA serum.

Remember to apply HA serum first and vitamin C serum or lotion afterwards. This actually enhances the absorption of vitamin C in the skin.

Other ingredients which you can freely use with HA serum are niacinamide, retinol and pro-vitamin B5 embedded skin care products.

Skincare Products that should Avoid with Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic acid serum hardly reacts with any other skin care ingredient. Still, make sure to not use fragrance or alcohol contained products along with this serum. Also, make sure you are not using acne treatment gel along with HA serum. Always ask your dermatologist before using this combination as it makes your skin aggravated and prone to breakouts.

Bottom Line

4D+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a lightweight, non-sticky, hydrating enriched formula that gives skin the best experience in the journey of getting smooth, even and hydrating skin. Make sure you are also taking care of the following given skin care tips as well. Only then you are able to maintain the internal and external health and beauty of your skin.

FAQs related to Hyaluronic Acid Serum:

Q. Can I use the hyaluronic acid serum every day?

Ans. Hyaluronic acid is safe to use on the skin. You can use this serum two times a day for better skin health.

Q. Does topical hyaluronic acid have some side effects?

Ans. Topical hyaluronic acid generally has no side effects. But, its overuse can also leaves skin thirsty, dehydrated and arid.

Q. What percentage of hyaluronic acid is effective?

Ans. Topical hyaluronic acid can be used upto1 to 2 percent. It is enough to keep skin moist and hydrated.

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