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How to use hair conditioner and Its top 7 Types in hair routine

Finding the ideal shampoo for your hair type may take a lot of effort, but without a high-quality hair conditioner, you will never come out on top. When washing your hair, you should add both shampoo and conditioner to your hair routine.

Your shampoo will assist in clearing the scalp of dirt, perspiration, and dead skin cells. Conditioner would restore the hair's lost oil content and provide it strength, softness, and lustre. These two goods function in perfect harmony and balance with one another.

Put your concerns to rest because we have created the ideal guide for you.

Let’s start with…

1. What is the purpose of a Hair Conditioner?

2. Types of Hair conditioner

3. How to use a Hair Conditioner?

What Is The Purpose Of a Hair Conditioner?

Frizzy Hair Mask

The conditioner nourishes and protects the hair. It works by sealing your hair cuticle to help prevent heat damage and block external elements such as pollution. This protective layer gives your hair a soft, shiny finish. The leave-in conditioner itself also sinks into the hair shaft, leaving the fibres moisturized and healthy.

Hair Conditioner is great at repairing dry, chemically treated and brittle hair. Conditioner is essential for detangling and enhancing all hair types.

Types of hair conditioner:

1. Leave-in Conditioner

A leave-in conditioner prevents flyaways, smoothes down frizz, and detangles strands. Curly hair benefits most from leave-in conditioners as these hair types are more likely to be dry. However, if you already have oily hair, leave-in conditioner might be too thick for it and may even make it oilier.

2. Instant Conditioner

The cream or spray form of instant conditioner often referred to as rinse-out conditioner, is typically used after showering. Key components are still present in trace levels on the hair shaft. Because dry, or curly hair is more prone to frizz and split ends, these hair types are best suited for it.

3. Thickening conditioner

Protein and collagen are two elements used in thickening conditioner, also known as "volumizing conditioner," to make the hair appear strong and healthy as possible. All hair types can benefit from this kind of conditioner, although obviously, males with thin or thinning hair should use it more frequently. In a thickening conditioner, check for components like saw palmetto, biotin, green tea, and caffeine.

4. Deep conditioner

In comparison to standard conditioner, deep conditioner is thicker in consistency. Because curly, or color treated hair tends to be dry or damaged, it works best on those types of hair.

5. Cream Rinse Conditioner

Compared to standard conditioner, consistency of cream rinse conditioner is thin. It serves as a rapid detangler for straight or wavy hair.

6. Protein Conditioner

The protein keratin strengthens and shields your hair from damage, is included in protein conditioner. It helps add thickness to fine, straight hair and gives dry, wavy, or curly hair the nutrients it needs.

7. Moisturizing conditioner

More oils are included in moisturising conditioner, which helps to smooth and soften hair. It should be applied to thick, curly, or moderately dry hair because more hydration is needed by these hair types. Abstain from using the moisturising conditioner if you have greasy hair.

How to use hair conditioner?


1. Choose the right conditioner for your hair type

A traditional conditioner is applied every time you shower, just after you rinse out your shampoo. The conditioner works magically to repair the damage done by hot tools, chemicals, and general wear-and-tear that your hair experiences daily.

2. Wash your hair

Follow your regular washing routine and shampoo your hair after you wash it. Give your scalp and strands a good scrubbing with your shampoo.

3. Rinse out your shampoo

Use warm water as it is safe for the skin and be careful not to tug on the strands if you run your fingers through it.

4. Wring out your hair

If your hair is sopping wet, any hair conditioner you try to apply will run right off and won’t stick long enough to affect your hair. If your hair is concise, you probably won’t have to do much wringing. If you have long hair, spend a bit of time getting as much water out of it as you can.

5. Apply your conditioner

Pour a small amount of conditioner into the palm of your hand. Conditioner should be applied only to the ends of your hair, as this is the damaged or the oldest part. Putting conditioner near the scalp and roots can clog follicles and increase oil production.

6. Let the conditioner set

Allow the conditioner to set as it would help to improve the health of your hair. Try applying your conditioner first and then washing the rest of the body. Once finished, rinse out your conditioner for maximum effect.

7. Rinse out the conditioner

Cold water is suitable for your hair. Spend a few minutes rinsing out the conditioner. When your hair is smooth, and no longer feels slippery, then you are set. Wring out your hair and you are done conditioning.

Hair Routine

Take Away

Conditioners are an important component of giving your hair the care it requires, just like you would for your skin. Any hair care routine should include conditioning since it increases moisture, makes your hair easier to maintain and reduces frizz. So, always thoroughly condition your hair, and once in a while, use a frizzy hair mask.


Q. Why is using a hair conditioner important?

Ans. Conditioners detangle and smooth the hair, which helps lessen split ends and breakage. Because of this, it is advised to apply conditioner for frizzy hair every time you shampoo to detangle, soften, and restore moisture to the hair.

Q. When should I use hair conditioner?

Ans. Shampooing removes oil and dirt from the hair, but it also runs the risk of making the hair frizzy, brittle, and hard to manage. This issue might be solved by using conditioner after using shampoo for dry and frizzy hair. So wash your hair with shampoo first, then scrub, rinse, and finish with conditioner.

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