How to apply anti-aging cream?

We all want to get perfect aesthetics, overall good looks and younger-looking skin. This is the reason we try best possible home remedies, choose well-renowned effective skincare products and try to protect our skin from dry weather, pollution and harmful sun rays.

One of the skincare essentials which significantly plays a very essential role in keeping our skin young and radiant is anti-aging cream.

Benefits of anti-aging creams are due to its renovating formulas that keep skin juvenile and full of life. Amazing anti-aging ingredients like plant extracts, fruit stem cell extracts like apple, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, vitamins and allantoin rejuvenate your skin and prepare it for a new refreshing journey.

For getting the best out of an astonishing anti-aging cream formula, you have to consider how you are applying it. It involves many factors like,

  • Where to apply?
  • At which step to apply?
  • When to apply?

"How to apply" is one of the most significant factors to consider as if you are not applying your anti-aging cream properly, you are unable to get its whole impact on your skin. The concept is alike all other products, for instance, if you are not apply your broad-spectrum sunscreen effectively and thoroughly onto your skin, your sunscreen is unable to protect from harmful UV rays. The same rule is also applicable in the context of anti-aging creams.

How to apply anti aging cream?

#Application method

The light and thoroughly application along with the 'warm, dab and massage' pattern is the best method to apply any skin care product including anti aging cream.

  • Start the application of anti-aging cream by warming it in between your fingers.

“The ingredients present in the products-tends to absorb more quickly in the present considerable surface area for absorption when warm and will not be associated with the risk of easily degradable”

So, warm up your cream first.

  • Lead the process by dabbing the warm product onto the skin in dabbing or patting method (piano touches) on the affected areas. This method has various potent benefits over other methods like rubbing and tapping.

When you dab your product instead of rubbing it, this prevents your skin from being pulled or stretched unintentionally. Dabbing helps to apply your anti-aging cream thoroughly onto your skin, which I case of rubbing is not possible. For the facial areas like near eye area, where the skin is very thin (approx 0.5mm), method of dab helps to keep skin firm and protected.

Therefore, don't use any other method than dabbing.

  • End up your routine with massaging your face in circular motions with going down to the contours of the neck and decollete. Give a gentle fine massage to your skin. This will help to absorb your product well, improves skin's blood circulation and fades fine lines and wrinkles.

#Skincare routine steps

Also, following a proper skincare routine in an authoritative order is very essential to get the best out of anti-aging cream.

“Basic rule of layering skincare products is from lightest consistency to the heaviest one”

The heavy skincare products like skin creams or moisturizers lock the moisture, make a layer on the skin and don't let other outer components enter into the skin. So, if you apply any product of lighter consistency over a heavy one, it will never work out. Therefore, keep remembering this formula.

Let's know at what stage an anti-aging cream should apply?

  • Start your routine with cleansing your face. It is the very first essential step that will wash off all your dead skin cells and dirt from the face.
  • Now you can do mild scrubbing (optional, as per your skin type and condition).
  • At this stage go for vitamin C serum. Vitamin C serum is a lightweight formula that thoroughly spreads onto your skin and doesn't block the effect of other skincare products that are applying after it.

Note: In the journey of tackling aging symptoms, vitamin C serum can also play a very helpful role. Vitamin C is a renowned antioxidant and collagen enhancer. This vitamin helps to manage the free radicals formation and improves collagen synthesis. So, also include this product along with a potent anti-aging cream in your everyday skincare routine. If you want to know more anti-aging benefits of vitamin C serum, click here.

  • Following face serum application, apply anti-aging cream in the above-mentioned method.

This pattern of skincare products application will fasten the recovery of your damaged skin.

#Areas to apply anti-aging cream

We know how to apply and at what step to apply an anti aging cream, but if we don't know where to apply, we will not be able to get adequate benefits of the anti-aging cream.

Go for the areas where you are first likely to get wrinkles and fine lines.

Don't forget areas like the forehead, area around eyes, smile line, the furrow between the brows and necklines.

By considering all these factors, you will be able to apply your anti-aging cream to get the whole benefits of it. Must remember to apply the anti-aging cream every day, especially in your 30's. Because as we grow age, our skin starts to lose its natural skin barriers. The application of anti-aging cream will help to rejuvenated and repair this damaged skin barrier and also reduce the effects of photoaging.

On the whole, you will get a young, radiant and cheerful skin if you will apply anti-aging cream in a recommended manner. Follow these instructions from today and see a beautiful change in your skin.

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