How often should you apply hair serum?

Hair serum is not an unfamiliar thing at present. To make hair shiny, smooth, manageable again, hair serum is the first product considered by the masses. Hair serum is not only involved in managing flyaways, split ends or frizzy hair, but also aids in protecting hair from the heat of styling tools and surrounding humidity. 

So, if you still think the hair serum is a waste of money, it is not. To get all-day glossy locks, soft and ravishing hair, the hair serum is a noteworthy essential.

However, only incorporating hair serum in the hair care routine is not enough. The right time and way to use hair serum are also essential. The very first thing that needed to be addressed is how often hair serum should be used. To get whole benefits out of the hair serum, this is the first requirement after choosing the correct hair serum for yourself.

How often, and the correct time of using hair serum can depend upon various factors. For instance, your hair texture, type of serum you are using, or the purpose for which you are using hair serum.

Before using hair serum, always remember to not apply it on dirty frizzy hair. This may lead to cause dandruff and foul smell”

# Hair serum for dry and frizzy hair


Dry frizzy hair with flyaways is the most irritating and troublesome circumstance as you can't style your hair as you want. The frizz and flyaways happen when your hair cuticles are deprived of adequate moisture and hydration. In this scenario, a hair serum can play a significant role. 

The basic functionality of hair serum is none other than then making hair silky, smooth and manageable. Hair serum penetrates deep down the hair, reaches to the cuticles and dispenses adequate moisturization and control frizz. Know more ways to manage frizzy hair.

How frequently do hair serum to tame flyaways and frizzy hair?

Always apply hair serum on damp hair following a hair wash. It will help to lock moisture in your hair and prevent the frizz and flyaways. Else, apply little of the product before doing any hairstyle or going out, on a daily basis or every two to three days, according to the need of your hair.

# Hair serum before using hair styling tools


There is no doubt that we all love to style our hair in different looks and for this, hair products or styling tools are our rescuers. But, the intense use of hairstyling appliances such as blow dryers, straighteners or curlers can also exert adverse impact onto your hair. The extreme use of these tools is also one of the major reasons behind your frizzy and brittle hair. Therefore, try to limit your addiction towards your styling tool and prevent hair from heat damage.

Also, don't forget to apply heat protectant hair serum every time before using such appliances.

The application of hair serum prior to such works will protect your hair from the intense heat by making a thin protective shield around the hair cuticles.

# Hair serum according to hair structure & texture

  • Hair structure

How many times you should apply serum also depends on your hair structure i.e. thick or thin.

Thick hair: Your hair looks to be dense, you can easily feel and differentiate every single strand. If you compare it with a sewing thread, it will match their thickness or can be thicker than that.

Thin hair: Your hair might be scantily placed and you hardly feel them between your fingers.

Identify which structure of hair you have as you can apply hair serum onto thick hair regularly. However, on thin hair, you need to take lots of precautions, otherwise, you can lose all your bounciness and hair will look too tacky. Click here to know more tricks to manage the problematic thin hair.

  • Hair Texture

Hair texture is also essential to define before using hair serum as it can also affect the frequency you are applying hair serum. Straight hair might not need hair serum every day. However, extremely wavy, curly hair, or kinky hair might need hair serum more often.

# Hair serum for regenerating the hair

Undoubtedly, the primary functionality of hair serum is to keep hair smooth, shiny, and protected. However, today you can also find hair serum with the benefit of improving hair health, which will help to regenerate the hair cells and follicles, which in turn reduces the problem of hair fall and can help to revitalize your damaged hair.

When to apply hair growth serum?

You can apply hair growth serum every day or during the night before sleep as a night hair care routine. Don't forget to apply the serum after washing the hair. Remember the hair must be clean before the application of hair serum.

These are the conditions, according to which you can decide how many times you need to apply hair serum. Also, the regular application doesn't mean you also need to apply the serum in large quantities, just use it in a sized amount.

How to apply hair serum?

Take about 2 drops for medium hair and 4 drops for longer hair and so on. Take drops onto palm, rub the serum between palms and thoroughly apply onto hair. To apply serum, flip your hair forward to utterly apply onto tips of the hair. Afterward, take little more serum drops if needed and apply onto the scalp and massage well. This way, the serum works better.

Make sure your serum is formulated with natural and scalp friendly ingredients to protect your hair from further damage. Harsh chemicals can let your hair damage, therefore must research and explore ingredients before buying a hair serum of your concern.

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