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11 Proven Hairstyle Tips for Healthy and Gorgeous Hair

When it comes to hairstyles, everyone becomes their own stylist, pondering the question, "which hairstyle suits me". Nowadays, you can find a ton of cool new hairstyles online that match your face shape or the occasion you're going for. We all get pumped up to try out a fresh new hairdo.

All you need are some basic hair care essentials like a smoothing serum, a comb, and some styling goodies like pins, scrunchies, and hairspray to give your hair that killer look. But hey, have you ever thought about how safe these hairstyles are for your hair and scalp? It's worth considering, my friend.

Some best hairstyles like loose ponytails or half-up styles are pretty friendly to your hair, but others like wet hairstyles or teased poofs can leave your hair in a total mess. There are certain styling techniques and hair cutting styles that you should steer clear of doing too often.

And before you try any hairstyle, it's always a good idea to follow some hair care tips. They'll help you keep your hair healthy, nourished, and intact. So, without wasting any more time, let's check out these care tips for rocking those hairstyles:

There are some styling things and hairstyles which we should avoid doing regularly. Also, before trying any hairstyle, we always should follow some hair care tips. So, without any further ado, let’s scrutinize the care tips for hairstyles:

1. Always Use Hair Serum Before Styling Your Hair

Always Use Hair Serum Before Styling Your Hair

By incorporating this simple step into your hair routine, you can significantly enhance the health and appearance of your hair. By applying a small amount of hair serum, a protective barrier is created around each hair strand, safeguarding it against any potential damage caused by heat styling tools.

Additionally, the serum provides nourishment and hydration, ensuring that your hair remains smooth, lustrous, and manageable throughout the day. By making the use of hair serum a regular practice, you can enjoy the benefits of protected, glossy, and healthy-looking hair in the long run.

So, remember to reach for your favourite hair serum before styling to achieve the best results and maintain the overall well-being of your precious hair.

2. Use a Wide-Tooth Comb for Hassle-Free Hair Management

Use Wide Comb for Sorting Hair

What type of comb or brush you are using impacts a lot upon your hair. A narrow-bristle comb entangles your hair and exerts extra force to detangle the hair. This is the reason, always go for a wide-tooth comb. Also, choose a wooden comb as it leads to less friction with hairs and your hair remains in a healthy state.

Start by combing your hair from the tips, gradually moving upwards towards the roots, delicately untangling any knots along the way. This approach helps prevent unnecessary stress and damage, promoting the strength and health of your hair.

3. Avoid Backcombing to Add Volume to Your Hair

Avoid Doing Backcombing For Volume

Backcombing involves teasing the hair by rubbing the strands in the opposite direction to create additional volume. But this extra volume can cost you far more. Backcombing completely strips the hair fibres and cuticle cells. This damages the hair structure and you’ll end up with frizzy hair with split ends.

Give your hair the volume without using backcombing or blow dryer. Instead, try using volumizing products like mousses or root-lifting sprays to achieve volume without damage.

4. Don’t Tie Up Your Hair Very Tightly

Don’t tie up hair too tightly

While tight hairstyles like ponytails and buns can be convenient and stylish, they can cause significant damage to your hair. Constantly pulling your hair tightly can lead to hair loss and thinning. Choose looser hairstyles for girls and boys both to promote better hair health and reduce strain on the hairline and scalp.

This allows your hair to breathe and decreases the likelihood of damage. If you prefer to style your hair in a ponytail or bun, opt for hair accessories such as fabric hair ties or scrunchies that are gentle on your hair, preventing any pulling or breakage.

5. Minimize Excessive Blow Drying

Avoid doing extensive blow drying

Undoubtedly, blow drying is the best way to dry hair along with styling. But, its extensive blow drying can make your hair dull, frizzy and cause split ends and flyaways. Restrict your number of blow drying and take care of the following things while doing this procedure:

  • Don’t use hot air to blow dry

Hot air while blow dry can extract whole moisture from your hair and make it dry. On the other hand, cold air blow drying might be a little slow but a good option.

  • Must coat the hair before blow drying

Apply hair serum or heat protectant spray before blow dry. It prevents hair from damage and any breakage. Your hair remains luscious and shiny.

  • Keep a safe distance between dryer and hair

It is one of the must-do while blow drying your hair. Keep a distance of at least 12 inches between the dryer and the hair. This way the risk of hair damage lessens up to a great extent.

  • Always blow dry from roots to ends direction

Blow drying from roots to ends is the best method. If you do the procedure from ends to roots, it tends to open hair shaft cuticles, increases entangling and leads to extensive damage.

6. Refrain from Making Messy Buns

Stop making messy buns

Messy braided hairstyles and buns are trendy, but they can cause damage if done carelessly. Roughly pulling and tugging on your hair to achieve a messy look can result in breakage and frizz.

Instead, make sure to be patient and be gentle when braiding or creating a bun hairstyle. This way, you can prevent unnecessary damage and keep your hair healthy.

7. Avoid Styling or Making Hairdos of Wet Hair

Hair is more susceptible to damage when wet, which is why it is recommended to avoid combing wet hair. Also, if you make a bun or any hairdo on wet hair, the chances are high of hair damage and breakage. Your hair becomes more fragile and you end up with crimped, crinkled and frizzy hair.

It is advised to apply hair smoothening serum on damp hair, air dry the hair first and then do any hairstyle you want to do. By following this, you can reduce the likelihood of hair breakage and maintain the health of your hair.

8. Don’t Make Hair Extensions a Habit

Don’t Make Hair Extensions a Habit

Hair extensions are in trend these days. It gives you the desired hair length and hairstyles in seconds. But, applying hair extensions for a long time can cause pain, itching, inflammation, stretching and pulling of hair. Your roots can become weak.

This may also lead to traction alopecia. It is a condition of hair loss that is caused due to consistent pulling or stretching of hair. Repeated tight buns or ponytails may also be a reason.

Limit the use of hair extensions and give your natural hair a break to maintain its strength and integrity.

9. Say No to Hair Locks

Say No to Hair Locks

Dreads or hair locks, this is also a kind of trend in the western world and now people in India are also adopting this fashion. But, how hair-friendly or safe is it? The twisting involved in creating and maintaining hair locks can cause breakage and scalp issues.

This can make your hair frizzy, crimped, weak and fragile. By opting for alternatives to hair locks that are less harsh on your hair, you can achieve a similar aesthetic without compromising its health.

It is crucial to prioritize the well-being of your hair when choosing hairstyles, ensuring that you can enjoy both the desired look and the long-term vitality of your precious hair.

10. Use Hair Rollers with Care

Carefully use the hair rollers

Hair rollers can be a great tool for achieving voluminous curls or waves, but it's important to use them with care. It is a heat-free procedure, but it doesn’t mean your hair gets no damage. Hair rollers can cause pulling of hair or sometimes it can entangle the hair which causes hair breakage.

So, choose the right size for your desired style and avoid rolling your hair too tightly. When removing the rollers, do so gently and prevent pulling on your hair to avoid damage.

11. Give Your Hair Rest from Styling Before Sleeping

Must Give Your Hair Rest From Styling Before Sleeping

Prior to sleeping, it is important to allow your hair to rest by refraining from the use of styling products and tools. Allow your hair to breathe and restore its natural oils overnight. Avoid sleeping with tight hairstyles or hair accessories that may cause tension or friction.

To minimize friction and decrease the chances of hair breakage, consider using satin or silk pillowcases or wrapping your hair in a silk scarf. It's all about providing your hair with some much-needed tranquility.

Take Away

These 11 hairstyle tips are your ticket to achieving fabulous, healthy, and envy-worthy hair. Use a hair serum for protection and shine, opt for a wide-toothed comb and gentle detangling, avoid tight hairstyles to prevent hair loss, choose hair-friendly accessories, and consider alternative hairstyles for women or men that are less damaging.

Make sure to regularly cleanse your hair using a good revitalizing shampoo. Must do champi (massage hair using any oil) once a week. All this keeps your hair healthy, dense, and beautiful.


Q. How to make hairstyle?

Ans. To create a hairstyle, follow these general steps:

  1. Start with clean and dry hair.
  2. Determine the type of hairstyle you want (e.g., updo, ponytail, braid).
  3. Use styling tools (such as a comb, brush, or blow dryer at low heat) as needed.
  4. Apply hair products (like gel, mousse, or hairspray) for hold and texture.
  5. Divide your hair into sections and initiate styling from the roots, progressing towards the ends.
  6. Use accessories (like clips or hair ties) for added flair, if desired.
  7. Finish with a final spritz of hairspray to ensure your hairstyle lasts for a longer duration

Q. Which hairstyle suits my face?

Ans. To determine which hairstyle suits your face, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Oval Face: This versatile face shape suits most hairstyles, so feel free to experiment with various cuts and styles.
  2. Round Face: Opt for hairstyles that add length and angles to your face, such as layered cuts, side-swept bangs, or hairstyles with height on top.
  3. Square Face: Soften your features with hairstyles that have soft, rounded edges, like layered cuts, waves, or side-swept bangs.
  4. Heart-shaped Face: Choose hairstyles that balance the width of your forehead, such as chin-length bobs, side-parted styles, or layered cuts that frame your face.
  5. Diamond Face: Enhance your cheekbones with hairstyles that add width at the temples, like textured crops, pixie cuts, or side-swept hairstyles.

Q. How to style short hair?

Ans. To create hairstyles for short hair, it is crucial to begin with dry and clean hair. Apply a little bit of styling product for texture or hold. Shape with fingers or a comb and use styling tools as desired. Finish with a light hairspray for a lasting look.

Q. How to style curly hair?

Ans. To style curly hair:

  1. Wash with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for curls.
  2. Apply a curl-enhancing product or leave-in conditioner.
  3. Carefully detangle your hair using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.
  4. Allow your hair to dry naturally in the air or use a diffuser with low heat setting.
  5. Scrunch curls or use a wide-barrel curling iron for definition.
  6. Finish with a lightweight styling product or serum for frizz control and shine. Embrace your natural curl pattern and enjoy experimenting with styles.

Q. How to style long hair men?

Ans. The options are endless in the case of hairstyles for long hair. Begin by ensuring your hair is clean and properly conditioned to preserve its health and luster. When it comes to simple hairstyle for men, options like the half-up half-down style, ponytail, or classic man bun are worth considering.

Long hairstyle for men to consider include a sleek low ponytail or a tidy bun for a more polished look. Don't skip out on those regular hair trims! They're crucial for preventing split ends and keeping your hair looking fabulous. Explore different new hairstyles for men with long hair that reflect your personality and have fun embracing your long hair!

Q. How do I prepare my hair for hair styling?

Ans. To prepare your hair before styling:

  1. Start with clean hair by washing it with suitable products.
  2. While using hot styling tools, use a heat protectant.
  3. Partially towel dry or air dry your hair.
  4. Use a detangling product to ease styling.
  5. Apply desired styling products for hold or texture.
  6. Select appropriate tools for your desired hairstyle.
  7. Section your hair for easier styling.
  8. Follow the instructions for your chosen styling method.

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