Top 5 glycerin uses to make skin supple and rejuvenated

With unbeaten culinary, medicinal and amazing skin rejuvenating properties, a colourless, unscented and transparent viscous liquid has become an omnipresent element. This is none other than the glycerin. 

Many of you surely know about glycerin. Every home has a space for a little bottle of this product because of vast glycerin uses. 

Skincare is one of its significant and important uses out of all. That is why it is used as an essential ingredient in most of the skincare products. You will find today how important it is for skin and why you need to use it. 

You will get an opportunity to discover more:

1. What is glycerin? 

2. Benefits of glycerin 

3. Some most asked FAQs related to glycerin for skin

What is glycerin? 

Glycerin, also famous with the name of glycerol, is trihydroxy alcohol obtained from plant or animal fat.


This element was first discovered in the year 1779 by a Swedish chemist Carl Scheele. Since then, it has been used in many areas, glycerin is a humectant, as a moisturizer, solvent and sweetener in the food industry, used in making explosives, in anti-frizzing liquids and medicine as a laxative. 

In cosmetic, beauty products and skincare products, it is famous due to its moisturizing, soothing, rejuvenating properties above all gentle on the skin. 

Scientific researches also govern multiple effects of it for the skin. Let's explore and invade these benefits in a little depth. 

Benefits and Uses of Glycerine

Glycerine as a moisturizer 

The skin surface contains 15-25% water at the skin surface. When it falls 10%, the skin starts becoming dry and flaky. All this happens due to disruptive lipid function, water retaining properties and transepidermal water loss. 


Glycerin in this scenario plays a very crucial role because of its significant humectant properties. Providing skin moisturization is one of the most important uses for the face. 

A humectant is a property to attract water from the surroundings by adsorption and absorption at particular conditions. 

Glycerin cream diffuses into the skin and retains water in the skin. Moreover, due to high accumulation power in the overall thickness of the skin, it shows considerable moisturizing properties and it is especially recommended in dry skin.

Glycerine for skin barrier function 

An intact and well-organized skin barrier function protects the skin from external stressors like thermal, chemical, UV rays and mechanical.  It is maintained by an optimal organization and interaction between skin components i.e. different types of lipids and skin cells. 

However, dryness and transepidermal water loss due to aggravated external conditions, result in destructive lipid configuration. All these interrupt the skin barrier function. 

By improving skin hydration and fluidity of the lipid membrane it significantly helps to retain the skin barrier function

Glycerin for dry skin & irritating face

Anti irritants are those agents used in combination with irritant substances to reduce their irritant properties so that products can easily and suitably be used on the skin. 


Glycerin is a potent anti-irritant agent and it is counted as one of the major uses for the skin. 

That is why it is used in cleansers, making cleansers milder. The glycerin-based gentle face cleansers milder and can be significantly used to clean the skin. 

Used to improve skin elasticity 

Loss of skin elasticity can lead to ageing. Therefore, it is very important to maintain skin elasticity.

Reduced skin hydration and disruptive mechanical properties of the skin are two major reasons for reduced elasticity.

By improving skin distensibility and hysteresis considerably it improves skin mechanical properties. So, vegetable glycerin along with providing deep hydration also improves the mechanical characteristics of the skin, thereby enhances skin elasticity.

This is the reason it is used as an important ingredient in anti ageing creams

Acts as an antimicrobial agent

Many issues like pimples or acne sometimes occur due to microbial reasons especially in oily skin or acne-prone skin. It can help to overcome that issue and make skin smooth and spot-free. 

Glycerin benefits oily skin by showing significant activity against various Gram-positive and negative bacteria, doing morphological changes in the bacteria and preventing the skin from these microbes. 

This extraordinary 5 glycerin uses to make it a potent agent for various skincare essentials, like hydrating moisturizers, gentle cleansers, lip balms, face masks, anti-ageing creams and even hair care products.

The above-provided information gives you some points that when you read it you will realize that glycerin is the best that you can use. It is the most used skincare essential that is applied to the skin. Your skin will be nourished and your skin will be left feeling smooth and soft. In addition, it will leave your skin looking radiant and youthful.

But still, people might have some other doubts about its uses for the face. 

Let’s find out what are these doubts? 

Some most asked FAQs related to glycerin for skin

Q. Is glycerin good for skin? 

Ans. Yes, without any doubts. Its moisturizing, soothing, antimicrobial and skin rejuvenating properties make this a great skincare essential for the skin. 

Q. How to use glycerin on the face? 

Ans. The best way to use it without any hectic procedure is to use the skincare products embedded with the richness of drops of glycerin. 

Other than these, you can apply it directly in certain ways as well. 

To tone the face, make a mixture of glycerine (one-fourth cup) and rose water (one and half cup). Store the mixture and apply every night. 

To use it as a cleanser, mix a tablespoon of it in three teaspoons of milk. Apply this mixture with a cotton ball before sleeping and wash it in the next morning.

Q. How to use glycerin for skin whitening?

Ans. To de-tan the skin, make a mixture of 200 ml glycerin, two tablespoon lemon and two cups of rose water. Mix well and store the mixture. 

Apply after washing your face every night before sleeping. This can help to lighten your dark spots. 

These all benefits make glycerin a potent skincare ingredient and adding this in your skincare regimen will surely improve your skin elasticity, skin texture and rejuvenate damaged skin cells and tissues. 

Your dry and dull skin will turn out into moisturized, supple and even tone skin. So, you must add glycerin in your skincare routine.

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