Glycerin For Oily Skin

How Glycerine is useful for oily skin with its 5 incredible benefits

Sometimes simplicity is the greatest secret and glycerine is one of them. One of the substances that are abundantly accessible worldwide. It is considered to be the best moisturizer commonly used skin care product. Whatever you are using counting from your household products to your natural skin care products you will find glycerine in it.

We all think of it as if it's some kind of chemical but it is also present in our vegetables as well. But when it comes to skincare as well as beauty glycerine just like your other skin care products. And there is one of the biggest questions among people about whether is safe to use glycerine on their oily faces. Well, just continue reading and learn how glycerine is useful even for people with oily skin types.

What is Glycerine?

Glycerine was first introduced by Wilhelm Scheele in the year 1778. Glycerine is also known as glycerin or glycerol which is odorless and colorless in nature consisting of a sweet flavor. It was given a name after a greek word known as “glykys” meaning “sweet”. Glycerine is referred to as a trihydroxy sugar alcohol in chemical terminology.

Glycerine can be found naturally as well as synthetically. Fats found in vegetables and animals are hydrolyzed to create natural glycerine. The synthetically produced ones are made through the chemical process of chlorine, propylene, and petroleum.

Is it safe to use Glycerine on Oily Skin?

Oily Skin Type

You might find it a little shocking but yes Glycerine is totally safe to use on oily skin. Along with that, you will be surprised to discover how much it could be beneficial to your skin. It is believed that applying this wonderful ingredient will clog your pores. But that is not the case and in fact, they will help in cleansing the face and not allowing that extra oil to produce on your face.

What are the Benefits of Glycerine?

Glycerine Uses

Great Hydrator for Skin

If your skin is oily then your skin needs minimal to zero moisturizers because your skin is already greasy. But here glycerine plays a great role as it is one of the best humectants for the skin and retains water as well. It is hygroscopic by nature which effectively captures moisture and gives it to the skin.

Applying glycerine is as easy as adding a few drops of milk to it. Then gently spread it to your face which will give you a shine to your face. You can use it on the daily basis like a moisturizer without any worries and that will help in reducing acne as well as pimples.

Amazing Toner

Glycerine is one of the terrific toners for people with oily skin types. It is one of the gentle ways to reduce any type of inflammation in the skin and also balances the pH levels of the skin. Simply take half a spoon of glycerine and mix half a spoon of rose water with it.

Then simply spray it on your face and get glowy skin instantly or else simply massage it directly to your skin. You can even add crushed camphor to it if you have acne scars and it's one of the non-toxic ways to keep your skin healthy.

Perfect Cleanser

You will be surprised to know that glycerine is one of the greatest ways to cleanse the excess oil from the skin. It has been seen that the application of glycerine effectively removes the extra dirt from the skin.

You can simply take half a cup of distilled water and then mix half a spoonful of cornstarch and one and a half spoonfuls of glycerin into it. Then heat it on a medium flame and massage it to your face gently. But make sure to cool it down and also after that clean your face with lukewarm water.

Treats Acne

One of the biggest enemies of oil skin people is that they are more prone to pimples, acne, and scars left behind it. It is packed with anti-bacterial properties which helps in clearing out acne and also pimples.

Simply apply glycerine directly to your face and see the magical effect. One of the other effective ways is to take one crushed camphor and add half a spoon of glycerine into it. Apply it all over your face, then let it on for 20 minutes. You will have smooth skin after washing it off with cool water.

Strengthening the Barrier to Skin

We are all aware that how important water is for our skin and if not provided enough then the skin becomes dehydrated. So, glycerine helps in making the skin barrier hydrated and also reduces water loss by pulling water from the surrounding environment. It also helps in retaining lipids and promoting a healthy barrier around the skin.

It is also effective in protecting the skin from harmful free radicals. It is packed with Vitamin E which helps in removing dirt from the skin and balancing the pH levels of the skin.

What are the precautions before using Glycerine on the face?

It's important to perform a patch test prior to using it on your face. Although it is skin-friendly and does not cause any side effects it's better to do a patch test.

If possible mix some other suitable ingredients for example it is best to mix rose water.

Always make sure to apply sunscreen after applying glycerine on your face. As the face becomes a little sensitive after applying glycerine.

People with oily skin who want to moisturize their skin can use it because it works so well.

Take Aways

Glycerine is one of the great humectants which helps maintain the pH level of the skin. Additionally, it is a fantastic moisturizer that even those with oily skin may use. Other than that it great option to hydrate the skin, improve the skin barrier, and many more. Glycerine can be even corporated into the skincare routine like in face wash, moisturizer, and toner. But always keep in mind that if you have a skin condition, you should consult a doctor before using it.


Q. How to apply Glycerine on oily skin?

Ans. All you need to do is wash your face and thoroughly dry it. Then combine glycerin and rose water, and apply the mixture on your face with a cotton swab. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes, then wash it off with cool water.

Q. Does glycerine clogs the pore?

Ans. Glycerine is a chemical-free product and it does not clog the pores. Instead, it helps in hydrating the skin and also sealing the needed moisture in the skin.

Q. Does glycerine helps in brightening the skin?

Ans. Glycerine naturally helps in reducing any kind of scars from the face and also fades them away. So, naturally, it helps in making the skin bright.

Q. Is it possible that glycerine makes the skin brighter?

Ans. No, glycerin does not make the skin dark in any way.

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