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Skin Care Routine

Diwali 2023 Glow Up: Skin Care Tips to Know this Festive Season!

Ready to jazz up with some fantastic skin care tips to ace your skin care routine? With Diwali 2023 just around the corner, it's the ultimate moment to unlock the secrets for a vibrant and luminous look!

The joy of lighting diyas, the warmth of gathering with loved ones, and the delicious aroma of traditional sweets—it's a time of togetherness, love, and bright light.

But, amid the hustle and bustle of preparing for the festivities, we often forget to take care of ourselves. I understand how demanding this period can be, and the toll it takes on our skin. That's why I want to share with you an all-inclusive Diwali best skin care routine I've found to be a game-changer.

Let's explore these glow-up skin care tips this festive season:

Healthy Diet

Best Skin Care Routine

As it says, “A healthy outside starts from the healthy inside”. Your skin reflects what you eat! To get the glowing skin you need to watch your eating habits. It is the very first step towards building your daily skin care routine.

1. Sip Warm Water

The most healthy way to start your day is by drinking a glass of warm water to wake up your body and flush out toxins. Toxins make your skin dull, dry and lifeless and lead to pimples aka acne. Therefore, one must include this habit in a daily skin care routine at home.

If you don’t like plain warm water, try warm water with lemon, or honey or warm water in the form of green tea.

You can also include lemon-cucumber-mint detox water which has been known to boost immunity and support better digestion, ultimately beneficial for the skin too!

2. Healthy Snacks

Instead of eating fried foods, go for dry fruits, roasted pumpkin seeds and fruits like apples and bananas. These healthy options soothe your skin and bring radiance from within.

3. Include Vitamin C Foods

Daily, include vitamin C-enriched foods (citrus fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, kiwifruit, red and green peppers). Vitamin C is a known antioxidant, which potentially aids in neutralizing the free radicals and rejuvenates the skin. Citrus fruits and broccoli are some of the mainstream foods that contain vitamin C.

4. Avoid Junk, Oily and Sugary Foods

I know festive sweets are irresistible for many! The result- a pimple or two the next day. Say a strict ‘no’ to sugary, oily and junk food as these only fill your body with free radicals and toxins, which eventually make your skin prone to acne, breakouts and dullness.

Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga For Glowing Skin And Healthy Hair

Along with a proper and clean diet, you also need to work on your lifestyle. Give up your sedentary lifestyle. Walk more and include a brief session of yoga for glowing skin. Asanas, such as Shoulder Stand and Forward-Bending Pose, can enhance blood circulation to your skin and promote a radiant complexion.

1. Avoid Stress - It Shows on Your Skin

Diwali preparations can be stressful, and I've seen firsthand how stress can manifest on my skin. That's why I now prioritize stress-reduction practices- meditation and practising yoga. It's a way of empathising with your skin and yourself.

2. Sleep

Adequate sleep is indispensable for your skin health. Strive for 7-9 hours of uninterrupted, quality sleep each night to allow your skin to revive your skin barrier and encourage the repair of skin cells.

Morning Skin Care Routine

Am Pm Skincare Routine

No time for an extensive Korean skin care routine? You can easily follow these basic skin care routine steps to get radiant glowing skin on Diwali:

1. Cleansing

In the morning, start with a gentle cleanser or face wash to remove sweat, sebum, and impurities that may have stashed on your skin overnight.

2. Toning

Use a toner to harmonize your skin's pH levels and prepare it for the next steps in your skincare regimen. Ingredients like Witch Hazel is particularly effective for pore tightening for oily skin, Vitamin C works wonder for skin pigmentation and dull skin and so on.

3. Face Serum

For skin brightening, hydrating and collagen boosting, a serum rich in antioxidants can defend against environmental stressors during the day. I love how vitamin C works its charm equally well, during the day and at night as well!

4. Moisturizing

Use a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer to hydrate your skin. A gel-based moisturizing cream is good for oily and combination skin. Whereas for dry skin, a ceramide moisturiser provides intense hydration to the skin and replenishes the moisture levels.

5. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a crucial step in the morning routine to protect the skin from the deleterious effects of sunrays and urban pollutants. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or more to shield your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Night Skin Care Routine

A night skincare routine aids in reviving and repairing your sun damaged skin during the day. Night skin care routine steps:

1. Cleansing

First, use a gentle cleanser or micellar water to cleanse your face with a good gentle cleansing lotion to remove all dirt, excess oil and grim from the face.

2. Under-eye Cream

Also, if you are suffering from dark circles and puffy eyes, it is best to apply under-eye cream in these pre-festive days. You can look for peptides, hyaluronic acid, etc. to improve circulation, awaken your eye area and hydrate the eye contours.

3. Treatment Products or Serums

Nighttime is the ideal time to apply treatment products such as serums. Consider products that address specific concerns like photo ageing and anti-ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Other than vitamin C serum, you can include Retinol serum- a multitasker- from reducing wrinkles to minimizing the appearance of pores to even skin texture, it also brightens the skin tone.

4. Eye Cream

Apply an eye cream to manage skin concerns like dark circles, eye bags or fine lines around the eyes.

5. Moisturizing

Use a slightly heavier moisturizer or night cream than your daytime one to deeply hydrate your skin.

6. Sleep Masks (occasional use)

Sheet masks can be applied a few times a week to lock in moisture and promote skin rejuvenation as you sleep.

In the world of skincare, one-size-fits-all doesn't quite work. Your skin is unique, and the right choice of skincare products for your skin depends on your skin type and concerns, such as enlarged open pores, acne prone skin, excessive dry and dull skin, etc.

Watch our video to identify your skin type, understand its concerns, and receive personalized skincare tips and product recommendations:

Take away

Diwali is the fest for which we always wait eagerly. As Diwali 2023 approaches, let your skin be the star of the celebration with your natural glowing skin. Amidst the warmth of diya lights and the joy of loved ones, don't forget to pamper your skin. Our comprehensive Diwali skincare routine ensures you'll glow with confidence.

Embrace a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle, and prioritize stress reduction. With a simple morning and night skincare routine, you'll be ready to shine.


Not just for the festive season, we should prioritize our skincare year-round. It's a self-care essential that deserves our attention every day, ensuring our skin remains healthy and ready to face whatever comes its way.
So, keep those skincare routines going, and let your skin's natural radiance shine through all year!

Keep Calm and Sparkle On!


Q. How to glow up?

Ans. To glow up, focus on a consistent skincare routine, maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated, exercise regularly, and prioritize stress management. These habits contribute to a radiant and youthful appearance over time.

Q. What should be your AM/PM skincare routine?

Ans. For an effective AM-PM skincare routine, start your mornings with a gentle cleanse, apply sunscreen, and follow up with a moisturizer. In the evening, remove makeup, cleanse your face, apply treatment products, and finish with moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Q. How to glow up in a week?

Ans. Glowing up in a week involves staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, exercising, and maintaining a simple skincare routine with cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen. Additionally, focus on positive self-care and confidence to radiate inner beauty.

Q. When to apply sunscreen in skin care routine?

Ans. Sunscreen should be applied as the last step in your morning skincare routine before heading outdoors (at least 15-25 minutes prior). You can use it before makeup if you are using any. It acts as a protective barrier against harmful UV rays and should be reapplied every two hours if you spend an extended time in the sun.

Q. How to prepare your skin for Diwali?

Ans. To prep your skin for Diwali, maintain a regular skincare routine. Use a gentle skin cleanser, followed by a healing and rejuvenating face serum with the most potent active ingredients, such as Vitamin C, Azelaic acid for oily and acne-prone skin, Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, etc. Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer and never skip a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect from harmful effects of harmful UV rays on the skin. Not to miss- eat healthy, stay hydrated and have proper sleep.

Q. How can I get Diwali glow on my face?

Ans. For a Diwali glow-up, try the ever-so-famous turmeric face mask. Mix a bit of turmeric with yoghurt or honey, apply, wait 15-20 minutes, then rinse. It's a quick path to a radiant festive look!

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