7 Skin Method: A Novel Skincare Practice You Should Know About

7 Skin Method: A Novel Skincare Practice You Should Know About

Who doesn't want to have plumpy, radiant, bouncy skin every early morning? To get this dream skin we do certain efforts, from facial to everyday skincare, involving the application of broad-spectrum sunscreen or night serum.

Now, there is one more practice that has been in trend due to its amazing results in giving glowing plumpish skin every day just in a few minutes. This trend is called the '7 Skin Method’.

What is this trend? Have You ever heard of this? Is it effective or a routine that can harm your skin? Without any further ado, let's start the journey to know about 7 skin methods, how its works and its pros and cons:

What is the 7 skin method?

What is the 7 skins method

It is a Korean beauty trend that involves the layering of face toner 3 to 7 times onto the skin immediately after rinsing the face. Koreans also use essence during the process instead of toner while layering. It is the process that gives you instant glow and plumpiness.

It became popular during 2016 and after that, it is now omnipresent as a K-trend. But, the major question here is it really worth adopting this technique in day-to-day life?

Does the 7 skin method work?

Definitely, the 7 skin method can be a gem for your skin. The only thing to remember is to choose the right face serum and then you are good to go. The application of a good hydrating serum or other suitable serum aids in nurturing the skin from the deep bottom. This ultimately enhances the skin moisture, hydration and overall plumpiness.

The main secret is in its application. The right application of toner is very important for the success of this procedure. Let's know how to do this technique:

What are the 7 skin method steps?

What are the 7 skin method steps

  • The very first step is to cleanse the face using a good cleansing lotion or a gently hydrating face wash. Make sure you are not rubbing your face while cleansing the skin. Do it gently.

  • Once you are done with rinsing the face, pat dries your skin.

  • Now, it is time to start a new Korean skincare routine. Using a cotton ball or cotton pad, apply an adequate amount of toner onto your face.

  • Do the same step of toning the skin around 3 to 7 times in continuation.

  • Apply a lightweight hydrating moisturizer.

  • In the end, you will get a beautiful and illuminating skin tone.

However, it doesn't mean you can do this process with any kind of toner. There are some big specifications before doing this method. It is very important to use the correct toner, otherwise, it can give adverse reactions as well.

What toner should I use for the 7 skin method?

When you are going to apply toner 3 to 7 times at once, you need to look upon the toner you are using. Toner shouldn't be alcohol-based or too acidic and alkaline.

What toner should I use for the 7 skin method

The toners made of hyaluronic acid, proteins, peptides, aloe vera and other moisturizing agents are best for 7 skin method. Such ingredients are not too strong to harm the skin in a detrimental way. On the other hand, these ingredients are also known to make the skin healthy and robust. 

What toners to avoid for the 7 skin method?

 The toners made of vitamin C, retinol or niacinamide should avoid during the 7 skin method. Also, your toner should be free of alcohol.Vitamin C, retinol or alcohol-based toners can make your skin dry or irritated while using toner so many times. Don't think the suggestion is only for dry skin, it is also for oily skin types.

Mistakes you can do while doing 7 skin method?

Mistakes you can do while doing 7 skin method

Mistake 1: Choosing The Wrong Toner

As mentioned above, always choose alcohol-free, fragrance-free toners for the 7 skin method. But some people still choose the wrong option and their skin starts affecting adversely.

Mistake 2: No time gap between layering skin

If you are applying layer upon layer, without giving time or gap, then it is the possibility that you are not getting the proper effect of the product. Always apply the next layer after giving a break of 20 -30 seconds.

Mistake 3: Overdoing the process

It is also harmful if you do so many steps of toning the skin. Undoubtedly the process is a 7 skin method, but everyone doesn’t need to do 7 steps of toning. If you think your skin is of dry types, you can stop the process at the 3rd step of toning as well.

Mistake 4: Leaving skin only at toning step

Don't think you only need to do toning. You also need to apply moisturizer and end the routine by applying a good broad-spectrum sunscreen. Only then you are able to take the benefits out of the 7 skin method.

These are some of the mistakes that we make while applying the toner 7 times. Make sure you are not making these mistakes and doing the method accurately.

Bottom Line

Toners are the lifeline of skin. It balances the skin pH, shrinks the pores and revives the dull skin. Using toner in the 7 skin method will rejuvenate your skin more effectively. The method is new but not the concept.

Avoid ingredients that can be harsh on the skin after 7 applications and choose appropriate toners for your skin. Do this process in routine and see the difference. Embrace your glass skin and give your skin what is best for it.

Warning – Make sure this practice suits your skin, otherwise you can skin tip and follow a normal skin care regimen.



Q. How do I know what toner to use on my face?

Ans. If you know your skin type, then it becomes easy for you to decide what type of toner you can use. For instance, people with dry skin types should use hydrating toners with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, whereas people with oily skin types can go for witch hazel toners.

Q. How often should you do the 7 skin method?'

Ans. You can do this method every single day. Just start with 3 or 4 repeats of applying toner on the face. Slowly increase the number to 7 and make sure you are using alcohol-free toner.

Q. Can we layer toners?

Ans. Yes, we can layer the toner. The thing you need to take care of is to use the same toner in layering and toner must of gentle ingredients like hyaluronic acid or peptides. Don't combine toners of different active ingredients like one with vitamin C and the other with retinol. To know more about which combinations should be used, read this article on 

Skincare combinations’.

Q. Can I apply toner with my hands?

Ans. You can apply the toner with your hands. Just make sure, your hands should be clean and you are applying using the patting method instead of rubbing.

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