3 reasons you should choose Hair Growth Serum

Have you ever adored your hair using a good hair serum? If yes, then you definitely know how important is this hair care product to keep our hair healthy. Today the world of hair serums has been reached at new heights. Hair growth serum is one of the advanced hair care essentials that are very famous these days.

It is not just a beauty trend, but is the necessity for your dull and damaged hair. This advanced formula not only makes your hair lustrous and shiny, but also healthy and strong. Including this hair serum into your hair care routine can really benefit your hair in a remarkable way.

Hair growth serum is a hair restore & hair growth serum, works to improve the hair manageability, form a protective layer over hair strands and improve the smoothness of hair.

This serum can actually transform your hair in a beautiful way. Let's take a look why your hair need Hair Growth Serum:

1. Hair Growth Serum Revitalizes Hair

The very first function a hair growth serum does is to revitalize the hair. Frizzy, Split ends and flyaways are the signs of dull and damaged hair. A good hair serum helps to get back that shine and nourishment that your hair lost due to many reasons.


  • Hair Serum Adds Shine to Hair

The basic function of a hair serum is to provide a shine to dull hair. Being enriched with natural proteins like niacinamide, plant extracts, natural protein extracts and dexpanthenol, the best hair growth serum helps to provide hair the required shine and texture.

It revitalizes the damaged structure of hair and helps to keep the moisture within the hair follicles. This reflects healthier, smoother and shinier hair.

You should also give a look at how to manage dry hair, it will also guide what else to accompany along with a good hair growth serum.

  • Hair Serum Tames flyaways


Flyaways can be called the little bits of hair that create lots of problems in handling the hair. Due to friction and using lots of hair tools, your hair can get such problems.

Washing hair properly with a good shampoo and application of a good hair serum can provide you relief from this problem.

  • Hair Serum Protects hair from Humidity

High temperature, humid environment can also cause problems for your hair. Humidity makes hair to swell and it becomes more frizzy and unmanageable.

By providing a coating of hair serum, you can prevent your hair from humidity and prevent your from being tacky and frizzy.

In this way, the restored hair growth serum amazingly revitalizes your hair and gives your hair a new look. Along with this also get knowledge, what out hair care hacks you require to keep your hair hair smooth and shiny.

2. Hair Growth Serum Controls Hair Fall

Hair growth serum is a unique formula that contains advanced ingredients that strengthens your hair by revitalizing the hair structure and correcting the hair growth cycle.


Being enriched with natural ingredients and essential oils like Larix Europaea wood extract, Zinc chloride, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, Ocimum basilicum Hairy Root Culture Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil and Cocos nucifera Oil, a hair growth serum significantly helps to:

  • Nourishes and Reactivates hair follicles
  • Enhance keratin protein synthesis
  • Elongates the growth phase (anagen phase) of hair
  • Conditions the damaged and dull hair

This is the reason you should go for a hair growth serum instead of a normal hair serum as this is the best serum for hair growth and thickness. 

Try these more anti-hair fall regimens to give your hair while protection.

Also remember, the conditioner you are applying after shampooing and before hair serum should be also effective, nourishing and safe. Click here to know about hair conditioners.

3. Hair Growth Serum Improves Hair Growth

A normal hair serum only protects your hair from being damaged but not stimulates hair growth. But, the best Hair serum for hair growth also helps your hair to grow.


Hair growth serum embedded with above mentioned hair strengthening ingredients and extracts like Nasturtium Officinale Extract, Tropaeolum Majus Extract and peptides works on mitochondrial dynamics, hair epigenetics and regulates the biological activity of dermal papilla.

All these together strengthen the hair structure, regulate the hair cycle and nourish the scalp from inside, which helps in improving the hair growth.

Now you guess why a hair growth serum is good to rely on. It brings your natural hair shine back, reduces the hair loss and helps you to get healthier, stronger and thicker hair. 

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Along with a good hair serum, your diet should also be good. This article on Foods for hair growth can help you to know foods you should eat for healthy hair.

Now the next question is 

Which is the Best Hair Growth Serum in India?

Derma Essentia Trichoedge Advanced Hair Serum is the best hair growth serum in India. This hair follicle growth serum is enriched with the goodness of gentle and highest quality active ingredients, phytoextracts and bioactives that make it suitable for all hair types, and for both men and women.

The regular use of this hair growth serum will help you to get your natural healthy, strong, glossy, lustrous and robust hair back.

Key Features Of Trichoedge Advanced Hair Serum:

  • Aid in hair follicle rejuvenation and nourishment of the scalp
  • Offers non-oily feel
  • Increases hair manageability
  • Instantly removes frizz
  • Free from parabens and sulfates
  • Rich in biotin, vitamins, amino acids and zinc
  • Phytoextracts and bioactives are clinically proven and safe to use
  • Product is Dermatologically tested

Use this lavishing serum and go out with a bang.However, don't forget to apply the serum in the right way.

What is the Right Way to Get Maximum Out of Your Best Hair Serum?


The whole application of hair serum involves a total of four steps:

Step 1. Take 2-6 drops of Trichoedge Advanced Hair Growth Serum on your palm.

Step 2. Initiating from the affected area, start applying it with your fingertips.

Step 3. Afterwards, massage in a circular motion let it completely absorb into the scalp.

Step 4. For best results, use this serum after washing hair with Trichoedge Hair Revitalizing Shampoo.

Step 5. Also, remember some essential points before applying hair serum.

Take a look why Trichoedge hair Revitalizing Shampoo is best to wash hair with 'Trichoedge Revitalizing Shampoo: Your Healthy Hair's BFF'.

So, to get extraordinary hair care benefits with this 100 % satisfied product, make it a routine and cherish the beautiful hair!


1. How to prepare a good homemade hair growth serum?

A very simple home remedy can give a good formula of homemade hair growth serum. For this you only have rosemary, dried thyme leaves and one cup hot water.

  • First of all, take hot water and add it to a bowl containing 1 tablespoon dried rosemary and thyme leaves.
  • Cover the bowl with a lid and let it steep.
  • Now strain the water and use it as a hair serum.

2. Which serum is best for hair growth?

Derma Essentia Trichoedge Advanced Hair Serum is the best hair growth serum for women and men. It restores your hair growth and revitalizes the damaged hair.

3. Do hair growth serum really work?

Hair serum is an advanced formula which definitely provides your hair a revitalized and revived feel. 

To know more, you should explore this article for once, 'Does Hair Serum For Hair Growth Actually Beneficial?'

4. What products increase hair growth?

The hair care products enriched with vitamins, amino acids, biotin and many more hair essential nutrients will significantly help to increase the hair growth. You can also take hair growth supplements for hair growth.

5. Is hair serum good for thin hair?

People with thinning hair can definitely use good light-weight non-sticky hair growth serum. Along with this, people should also give a try on tips to manage thin hair.  

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