How to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss is considered to be one of the most distressing and problematic hair concerns that exerts substantial impact upon a patient's quality of living. This problem is very common and affects both males and females.

In females, especially following the menopause, this risk of getting intense hair loss can be increased. Also, some of the males get this problem due to hereditary reasons. However, medical or hereditary are not the only causes that lead to hair loss. Improper hair cleansing practice or erroneous hair care habits can also cause the problem of hair fall.

To prevent hair loss, from choosing right hair products to right hairstyle, we need to address every little concern associated with hair care.

On whole, focus on following given three categories to prevent hair loss:

# Hair Care Habits

How we take care of our hair exerts a significant impact on our hair tensile strength and integrity. This can become a very major reason behind enhancing the risk of hair loss.

So, let's explore what are these habits and how these can be tackled.

1. Messy and tight hairstyles

The hairstyles such as a tight ponytail, bun or messy tie-up can extensively damage your hair and make your hair brittle and prone to break. By doing these hairstyles, hair entangles more, the friction between them also increases along with the dry and brittle hair ends. After adopting these hair-dos you are left with dry, frizzy hair with split ends.

Once in a while, these hairstyles will not have such a detrimental impact but doing these regularly you will invite the problem of hair fall. Therefore, avoid doing anti-hair fall hairstyles at any cost, instead go for hair-dos like short twists, chignon, twisted or loose braid and a sleek bun.

2. Styling tools

There is no doubt that people love to style their hair using styling tools, for instance, straightener, curler or even dryer. But to what extent are these tools you think are safe to use?


Remember when you use these appliances, you damage your hair with direct heat. Such tools exert potential heat and that heat dries the hair, soaks up the present moisture and also affects the healthy protein structure of the hair if used in excess.

Therefore, try to restrict the use of such styling tools and remember to apply hair serum or hair protecting spray before using these as these will protect the direct contact of heat and your hair along with reducing the impact heat on hair.

3. Hair gels


Men love to style their hair using the gel. But is using gel entirely in the context of hair care? The chemicals present in the gel can affect your hair deeply on constant use and enhance the risk of hair loss or fall. As like styling tools, also try to avoid using hair gels regularly.

4. Sleeping pillows

Your sleeping pillows also affect the health of your hair. The pillowcase made of clothes like cotton makes your hair dry as it can extract the natural moisture present in the hair and also raise the friction between the hair. On the contrary, the pillowcase made of silk helps to keep your hair friction-less and doesn't exert any impact on hair moisture. So, always use a silk pillowcase to protect your hair from falling out.

# Hair Care Products

Now the other essential thing that you need to consider is to choose the best hair care products that will help to make your hair resilient and robust. For instance, instead of choosing strong chemical-laden hair shampoos, go for hair revitalizing shampoos. These revitalizing shampoos don't cause any harm or irritation to your hair and aids in improving the tensile strength of the hair. After rinsing your hair, you must apply a nourishing conditioner on the lengths of your hair to lock the moisture inside.

Along with this, also include hair growth serum in your hair care routine, as it works in three ways. A hair growth serum works by revitalizing, nourishing and protecting your hair.

  • It improves hair shine, smoothness, and manageability.
  • It tackles the problem of brittle and weak hair.
  • It resolves the problem of thinning hair and protects the hair from the heat of appliances.
  • Altogether, it is must to include all these three products in your hair care routine to prevent hair loss.

Read here more about how hair growth serum makes hair healthy. 

#Medical treatments

Now, if you are following all the above-said tips and tricks, but still your hair loss is not under control, then you need to consult a doctor. They will evaluate your condition and treats your hair loss problem accordingly.

On general, the medications and treatments include in therapeutic prevention of hair loss are:

Medications physician can prescribe to prevent hair loss:

Minoxidil and finasteride are two of the majorly prescribed medications used to prevent hair loss.


Therapies prescribed to prevent hair loss:

Hair transplant surgery and laser therapy are some of the other methods than medications that can be used to prevent hair loss.

NOTE: If you are taking medications for diabetes, hypertension or other health problems, then you might also prone to hair loss. Consult the doctor, if you are facing this problem as a side effect of your ongoing medication.

These are the ways via which you can prevent hair loss. Adopt all healthy tips to avoid hair fall and if you are facing some serious issues, consult the doctor immediately.

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