Why do you need Hair restore & hair growth serum?

Today, in the hair care regimen, hair serum plays a very essential role. From converting frizzy hair into silky smooth hair, and troublesome hair into manageable hair, hair serum became the first choice of most of the girls. This hair care product has crossed a long journey, went through various modifications, and ornamented with many more benefits.

Now, it is not only a beauty trend but also acts as hair restore and hair growth serum.


1. What is hair restore and hair growth serum?

2. Why do you need biotin hair growth serum?

3. Benefits of Hair Growth Serum

4. How does a hair restore & hair growth serum do that?

5. How to use hair restore hair growth serum?

What is hair restore and hair growth serum?

These hair serums along with repairing damaged hair also help in reducing hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The blend of efficacious natural and scalp-friendly ingredients are the reason behind the efficacy of these serums.

Biotin, caffeine, apple stem cells, pro-vitamin B5, proteins, zinc, plant extracts such as sunflower (Annuus) seed, Cocos Nucifera (coconut), Ocimum Bascilicum Hairy Root, Camellia Sinensis, Nasturtium Officinale, and Tropaeolum Majus Extract are some of the great ingredients that can be found in these hair serums.

Why do you need biotin hair growth serum?


We all love to do various experiments with our hair, such as different hairstyles, hair colouring, and permanent smoothening or perming. These experiments make our hair frizzy, dull, and breakable with time. This also affects the hair growth cycle.

However, using hair restore & hair growth serum you can get your hair out from these issues. 

Let's explore the benefits of hair growth serum:

# Restorative Work

Tame Flyaways and frizzy hair

The very first work serum does is to correct dry, brittle frizzy hair and flyaways.

The condition of frizzy hair arises when hair lacks moisture, the cuticle gets rough and the surroundings are humid. The dry hair grabs moisture from the air, which causes hair frizz and swelling.

The flyaways also occur when hair gets dry and brittle. However, the cause is different from those of frizzy hair. Intense use of styling products or more friction and static electricity leads to flyaways.

Hair serums moisturize the cuticle, restore the hydration at the place, cut the dryness, lower the damage done by styling appliances, and make hair shiny, soft, and luscious.

# Protective Work

Protects from heat

Styling appliances or procedures of permanent straightening or perming involves intense heat. The regular use of heating appliances exerts a harmful impact on your hair. Your hair gets dry, frizzy, and results in split ends.

Hair serum by making a protective layer around the hair protects them from the impact of heat and also dispenses moisture to them. These benefits of a serum protect hair from heat and being brittle.

Protects from humidity

Hair serums by making a barrier between hair and the environment also help to prevent the interaction between humidity and hair.

# Improves hair growth


The best function of this renovated hair serum is that it helps to improve the hair length and healthy hair growth.

How does a hair restore & hair growth serum do that?

This serum does this by:

1) Strengths the roots of the cuticles

2) Reactivates hair follicles

3) Stimulates dermal papilla cells

4) Reduces hair loss by inhibiting 5 alpha-reductase

5) Normalizes the hair growth cycle

All these efforts of this serum help to make hair longer and healthier. So, to protect and to get long, healthy hair, you must go for hair restore & hair growth serum.

Note: Only purchasing a good hair growth serum is not enough. You also have proper knowledge of its use.

How to use hair restore & hair growth serum?

1. Must take care your hair should be clean prior to applying serum

Generally, apply the serum on shampooed hair. Avoid applying it on unwashed hair. The application of serum on dirty unwashed hair makes them oilier, thinner and pampers them to attract more grime and dust.

This situation further can lead to dandruff. So, avoid applying the serum on dirty hair. To know how to wash hair properly before applying hair serum, browse this site.

2. Avoid using tons of serum in one use

Too much application of hair serum can make your hair more greasy and heavy. This cuts down the volume of your hair. So, just apply a few drops of serum and you are good to go. For medium hair, you require around 2-3 drops of hair serum, and for long hair, you need around 4-5 drops of hair serum.

3. How to apply?

Make Sure your hair should be damp while applying hair serum. After damping your hair, take hair serum on your palm. Now with the help of fingers, apply it on your hair from midway to the ends of hair. Don't apply on the scalp.

After following these tips, you are ready to get benefits of hair serum. To know more about how hair growth serum works, click here.

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