A Brief About Hair Rebonding

There is a very popular saying that if you want to look different or want to make changes in your looks, just start with your hair. In everyone's life there comes a time when you want to transform your look and it is the time when you start to explore different hair treatments like hair rebonding, smoothening,  hair color, hair cut, and many more. 

So in this article we will be probably focussing on the hair rebonding and discussing the following point:

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What is hair rebonding?


Hair rebonding is a process that involves a chemical straightening treatment that chemically relaxes your hair and ending up in straighter and smoother hair by changing the actual structure of the hair. Heat is used to break the amino acid bonds of the hair and once the bond is broken, hair can be refashioned in another way changing the structure of the hair. You can change the shape of your hair no matter how straight or curly they are through hair rebonding treatment.

What is the procedure of hair rebonding?

The process of hair rebonding takes a long time, so it's better to cancel the other plans of the day. 9-10 steps are involved in the hair rebonding process.

  • It all starts with the cleansing of the hair and the scalp with a mild shampoo.
  • Then the blow drying of the hair is done or can be left for natural drying.


  • Once the hair is dried completely, then they are quarantined into different sections, so that not even a single strand of the hair shaft is missed out.
  • Then every section of the hair keeping it straight is coated with a relaxant cream for about 40-45 minutes to break the bonds of the hair.
  • Steaming of the hair is done for about 30-40 minutes and it generally depends upon the texture and the structure of the hair.
  • After steaming, hair is rinsed with normal water and blow-dried using a blow dryer. Try to avoid hot water or cold water.
  • The hair is sectioned again and a keratin lotion is applied to smoothen the kinks and straighten the frizzy hair.
  • A neutralizer is then applied to the segregated parts of the hair that stabilizes the new structured bonds and left for around half an hour and rinsed off.
  • Hair is blow-dried after rinsing and hair serum is applied and in the end, the hair is straightened with a flat iron.

How long does hair rebonding last?

Hair rebonding treatment is not a permanent treatment but we can say that it is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts up to 6-12 months. It depends upon how you take care of it and your hair texture. Also, new hair grows out with the original texture, therefore you need touch-ups for every 3-6 months that majorly depends upon the growth of your hair.

Rebonding hair side effects 

As we all know that every chemical treatment has some of the side-effects. The most important thing to be kept in mind once you undergo a hair rebonding procedure is that your hair will not come back to its natural form because they have been restructured. This is the main side effect of rebonding.


Some of the more rebonding hair side effects include:

1. Rebonding does not suit every hair type

Hair rebonding treatment directly depends upon the type of hair you have. Hair rebonding is not suggested for every hair type. Rebonding treatment is done depending upon the type of hair texture therefore you must talk to your hairstylist before going for a hair straightening treatment.

2. Rebonding treatment may damage the hair

Chemical treatment at some points damages the hair. Rebonding may lead to a breakage of the hair. If you have sensitive skin, your scalp can be irritated by the chemicals that are used in the hair rebonding treatment. Therefore it is always advisable to talk to the stylist, before rebonding.

Post hair rebonding tips

  • The 72-hour rule is must

Avoid tying your hair and use of hairpins. Do not wet your hair for at least 72 hours as it nearly takes around a minimum of 3 days for the bonds to stabilize in the treated hair. 

  • Oiling of the hair is important

One should always oil his/her hair regularly for maintaining health and for the proper nourishment of the hair, also to keep them soft and shiny. Generally, after rebonding, it is advised not to use anything that stops the hair bonds to stabilize. Harsh shampoos and conditioners should be avoided. 

  • Go along with your daily hair care regimen

Always use the shampoo that is generally meant for the straight hair and does not forget to condition your hair using a mild deep nourishing conditioner after every hair wash.

Hair rebonding is similar to methods of relaxing the hair and it also changes the looks. Once you get your hair rebonded, the biggest challenge is how to protect the health of the hair. Split ends need to be trimmed from time to time and a general touch-up every 3-4 months is required for the proper maintenance of the rebonded hair.

Keratin treatment can also be done for those who have more frizziness in the hair. The chemicals used in the keratin treatment are said to be lighter than those used in the hair rebonding. 


  • Is rebonding good for hair?

The hair becomes silky and straight at the end of the hair rebonding process. But the process involves the application of the chemicals to straighten the hair and also chemicals have their side effects such as damaged hair and breakage of the hair which leads to hair loss/hair falling as well.. Also, hair rebonding is not recommended for all hair types.

  • How many hours does hair rebonding take?

Hair rebonding is a time taking process and generally, it takes around 3-4 hours starting from a hair wash to the application of chemicals and so on.

  • What are the side effects of hair rebonding?

Hair rebonding can damage the health of the hair and can lead to hair breakage. Also hair rebonding is not suitable for all hair types.

  • Can I use shampoo after 3 days of rebonding?

Yes, you can use shampoo as well as a conditioner after 3 days of the hair rebonding treatment. Wash your hair as you used to wash but after 72 hours of the rebonding process.

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