Buy Best Shampoo for Hair Fall: Derma Essentia Trichoedge Hair Shampoo

Nowadays hair fall is a common hair problem faced by both men and women.  But we all want beautiful and strong hair, which is not possible without taking care of them. For proper hair care, use of good quality hair shampoo along with proper hair care routine is very important.


As there are huge numbers of products available in the market, it becomes very difficult for all of us to choose the best hair cleansing product that can gently cleanse the hair without causing hair fall. 


Trichoedge Hair revitalizing Shampoo is the shampoo which can end your search. Trichoedge Hair revitalizing Shampoo enriched with natural effective extracts that provides hair the number of benefits such as preventing hair fall, hair thinning and provides shine to the dull hair. 

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Take a look what ingredients this shampoo is enriched with and how these ingredients make this shampoo the best shampoo for hair fall:

Ingredients of Trichoedge Hair revitalizing Shampoo

Being enriched with various phytoextracts like Rosemary, Tropaeolum majus, Nasturtium officinale, Horsetail and provitamin-B5, the Tricoedge revitalizing shampoo helps to strengthen the hair and along with good cleansing action. You might not believe but this is real. These five ingredients make this possible. Let’s discuss about these ingredients in detail:

Tropaeolum majus extract:


Tropaeolum majus extract is a blessing for overall skin and scalp health. As we all know keratin is an essential protein that strengthens the hair. This is the reason, many people having damaged hair prefer to go for keratin treatment


This protein is rich in sulphur that helps to maintain keratin structure. Tropaeolum majus is loaded with sulphur, which helps to repair damaged keratin protein in hair, thereby providing good tensile strength to hair and reduces hair fall.


Shampoo enriched with this herbal extract along with amazing hair remedies like onion juice hair mask can leave your hair stronger and shiner. 

Nasturtium officinale extract:

Do you know, The extract of Nasturtium officinale used for improving hair growth and density in Himachal pradesh, India. 


This herbal extract is rich in zinc and sulphur, which keeps the scalp protected from flaking and aids in hair growth. If talking about the best hair growth tips, using this revitalizing shampoo embedded with these herbs is one of the best tips. 

You should also explore other hair growth tips, this will surely help to keep your hair healthy. 

You can also use Trichoedge advanced hair serum as this serum also contains these two amazing herbal extracts. This is the reason, this serum along with providing shiny, silky hair, also strengthens them. 

Remember to apply this serum in the proper way to get best results, to know - “How?” read an article on ‘How to use hair serum?

Horsetail Extract: 


It has been seen that horsetail extracts show hair growth-stimulating impact in aged male with alopecia

Being enriched with flavonoids, silica, amino acids, the horsetail extract helps to prevent hair thinning. Along with this, this herbal extract also improves the hair texture, tone and provides conditioning effect to the hair. 

You can also give a break to this ‘Nourishing Conditioner’, because this has horsetail extract nourishing and conditioning properties. After rinsing hair with the revitalizing shampoo, proper application of this nourishing hair conditioner will give your hair an intense touch of moisture. 

Rosemary Extract: 


Rosemary extract also helps to lower the problem of hair fall. This herb shows hair-stimulating properties and aids in eradicating the problem of fungal infections. Overall, this extract improves scalp and hair health. 

Provitamin B5: 



Provitamin B5 skin benefits are not hidden from anyone. But, do you know, Provitamin B5 also acts as a potent hair vitamin?

It helps to improve hair moisturization, manageability and thickness. Being enriched with this provitamin B5, this revitalizing shampoo doesn’t let your hair dry, frizzy and damaged. 

You can also take these vitamins via dietary means. Add biotin rich foods in your diet to prevent hair fall and enhance hair growth. 

The Trichoedge revitalizing shampoo enriched with these hair repairing ingredients presents the best combo of hair rinsing and strengthening products. It doesn’t harm your hair, rather aids in revitalizing damaged hair. 


Let’s explore in little detail, what this shampoo can do:

Trichoedge Hair revitalizing Shampoo Benefits:

1. Hair fall: 


The intense repair formula of Trichoedge helps to protect your hair from breakage and damage. The natural hair-stimulating ingredients protect your follicles, improve their texture and integrity. 

This shampoo cleanses your hair without affecting your hair proteins or affecting hair integrity. 

Along with using this amazing anti-hair fall shampoo, you also need to take care of some other things like proper diet and exercise or anti-hair fall hairstyles. To know these tips, catch a glimpse of ‘How to control hair fall?’ 

2. Dull and damaged hair: 

Lack of proper scalp moisturization and hydration can make your hair dull. If you don’t take care of this on time, then it can cause great damage to your hair. 

Shampoo plays an essential role in protecting or damaging your hair moisture. A shampoo with strong chemical ingredients can ruin your hair and extract the natural oil from the scalp. One of such strong chemicals is paraben. Don’t choose products embedded with this ingredient. Always go for paraben free alternatives.

3. Hair thinning: 


Trichoedge revitalizing shampoo also prevents your hair from being thin. Use of this shampoo along with home care tips for hair thinning management can provide you significant benefits.

How to use Trichoedge Hair revitalizing Shampoo?

Know let’s take a look how to use Trichoedge hair revitalizing shampoo:

Step 1: Thoroughly wet your hair with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Take an adequate amount of Trichoedge Hair Revitalizing Shampoo on wet palms and form lather.

Step 3: Apply the shampoo on wet hair and massage using your fingertips.

Step 4: Rinse the scalp and hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.


However you should need to take care of some other major before and after hair rinsing tips. To know these tips, go once through the article ‘How to properly wash your hair?


Always condition your hair after shampooing to achieve the best results. 


You can get all the information about the conditioner by clicking here.

Is Trichoedge Hair Revitalizing Shampoo safe?

Trichoedge Hair Revitalizing Shampoo is completely safe as it is:

Trichoedge Hair Revitalizing Shampoo not only cleanse the hair but also revitalizes it. It is ideal for gentle cleansing and protecting hair from damage. It is not just a SLS free shampoo, but also enriched with phytoextracts and vitamins that keep hair healthy.


With its regular use, your hair remains healthy. Along with this, taking hair spa on a regular basis can help to maintain the hair texture and tone. 


Know next how to do Spa at home.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Can shampoo stop hair loss?

The basic function of a shampoo is to rinse hair. A good mild shampoo with embedded hair-stimulating extracts can make your hair follicles stronger and doesn’t cause any damage. This thing might help you to reduce hair fall.

However, if you're suffering from problems like alopecia, then you need proper treatment to prevent hair fall.

2. How can I stop my hair loss?

Hair loss can prevent using good hair care habits, hair care products and hair treatments in case the problem is chronic. You should follow all these tips to prevent hair loss.

You should also eat foods for hair growth in your diet to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.

3. Does drinking water reduce hair fall?

Dehydration can stop the hair growth. Water provides hydration to the hair cells and helps them to grow long and strong. 

4. Does onion regrow hair?

Onions are rich in sulphur, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All these make onions a good home ingredient for hair growth. Onion juice helps to make hair stronger and this can help to regrow hair. 

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