Hair Conditioner: Is it Good For Hair? Know it's Benefits & Uses

Since ancient years, hair has always been taken as a crowning glory in India and that is why it provides a great invention to the world, shampoos. This is not it, they might also know the hair conditioner benefits. 

That is why conditioning hair with natural ingredients like yogurt, honey or milk always remained a part of the Indian history. If you are also interested to go deep and apprehend about this great invention that changed the whole dynamics of today's haircare routine, then you are at the right place. 

Just give a few minutes of yours and after this journey you get to know the various hair conditioner benefits like smoothness, silky hair, improved hair manageability, non-frizz and split ends free hair. 

Without any further delay, let's explore in depth about conditioners and how it helps to provide hair such amazing functionalities.

What is hair conditioner?


Hair conditioner doesn't need any introduction. It is a post-shampoo hair care product that is used to keep hair soft, shiny and manageable. Basically it is a hair conditioning or moisturizing agent. 

But today, hair conditioners are not only restricted to its basic function. Along with dispensing shine and smoothness to hair, conditioners these days are also embedded with hair protecting properties, which we will definitely read further in the article.

Moreover, you can also find different types of conditioners these days which are used for different purposes. Generally, hair conditioners fall into three major categories: Rinse-out,  Leave-in and deep conditioners. 

  • Rinse-out conditioner: Such types of conditioners are more commonly used conditioners. Apply these conditioners after shampooing, just for a few minutes. 
  • Leave-in conditioner:These are light textured conditioners, present generally in spray form and use on hair after washing hair. You just need to spray it on hair and leave it for rest.
  • Deep conditioner: These deep hair conditioners used to nourish extremely damaged hair from the deep. It will also apply after hair wash, but these have to be left on hair for about half an hour to one hour, as per the guidelines. 

    But make sure the hair mask is not a type of hair conditioner. These two are different things. The major difference is that hair masks apply before hair washing whereas conditioning is done after the hair wash. Other than this, the leaving time of both is also different. 



    So, never imagine you are masking because you’re not. You’re actually doing the conditioning of the hair. 

    When does the hair conditioner come into origin?

    You will be amazed by knowing the story. Origin of hair conditioners is not that much old. It happened in 2000, Paris. Moreover, the invented product was actually made for men. 

    Actually, in the late 20th century, perfumer Edouard introduced a product that is made to soften moustaches and beards. But, it didn't take much time when females realized that this formula also worked on their hair and made their hair smoother and shinier. From then, the conditioner just came into existence and improved day by day. 

    However, even today, there is a question that comes to many people's mind.

    Is conditioner good for hair?

    Is-conditioner good-for-hair-dermaessentia

    The conditioners with scalp and hair friendly ingredients are found to be safe as they do not harm the hair. Always go for silicone free conditioners, as silicone based conditioners can damage the hair as it creates deprivation of oxygen because it works as a sealant. Therefore, try to find natural ingredients based and silicone free conditioners, as that will not destroy your hair. 

    Is conditioner necessary for hair?

    This is the very first question that comes in many of us minds. Let's understand it by an example, whenever we wash our face, we apply any sort of cream, lotion or moisturizer to keep the moisture and hydration of the skin. Then why not for hair? 

    Hair also needs moisture and hydration. Conditioner does that work for hair. It protects, moisturizes and smoothens the hair.

    We only can understand the importance of conditioner when we get to know the all essential benefits of conditioner. Let's find out in detail, 

    What are hair conditioner benefits?


    1. Provides shine and smoothness

    By nourishing and deep hair conditioning, the very first hair conditioner benefit is to dispense significant shine and smoothness to the hair. Conditioners do this due to their potent conditioning ingredients that moisture every hair strand and prevent hair from being dry and frizzy.

    2. Tames flyaway hair

    Flyaway hair is one of the biggest issues while managing the hair and conditioner is the best solution for this problem. Flyaway occurs because of dry weather and static electricity that is produced by our hair due to the friction between the hair strands. 

    Conditioner by reducing this friction aids in taming the problematic flyaway hair. 

    3. Reduces split ends


    When your hair ends become frayed, dry and brittle, it starts splitting. This is known as split ends. These split ends really cause issues as these constrain the hair growth and also cause problem in hair styling. 

    Here, hair conditioner play an important role. Deep conditioning with a potent conditioner really helps in reducing the problem of split ends by smoothening, nourishing and rejuvenating the hair strands. 

    4. Improves manageability

    Hair manageability is one of the major feature of the conditioners. Many times we feel that after shampooing hair, our hair becomes frizzy and spread out of the box. It is difficult to manage hair if that are not smoother and silkier. 

    Conditioner by providing the deep nourishment, reducing frizz and dryness, really improves the manageability. Then you can easily do your favorite hairstyle and stand out unique. 

    5. Prevents hair breakage

    As conditioners deeply condition the hair, retain the scalp and hair moisture aids in entangling the hair and easy combing. Hair becomes smoother and stronger. It can't break out easily. 

    All these prevent the hair from unwanted breakage. Thus preventing hair loss and maintaining healthy hair.

    6. Reduces the fiber hydrophilicity

    Hydrophilic fiber is for those who love water and can absorb lots of it. Hair strands if absorb tons of water, they can damage up to great extent. Hair might become prone to breakage, damage and unmanageable.

    Conditioners neutralizing the negative charge by dispensing positive charge. Thus reduces the fiber hydrophilicity of hair.

    7. Protects hair from chemical and mechanical trauma


    Our hair goes from many experiments, as we color them, do excessive combing, straightening or curling them and even apply gel to do different hairstyles. All these can make our hair weak but conditioner helps to reduce this damage. Yes, conditioners can protect hair from heat and unwanted chemical treatments by making a shield over the strands. 

    All these hair conditioner benefits make this product one of the essential products of hair care regimen. To combat all the above said issues, conditioner is really necessary for hair. But, how does this product dispense such astonishing benefits? 

    How does hair conditioner work?

    Well, its answer is embedded in the core of hair conditioners, meaning its ingredients. The ingredients like erythritol, rosehip, horsetail extract, shea butter, rosemary, and trehalose help to retain the moisture, hold the water, fill the damage shafts and smoothen the hair strands and improve the elasticity. 

    All these by doing all this work improves the condition of the hair. 

    The next question and confusion, after knowing the benefits of conditioner is to choose the best conditioner for hair growth and heath. What should be the exact criteria and how to choose? 

    Which is the best hair conditioner in India?

    The conditioner with potent scalp and hair friendly ingredients and with no silicone and other harmful ingredients is the best hair conditioner in India. 

    So, now you are aware why hair conditioners should be there in your hair care routine. 

    But, are you aware, 

    How to use hair conditioner?

    After applying the best shampoo for hair fall, application of a conditioner with nourishing and protecting benefits found to be really beneficial.


    But you should also know how to use a nourishing hair conditioner.

    • First of all try to choose a conditioner as per your requirements. If your hair just need to get rid of frizzy and dry hair, rinse-off conditioners are found to be best, but if the hair are really damaged, you can go for a deep conditioner for natural hair. 
    • Rinse-off conditioner: Take out an adequate amount of conditioner on your palm. Apply it on wet hair, keep it for two to three minutes and wash off with normal water. 
    • Deep conditioners: Apply adequate amounts of conditioner on wet hair. Now cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for about 20-40 minutes. You can also give the heat to your hair during this time by wrapping a hot towel around the shower cap. Finally rinse with normal water.

    For more profound knowledge about steps to apply hair conditioner, read here. By following these instructions, you can get gorgeous, luscious and strong hair. Hope this write up on the hair conditioner really helps you to understand the importance of conditioner in our lives. 

    Don't skip this hair care step. Must use hair conditioner for frizzy and dry hair after shampooing in order to fade away all problems that occur due to them. For more information related to hair care, you can click here!

    But, if there are still some questions left in your mind, you can surf through these FAQs, these really helped you out. 


    1. Should you use a conditioner everyday?

    Ans. Not at all. Use the conditioner only after shampooing. Two to three times a week, washing and conditioning hair is enough. For regular days you can go for hair serum

    2. Why is it necessary to apply conditioner after shampoo? 

    Ans. Shampooing is for cleansing the hair. It doesn't provide the required conditioning to the hair and for that, conditioners are important.

    3. Can over conditioning cause hair breakage? 

    Ans. It is the possibility that too much application of hair conditioners can weigh down the hair. Therefore, avoid over using.

    4. Is it necessary for men to use hair conditioners?

    Ans. There is no difference of gender while choosing hair care essentials. As shampoo, men's hair also required conditioning and nourishment. So, conditioners are for everyone, both men and women. 

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