Does hair serum for hair growth actually beneficial?

Hair growth serum might be a new concept for you, but not the hair serum. Hair serum is a well-renowned hair care product for keeping hair frizz-free and salon-finished. However, today, it doesn't only famed for providing shine and silky smooth hair, but also as a product that protects hair from heat and aids in improving hair density and health. 

The hair growth serums are the one who works to improve the hair growth by mediating various in-depth modifications along with delivering satin-soft, ultra-conditioning hair.

Let's explore in deep how a hair growth serum works to contribute to making hair salubrious and strong:

1. Acts as a hair protector

2. Acts as a hair rejuvenator

3. Acts as topical hair nutriment

#Acts as a hair protector

The very first task a hair growth serum plays is to make a protective shield around the hair follicles which significantly helps to protect the hair. A thoroughly applied hair serum covers your entire hair and obstructs their direct contact with environmental aggressors and heat arising from the styling appliances. Read here about how to use hair growth serum.

While being out we still can cover our hair with a hat or cloth to protect it from sunlight or chemical pollutants but you can’t avoid contact with heat if you love to style your hair in different hairdo. Intense use of such heat appliances can make your hair brittle, frizzy, and cause split ends. Also, the natural shine of your hair becomes fade with the regular use of these tools.

Here hair serum plays a substantial role by providing thermal protection to the hair. These resist the heat and don’t let it reach the hair. This action solves the purpose of using styling tools without causing any side effects. Now, if your hair is healthy and not met with problems like frizz or split ends, this environment will help hair to grow faster or in re-growth. Therefore, make sure you are applying hair serum before straightening, curling, or blow-drying your hair.

Note: However, still, avoid using such tools in excess.

#Acts as a hair rejuvenator

Another very important task a hair growth serum performs is to rejuvenate the damaged hair. The brittle, frizzy, and dry hair is the result of inadequate hair moisturizer, damaged hair collagen, and keratin.


Regular usage of hair growth serum helps to rejuvenate damaged hair by providing proteins along with intense moisture to the deep down in the scalp. In this way, hair works to repair your dull and bruised hair.

After some time of its usage, you feel a significant difference in your hair texture. These become smoother, silkier and stronger than before. This improved texture of hair with adequate hydration and improved hair proteins can considerably aid in making hair healthier. This can profoundly help your hair to grow at a faster pace.

#Acts as topical hair nutriment

We all know the importance of nutriment in our life. Taking about either overall health or hair, nutrients are the essential components to keep up the integrity and functionality of every organ.

For hair, we take every essential vitamin or protein in the form of vitamin supplements or via dietary sources for hair to support the proper health of our hair and for proper work of hair cycle.

Proper working of the hair cycle is very essential to making long, dense, and healthy hair. What if a serum for hair growth can put their efforts in fulfilling these necessities.

Hair growth serum by initiating the following tasks can definitely aid in getting dense long hair:

  • Tends to inhibit 5 alpha-reductase and prevents the intense hair fall.
  • Stimulates and reactivate the hair follicles.
  • Boosts dermal papilla cells and take part in the regeneration of hair growth.
  • Improves the microcirculation on the scalp and keeps hair shaft healthy and strong.
  • Improves the overall working of hair cycles.

In these three ways, a hair growth serum can help to restore hair and make hair dense and getting long locks. Along with this hair serum, you can also give your hair a pre-treatment to surge the outcomes of hair serum. This treatment can be done by using various types of natural oils for hair which works in a great way to promote hair growth and maintaining proper health of hair. 


Remark: A Proper method of hair growth serum application is an important step to get the best outcomes.

How to apply hair growth serum properly:

Step1: Make sure you are using hair growth serum of the same brand as your shampoo and conditioner are. Derma Essentia provides a whole combo of these three products: Rejuvenating shampoo, Nourishing conditioner, and Hair growth serum, which works in a synergistic way to make hair strong, smooth, and healthy in every aspect. Click here, to know more about this amazing trio hair care essentials.

Step2: After washing and application of conditioner onto the hair, let your hair dry. When your hair left little damp, take adequate drops of hair serum onto your palm (generally, 2-3 drops for medium hair, 4-5 drops for long hair), rub between the palms and apply along the length of your hair.

Step3: Brush your hair to evenly spread the serum.

Apply hair growth serum in this way regularly to keep your hair in fine fettle and away from frizz, split ends, hair fall and hair thinning.

Use Derma Essentia Hair Growth Serum & Get Silky Smooth Dense Locks”

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