What are the top 5 types of damaged hair and essential ways to treat it?

What are the top 5 types of damaged hair and essential ways to treat it?


Treating damaged hair could be a really big task as different types of damaged hair need different treatments or preventive methods. Even if you think that you are taking care of the hair by using fewer heating products or regularly using a hair mask but you still might experience signs of hair damage.

Now your question might be that how can you reduce the chances of hair damage? Well, the good news is that you can easily avoid your hair from any kind of damage with the right knowledge. Here are some common types of damaged hair you can experience and easy ways to treat or avoid them.

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What are the different types of damaged hair?

  • Split Ends
  • Heat Damaged Hair
  • Color Damaged Hair
  • Dull and Dry Damaged Hair
  • Sun Damaged Hair

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What are the different types of damaged hair?

Heat Damaged Hair

Split Ends

Split ends when the tip of your hair starts to split resembling the unraveled rope. Split ends are one of the most common problems that are suffered by every other person. The hair ends are one of the most fragile areas and also the oldest ones too. They have been on our heads for a longer time and are one of the most experienced among the others.

How to prevent them?

One of the common ways to slow down the split ends is to trim the ends of your hair every once a week. This will not only remove the split ends but will also make your hair healthy as well as smooth.

If you have curly hair then cut one strand at a time to see better results and with that trimming should be done constantly depending on how quickly you get split ends. Along with that, it's important to use hair serums which will gradually slow down the process of split ends.

Heat Damaged Hair

There is nothing to hide that heat is not only damaging our skin for also our hair. As people are quite addicted to drying their hair with a heat dryer or straightening the hair. Heat can cause the cuticles to open and hence allowing the hair to become dry.

This could cause your result to have heat-damaged hair. Not to forget washing the hair with hot water is also one of the essential factors resulting in dull as well as damaged hair.

How to prevent them?

One of the important ways to control heat-damaged hair is to control yourself and reduce the use of any hair-heating product. One of the other ways to protect the hair is by adjusting the temperature of the product. Or avoiding any heat on the dirty hair and applying thermal protecting products which won't allow the hair strands to become damaged.

Color Damaged Hair

You might be thinking that I have been taking breaks from the foiling of hair right and it will just reduce the damage? But no the several years of stripping and coloring won't magically go away. The overuse of strong products with paraben or letting the color sit on hair for a longer period of time could damage your hair from the inside out.

How to Prevent them from color damage?

The type of hair from one person to another other and your hair might react to differences in comparison to others. The best way is to start using a good hair care product that could save hair from post-coloring damage. Avoid dying your hair to too much lighter color because in this way your hair is exposed to harsh chemicals.

Bleaching your hair is one of the main causes that could be causing your hair to become thin and frizzy as well.

Dull and Dry Damaged Hair

When your hair lacks moisture they tend to become dry and dull hence making your cuticles raised. Not taking enough nutrition is also one of the causative factors and also one of the major causes that your hair tends to get tangled easily.

How to treat Dull and Dry Hair?

One of the effective and easy ways to reduce your hair from becoming dull or dry is by keeping the hair hydrated and applying a good hair mask. Or applying hydrating conditioner and serums that will help in restoring hair moisture.

Another effective way is by using coconut oil or other nutrition-rich oil that will help in providing the scalp with needed nourishment. Avoid using shampoos that are packed with parabens as they might cause more damage to hair.

Sun Damaged Hair

Sunlight is one important part of our life but too much exposure to UV Rays can weaken the structure of protein present in the hair. It causes your hair to sap out the moisture and hence reduces the elasticity and easy to break as well.

How to protect them from sun damage?

One of the easy ways to protect the hair from UV Ways is by wearing a hat or scarf around the head or simply carrying an umbrella will help. Use a shielding hair care product that can help your hair from UV Rays.

Take Aways

Damaged hair is the answer that your hair structures are becoming weak due to too much exposure to UV Rays, excessive coloring, using heating products and many more. This results in frizzy hair and they are easy to break as well as difficult to manage. Each one needs different ways to manage and regular practice can help in managing them. Along with that, it's important to oil them once a week and also reduce smoking or drinking for healthy hair.


Q. What are the top 3 causes of damaged hair?

Ans. Regularly washing the hair, Using a blow dryer, or Applying any kind of styling products could cause your hair to become weak.

Q. What are the food items that should be avoided to have healthy hair?

Ans. There are a few food items that must be avoided in order to have healthy hair including sugar, dairy products, alcohol, and greasy food. Instead, it's important to include healthy and nutritional food items.

Q. Which fruits are healthy for hair?

Ans. There are a few fruits that could give you luscious hair including oranges, apples, guava, apples, strawberries, etc.

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