5 Best Amino Acids For Hair : Expectations Vs. Reality

Losing hair or hair loss affects your self-esteem unlike anything else. Thining and losing hair can be profoundly devastating, and it could be a result of stress, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiency, and many more.

When you talk about nutrition or food for hair growth, you should be aware of the fact that your hair is loaded with amino acids in the form of Keratin, a protein that forms the hair. This means that amino acids are indispensable for the healthy growth of your hair.

To understand why amino acids play a vital role in your hair health it is important to understand what are amino acids and how they work. Amino acids are the foundation of protein thus plays an essential role in the prevention of hair loss.

Amino acids are divided into two main categories: Essential amino acids and Non-Essential amino acids.

Essential amino acids are the amino acids that the body cannot synthesize on its own and must be obtained through diet or supplements whereas the body can synthesize non-essential amino acids on its own. To have healthy hair, it is vital that you are getting all the amino acids required each day.

Amino Acids Benefits For Hair

Methionine Benefits For Hair

Methionine is one of the amino acids that play a significant role in hair growth. It is an essential amino acid which states that the body cannot synthesize it on its own and must be consumed through diet or supplements.


Methionine is derived from sulfur, which is essential to manufacture keratin in the hair shaft. Also, it boosts collagen production within the body which strengthens the hair shaft.

Cysteine For Hair

Also referred to as L-Cysteine it contributes to the protein formation and helps to build hair strands through Keratin. Cysteine has a unique ability to form disulfide bonds which bind the keratin strands within the hair together. This allows the hair strand to have fibrous properties to enable it to retain moisture and nourish the hair follicles. Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid and thus can be obtained from food sources such as broccoli, chicken wheat germ, and sprouts.

Lysine For Hair


Lysine also referred to as L-lysine is a non-essential amino acid which is readily available in meat, fish, eggs, and legumes. Lysine is known for its restorative properties on the hair follicle. L-Lysine helps in the production of collagen which is essential for healthy skin, hair, nails.

Arginine For Hair

Arginine also referred to as L-Arginine is a precursor to nitrogen oxide. Arginine thus helps to generate nitrogen oxide which helps in opening of potassium channels within cells. The opening of potassium channels triggers blood vessels to dilate which facilitates the movement of blood vessels and improves circulation.

Improvement in blood circulation further enhances blood supply to hair follicles which stimulate hair growth. Being a non Essential amino acid, it can be found in food sources such as fish. Coconut, sesame seeds, hazelnut, and cashews. Amino acids are thus very essential for the healthy growth of your hair and to prevent hair los.

Fast track your amino acids and ensure stronger healthy hair. So introduce your hair to nutritional hair care products such as  the Trichoedge Nutritional Hair Support Kit which has the optimum balance of essential Amino acids (Methionine, Lysine, Cystine), Natural Extracts, Omega 3,6 fatty acids, Vitamins & Minerals for stronger and healthy hair.

Glutamine for hair


There is an extraneous role of glutamine in the growth of the hair. As we know that keratin is the main component of the hair and it contains a huge amount of cysteine. A large amount of sulfur is required for the synthesis of cysteine and this sulfur is transported to the scalp with the help of glutamine which automatically results in the regrowth of the hair.

Topical Application of Amino acids

The chemical reaction that generally happens when you apply color to your hair or when out in the sun, depletes the proteins and amino acids present in the hair and can lead to affect the health of the hair. Also, research focusses on the products of the amino acids for hair strength and hair health.

A study found that during the hair weathering process 6 different amino acids are lost. These amino acids can be reinstated in the hair through topical application. The topical cosmetic formulation containing amino acids for hair growth has a direct effect on the strength and health of the hair.

Amino Acids Foods and Diet


Eating a balanced diet is one of the best ways to get the amino acids that hair needs. The hair health and growth significantly depends upon the diet you eat and the nutrients you ingest. The deficiency of these nutrients and amino acids can give rise to hair thinning, hair loss, or reduction in the overall health of the hair. 

Therefore to prevent this, it is very important to consume a balanced, nutrient-rich diet that includes the foods which are responsible for healthy hair growth. Amino acids have a lot of hair benefits and they can also be incorporated with the herbal hair supplements to enhance the quality of the hair. This is the easiest, simplest and cost-effective way to alleviate hair health and strength.

Now you know everything about the amino acids and how it helps in the improvement of hair health. You can apply the amino acids topically and also can eat amino acid-rich foods in your diet that not only helps to improve hair growth and maintain hair healthy but also the overall health and well being of the human body.


  • What are the benefits of amino acids?

There are several benefits of amino acids starting from the growth of the connective tissues, muscles and skin. Amino acids are also very beneficial for maintaining the strength and the health of the hair.

  • What amino acids helps in hair growth?

Cysteine is the most important amino acids that are responsible for hair growth. Methionine, Lysine, Arginine, Glycine are other amino acids that help in hair growth.

  • Can a lack of amino acids cause hair loss?

Lower levels of the amino acids in the body can lead to the breakage of the hair and can slow down the hair growth process which ultimately causes hair loss.

  • Is it safe to take amino acids every day?

Yes, amino acids are all safe supplements and can be taken every day, but one must consult the physician before taking amino acids supplements by his/her own.

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